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Cooking Mamma Series: From Simple Minigames to Serious Accusation in Cryptocurrency Mining

Author: Ivanna Shostak
30 April 2020, 13:09
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Cooking Mama represents a series of video games that simulate the preparation of food developed by Cooking Mama Limited. In general terms, its gameplay consists in carrying out diverse kitchen tasks, for instance, slicing meat, chopping various vegetables, flipping ingredients in pans, arranging food onto a plate, following Mama’s instructions to prepare different meals.

Cook a Mama Series: From Simple Minigames to Serious Accusation in Cryptocurrency Mining

It is possible to perform the tasks (they are considered to be minigames) by utilizing the device's controller, which in most cases, is the touch screen. If a player commits a serious mistake or time just expires and no sufficient progress has been made, Mama with flames in her eyes appears, along with the caption telling the player to not worry because Mama will fix it.

In some cases, in order to prepare a dish, it is necessary to carry out just a few tasks, in others – approximately ten. The player's performance is rated after all dishes have been finished, it bases on the result of each minigame. Depending upon the final score, the player might be awarded a gold, silver or bronze medal.

Cooking Mama for Switch: basic modes

There are three basic game modes in Cooking Mama:

  • Let’s cook

It is the main mode in which players prepare a meal. Firstly, players are given simple tasks and when they master a few recipes, additional ones will be unlocked for them.  Each of the available recipes requires a player to go through a quick minigame for each ingredient or a group of diverse ingredients. For instance, in order to prepare a sandwich, it is necessary to chop cucumber into slices within a certain period.

  • Let's Combine

Playing in this mode, you get the opportunity to combine the recipes which have been unlocked already to prepare something new. For example, you can combine the "Rice" and "Fried Eggs" recipes to make an exciting entree.

  • Use Skill

In this mode, your task is to put your minigaming ingredients, tearing, peeling, stewing, and so on to the test. After the end of each of the tasks, you will be ranked.

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The whole collection of the Mama Cooking games

Below, in the chart, we will provide detailed information regarding all the games of the popular Cooking Mama series.

Cooking Mama

The first game in this well-known franchise appeared in 2006. Firstly, it was first released for the NDS, and three years later, ported to iOS as “Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook!”.

Cooking Mama: Cook Off

It was released specially for the Wii in Japan in 2007 and featured the Wii Remote, which replaced the original's touchscreen control, to guide the process of cooking. A little bit later, Cooking Mama: Cook Off was released in the countries of North America and Europe.

Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends

In 2007, the game was released for Nintendo DS. It featured new recipes, a higher number of various minigames, and gameplay modes.

Cooking Mama: World Kitchen

In 2008, the game was released for the Wii.

Gardening Mama

It is a spin off that in 2009, was released for Nintendo DS with a focus on diverse vegetables and fruits.

Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop

The game was released for Nintendo DS in 2009.

Crafting Mama

It represents a spin off that was released for Nintendo DS in 2010. As you may guess from its title, the spin off focuses on crafting.

Babysitting Mama

It is another spin off that was released for Nintendo Wii in 2010. As its title suggests the spin off focuses on babysitting.

Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures

It is a spin off that was released for DS in 2011, its main focus is on camping.

Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic

The game released in 2011 and became the first to be published on the Nintendo 3DS.

Gardening Mama 2: Forest Friends

It was released in 2013 for Nintendo 3DS.

Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit!

The game was released in 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop

The game, released for Nintendo 3DS in 2017, focuses on preparing sweet treats and managing a shop with sweets.

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What happened to the Cooking Mama: Cookstar game?

Cooking Mama: Cookstar is considered to be the 6th main installment in the series. This year, on 31st of March, the game was released on the Nintendo Switch eShop, but, a few hours later, it was taken down because of legal issues between the publisher and the owner of the Cooking Mama IP. The fact that there was no public announcement before the release of the game and Cooking Mama: Cookstar was taken down so fast has caused much speculation regarding the development of the game. A large number of people still want to find out whether Cooking Mama: Cookstar will be properly released in the future. However, it is unknown.

Cooking Mama for DS: reception and popularity

mama cooking games

According to diverse game review aggregators, the DS version of the Cooking Mama game got quite average reviews. The general opinion is that the games of this series are really fun and very good to pass the time during long trips, for instance, but they are unlikely to satisfy players’ gaming appetite. In spite of this, the Cooking Mama games have become highly popular in a large number of countries, and even some stars have turned into fans of this popular franchise.

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The whole truth about Cooking Mama and cryptocurrency issues

After the release of the Cooking Mama: Cookstar, many players have decided that the company uses it to mine cryptocurrency. The main reason for such opinions was that a number of people claimed that after starting the game, the console began to heat up quickly, which later led to problems with the battery.

At the same time, some of the players claimed that the problem of crypto mining arose not because of the fault of the developers of the game. They suggested that it was third parties who utilized the game to mine cryptocurrency without the consent of both users and developers.

Cooking Mama and Bitcoin: the developers deny the accusations

In response to all the accusations, the developers of Cooking Mama said that when developing the game, they did not use cryptocurrency, as well as blockchain. They also added that Nintendo Switch is a secure platform, and its utilization does not lead to any data and privacy issues.

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Cooking Mama and blockchain technology

It should be noted that in a last-year press release, the publisher of Cooking Mama: Cookstar announced that the game would implement blockchain technology into its code. As the publisher stated, the original idea of utilizing blockchain technology consisted in giving players the opportunity to trade in-game assets. However, as we can suggest, the idea was not realized. However, maybe, in the future, it will be implemented in other games of this popular series.

cooking mama bitcoin

Answers to the most frequent questions regarding the Cooking Mama games

How many recipes are in Cooking Mama?

You will be able to find seventy-six exciting recipes in the NDS version.

How to play Cooking Mama 2?

Cooking Mama 2 was released for Nintendo DS, so at this platform, you can try playing the game.

Is cooking Mama a blockchain?

The previous year, the publisher of Cooking Mama: Cookstar said that they would like to implement blockchain technology into its code, but this did not happen.

Can you mine a Bitcoin in Cooking Mama?

In spite of the fact that a lot of people who tried playing Cooking Mama: Cookstar are sure the Nintendo Switch title is a Bitcoin miner, the developers completely deny this.

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