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Camelot Lottery Review: Is the UK National Lottery Fair Enough? (Updated)

Author: Igor Balanchuk
14 January 2021, 11:29
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Camelot Lottery is the only official lottery operator in the United Kingdom. It runs the National Lottery that can be played online and offline, suggesting various games. Login Casino presents a comprehensive review of this operator, highlighting both the positive and negative sides.

Camelot Lottery Review: Is the UK National Lottery Fair Enough?

Preconditions of Camelot Lottery Solutions appearance

Official lottery traditions in the United Kingdom began in 1994. That year, the government, led by John Major, announced the creation of the UK National Lottery and organized a tender process. The primary idea was to receive a controlled operator with regulated financial appetites, including fixed taxes, winning chances, good clauses amount, and more. The winner had to provide lottery activity in the country for seven years until the next tender process in 2001.

In order to make an official bid, a few companies cooperated and created an individual provider, called Camelot. In May 1994, the organization received franchise rights to provide lottery activity in the UK, and Camelot Group also won the two next National Lottery tenders in 2001 and 2007. In sum, the firm will be holding exclusive lottery rights in Britain for 29 years, starting from 1994 and ending in 2023, when the third tender is over.

Why did the UK decide to have one lottery provider?

To create a controlled lottery market, the government decided to give franchise rights for only one but a private company. The idea was to bring a modern operator that would suggest suitable gaming offerings. Simultaneously, the governors draw the strict lines in terms of revenues and minimum winning chances to exclude chaotic superprofits of the gambling operator.

As of now, the British Gambling Commission set the following financial distribution of all the money coming to the National Lottery provider:

  • 53% form a prize fund;
  • 25% goes for good causes;
  • 12% is paid to the government;
  • 4% forms a retailers' commission;
  • 1% is a profit of the provider;

camelot lottery

Having a local monopolist in the gambling niche allows more comfortable control of finances and player protection provision. The numbers mentioned above confirm that the British government pays attention to the players' safety and security by assigning the lottery provider to spend money on good clauses. Also, the state's regulatory forces to send more than half of all bids for prizes and increase people's satisfaction, giving only a limited 1% for the lottery provider as revenues.

What does the UK Camelot Lottery suggest?

Camelot's variety of lotteries is not the biggest one, but it seems to be enough in terms of lotto variants. There are daily and weekly gameplans, while some of the lotteries define winners a few times a week. Of course, a few instant lotteries give the immediate result for the punter and can be played via the app for smartphones.

One can try his or her luck logging to an online version or visiting traditional retail shops. To play online, an individual has to visit the official website of the National Lottery and sign up. However, only people from Great Britain or the Isle of Man can enter the login to the website; others can try to overcome the IP protection by changing their virtual location. Nevertheless, a full registration process for new players is required, including official documents that confirm citizenship.

The variety of games

If one visits the UK National Lottery website, he or she can find six quite traditional games. Even though Euromillions changed and other lotto variants were also modified since 1994, the list is classic and looks like:

  • Lotto (£2 per play with the ability to win a few million pounds);
  • Euromillions (costs £2.5 per ticket, and gives the chance to win tens of millions prize);
  • Set for Life (£1.5 per play, while the award is paid £10 000 monthly for 30 years);
  • Thunderball (paying £1, one can win half a million pounds);
  • Lotto Hotpicks (spending £1, a punter can receive £350 000 financial rewards);
  • Euromillions Hotpicks (£1.5 per play, the winner can gain one million pounds).

lottery camelot

All those lotteries have some periodicity, varying from daily to weekly. However, as the lotteries face the influence of digitization, the popularity of instant online games increases. Camelot Lottery Solutions also developed several variants of winning the prize immediately, while the most popular ones are the following:

  • Mega Cashword Pink (spending £5, the player can win up to half a million pounds, while the odds are 1 in 2.5);
  • Monopoly Gold (the chance of winning a reward is 1 in 2.28; prizes are limited by £100 000 with the entrance bid £2.5);
  • Triple Cashword Purple (by staking £3, one can receive £300 000 maximum; odds are 1 in 2.7);
  • Monopoly 85th Anniversary Edition (basic winning chance is 1 in 2.37; the ability to gain £250 000 starts if one is ready to spend £5 per one play);
  • Super Cash Bolt (another £5 cost per bid, while the ability to win up to £750 000 is described with odds 1 in 2.76);
  • Monopoly Lotto (can be played with £3 in the pocket, while winning chances are 1 in 2.91 and maximum prize reward of £300 000).

That is not the full list of the available instant lotteries suggested by the national operator. There are plenty of other variants to win cash, which have different visualizations and present some entertaining approaches. However, other instant lotteries have pretty similar odds, entrance costs, and prize pools - everything to offer the most exciting variant for every punter.

Making another step toward the comfort of its punters, Camelot presented a mobile app. The application allows not only to check if the lotto ticket is winning but also to play instant games if login and enter the password. To make the process even more entertaining, the firm presented additional animation for smartphone users. To download the app, one has to sign up to Google Play Market or Apple Store appropriately.

Depositing and withdrawing in the UK National Lottery

camelot lottery results

As the UK Gaming Commission restricted international players from participating in the reviewed lottery, quite strict rules were developed in terms of payments. Thus, the punter has to add a debit or credit card to his/her account, which has the same first and second name as the account owner. Even though it allows to make the financial operations safer, those who want to play a British lottery can use only verified methods. It means that no cryptocurrency transactions can be made to make a deposit or withdraw the prize on the obscure account.

Are Camelot Lottery results suspicious?

Traditionally in the gambling industry, players disagree with the winning probability of the lottery or casino offers. As most punters' nature is the desire to win a lot by bidding a little, while the strong belief in the successful result is present, they become disappointed after loss.

Camelot Lottery is not an exclusion, and many negative reviews can be found via the Internet. Players usually complain about the unfair odds the company presents on the website (we reviewed odds in the section of online instant lotteries) as people cannot win anything, even making tens of bids in a row (while odds are usually 1 in 2.5). Some punters even suggest that the company publishes winners from other countries with a limited ability to check if the winner is true. Another portion of negative comments is dedicated to the possible cheating with more traditional lotteries, where the company stops taking bets far before the results are published. Moreover, players insist on the online broadcasting of the ball-picking procedure as a sign of transparency.

Nevertheless, the UK lottery provider claims that they are returning 95% of revenues back to society and punters. Since 1994, the National Lottery has transformed more than 5700 people into millionaires. Giving more detailed results, they state that more than 12 million pounds are won on a weekly basis via instant lotteries only.

Why is Lottery Camelot under the business attention now?

The business's attention to Camelot and the UK's lottery now has two origins.

uk camelot lottery

  1. The first reason to review the UK and Camelot, in particular, can be from the side of gambling software providers. While relying on the negative comments of unlucky punters cannot be a reason to suggest a better lottery digital slot, but the variety of lotteries suggested by the regarded provider can be increased. Probably, a principally new approach to instant online gaming can be suggested to Camelot Solutions Group.
  2. The second reason for the business to pay attention to the considered market can be the upcoming 4th lottery tender in Britain. The local Gaming Commission will be reviewing all the contenders for a new license, paying the most attention to transparency, player protection, and balance between marketing and advertising campaigns. The latest lottery news informed  that there are already a few more pretenders for the UK's National Lottery, including international gambling operators.

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Frequently asked questions

Who owns the Camelot National Lottery?

Even though Premier Lotteries Investments UK Limited was founded in 2010 and based in London, this organization owns the group of companies under the name Camelot that was established in 1994.

Where is Camelot Lottery Solutions based?

Camelot Lottery Solutions' main office is located in Tolpits Lane, Watford. However, the company also has offices in London, Liverpool, and Chicago.

How to contact Camelot Lottery representatives?

Every office mentioned above has its own contact information, while the major office presents the following phone number: +44 (0) 1923 425000.


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