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Chainlink Price Prediction for 2021 and Further

Author: Igor Balanchuk
24 February 2021, 10:19
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As Chainlink is in the top 10 of the most capitalized cryptocurrencies in the world, it definitely deserves the attention of financiers. Considering that this token's technical functioning differs significantly from Bitcoin and Ethereum, Chainlink has to be considered in more detail. The LoginCasino team continues to provide insight into the hottest financial news topics, now explaining all around the LINK token.

Chainlink Price Prediction for 2021 and Further

While the world pays almost all the attention to the most capitalized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the secondary ones are out of the wide audience’s focus. However, a somewhat interest can be easily glued to the second-wave coins like LINK. At the moment of writing this material, Chainlink was the ninth most capitalized cryptocurrency in the world with almost 11 billion dollars capitalization.

One of the core differences between LINK and other cryptos is the idea of the code that stands for its value and uniqueness. Thus, blockchain technology is used for the creation of smart contracts that can be utilized in the real world. Miners extract data from off-chain systems and transform them into valuable electronic formats. In other words, Chainlink is kind of the bridge (smart contract) between the real and digital world, and those intermediaries are based and protected via LINK technical uniqueness.

Such a feature received enough recognition in the digital assets world, so the token was even in the fourth place of most valuable actives. The basic information and numbers that should be known about Chainlink are presented in the following table:

Core info about Chainlink

Cryptocurrency name (symbol) 

Chainlink (LINK)

Release date

September 17, 2017

Starting price


Recent price *


All-time peak


Market Capitalization *

$10 960M

Circulating supply *


* - end of February 2021

Chainlink price specifics: what did affect LINK cost the most?

When we were making Bitcoin price predictions for 2021 and further years, the talk began with the reasons that influence the coin the most. The discussed aspects were quite different, starting with the technical and ending with geopolitical ones. However, in the case of Chainlink, the situation is quite different.

chainlink price prediction

For instance, there is no need to mention the influence of American presidential elections or China's impact on Chainlink cost. Those factors are rather important for the BTC price, and the changes of the whole cryptocurrency world caused by the biggest token will automatically affect LINK. At the same time, Chainlink's price fluctuations won't seriously affect the value of Bitcoin, and this element should be clearly understood.

In this regard, we'll discuss only the aspects that are important for LINK except for the general elements that will influence the price of Bitcoin as the prime coin. Looking at the historical chart of the Chainlink price, we can conclude that the deals related to the usage of the Chainlink protocol had the biggest influence on the LINK token. Thus, a significant jump in the price in the middle of 2019 was caused by the announcement of the potential use of Chainlink for Google Cloud. A similar situation happened in the year when the Chinese Blockchain Service Network presented their protocol that included ChainLinks price oracle nodes.

It means that except for the general crypto-growing trend, particular deals and the effectiveness of the Chainlink approach have a major influence on the LINK's price. In other words, if some well-known brands start using smart-contracts based on Chainlink's ones, the price can quickly surpass a new high.

Chainlink price prediction 2021

The recent forecasts for LINK price vary significantly, just like Ethereum price predictions for the upcoming years differ. A particular forecast depends on the position of the expert and his/her belief in the effectiveness of blockchain technology, its sustainability, and technical stability. Even though the bigger part of the financiers see cryptocurrencies as inflation-free and deregulated alternatives for fiat money, some still think that the absence of the real value behind the token can disappear in a moment and crash the digital assets market.

chainlink price prediction 2025

Nevertheless, the general tendency is positive, especially for the cryptocurrencies that offer technological values inside their protected code. While Ethereum is designed to run mobile applications and is sometimes regarded as a more perspective coin than BTC, Chainlink has a bit smaller but still unique smart-contracts basis. It allows making positive predictions about the price of LINK for 2021, which seems to double closer to the end of the year and will probably have a value of around $50 per token. However, it will be possible only if there are no significant technical crashes for the whole sector, of course.

Long-lasting forecast: Chainlink price prediction 2025

The issue of making longer predictions is way trickier for such a volatile market as cryptocurrencies. The pace of technological development is growing with years, which allows us to assume the appearance of better protected and faster-functioning technology than blockchain.

However, the latter is also developing, and every new block of this system makes it better. It means that a rough forecast for Chainlink's price in four years can be as positive as $200 per coin, doubling the cost every 12 months. Nonetheless, we have to remind once again that such a forecast is actual only if no significant technological breakthroughs aren't made in the upcoming years. In general, such predictions are like a coin flip with three outcomes, where rib standing is saving the recent price – there are almost no doubts that price will change significantly in either direction.

Chainlink price prediction 2030

chainlink price prediction 2030

The future of the crypto market in almost ten years is way ambiguous. Today we are talking about blockchain technology's effectiveness, while in 2030, the major topic can be the colonization of Mars or space travels. The importance of information (especially its safety) will be increasing, but defining a new chemical element from another planet can change our reality even more than Elon Musk or another dreamer suggests.

Nevertheless, experts tend to consider cryptocurrencies as a long-lasting investment, and Chainlink isn't an exception. Pretty perspective tokens like LINK will probably be in value with years and may be one of the major currencies in 2030. However, it’s still impossible to predict whether the price of Chainlink will reach $500, $1000, or even higher numbers.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the price of Chainlink today?

As of February 23, Chainlink's price is close to $26.8, but the huge volatility of cryptocurrencies can mean significant change even the following day.

How does Chainlink differ from Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Chainlink's practical value creates bridges between the real world and the digital one by setting smart contracts.

Can LINK be a long-lasting investment?

Like all major cryptocurrencies, LINK can be regarded as a long-lasting investment option.


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