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AMEX: Overview of Its Benefits for Both Casino Operators and Players

Author: Ivanna Shostak
27 July 2020, 16:47
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American Express (or simply AMEX) is considered to be one of the largest companies in the field of banking that is known for its credit/debit cards and cheques businesses. The company was founded on March 18, 1850, and now tens of millions of people around the world utilize services of American Express.

AMEX: Overview of Its Benefits for Both Casino Operators and Players

At present, this banking method is also accepted at some online gambling establishments. Virtual casinos that utilize AMEX allow customers to deposit safely within a few minutes and have the opportunity to withdraw the winnings at any point in time.

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What casinos choose American Express credit cards?

As already has been said, online gambling establishments accepting American Express exist but their number is significantly lower than sites offering such options as Visa or MasterCard. The main reason for this is that AMEX does not seek to fully embrace gambling on the Internet and tries to avoid possible frauds and issues connected with changes to legislation. Taking into account their achievements, it is not worth expecting that their attitude towards online gambling market would change soon.  

One of the drawbacks of the introduction of the AMEX option at your casino might be the fact that this method won’t be utilized by a large number of people. At present, not every person has an opportunity to get an Amex card. Such a person needs to have a good credit history, work legally, and have a good salary. However, if someone manages to receive a card from American Express, he or she will be provided with great benefits, namely:

  • great cashback;
  • instant refunds;
  • one of the best customer support services on the market.

Another important advantage of the utilization of AMEX cards is complete safety and security. What does this mean for virtual gambling establishments? If a certain platform for gambling has shady financial policies and refuses to allow a withdrawal process giving stupid explanations, then a person using AMEX card for depositing, can ask for a full refund and get all the money back. Thus, if you plan to work with American Express, remember that your casino should have a clear financial policy and impeccable reputation.


For online casinos, to draw on new users, it is also extremely important to cooperate with successful providers. To find out more information in this regard, read a review of the best suppliers of software for a casino.

AMEX login for business owners

Not just ordinary people benefit from the utilization of AMEX cards but also those companies that start to accept them. Such businesses can count on competitive pricing opportunities, free marketing tips, and around-the-clock support. As for owners of virtual casinos, the inclusion of American Express to the list of its payment methods is proof that a gambling establishment is a reliable and safe site.

Platinum AMEX and other cards

It is worth noting that American Express offers its clients a wide range of cards. In fact, all personal cards can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Prepaid Card. A client puts a certain amount of money onto this card and utilizes it until the funds are completely depleted. This type of card can be reloaded at any point in time.
  • Credit Card. The balance on this card can be rolled over to the next month.
  • Charge Card. Each month, the balance on this card must be paid in full.

The most popular AMEX cards include the following ones:

Amex EveryDay

Owners of this card do not pay an annual fee and have the opportunity to double reward points when utilizing it at the supermarket.

Green Card

Owners of this card have to pay ninety-five US dollars for its utilization but this does not apply to the first year, which is completely free. Charges, in this case, must be paid in full every month.

Platinum Card

This is one of the most prestigious cards in the whole market since its owners can take advantage of numerous benefits at hotels, airports, and concert venues. The annual fee is four hundred and fifty US dollars.

Another popular banking option at virtual casinos is cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin. If you have never heard anything about it, familiarize yourself with the Bitcoin definition and main features.

High-quality customer services at American Express

Being a Card member, a person can reach American Express anytime utilizing his or her online account at the website of the company. After logging in, find the Chat icon which can be seen in the bottom corner of the start screen. Another way to communicate with the representatives of the customer support and get professional help is to call the number which is indicated on the back of a card.

platinum amex

FAQ about AMEX

Is American Express a bank?

American Express is a multination company providing financial services.

What are the benefits of having an AMEX card?

The main advantages of an AMEX card are a high level of safety and security, high-quality service, as well as a well-developed bonus system.

How to make a deposit using AMEX?

To fund a casino account utilizing AMEX is very simple. First of all, you need to go to the cashier at the casino website and choose AMEX as a payment method to would like to use. Then you will be asked to enter the necessary information including an amount of deposit. After the transaction is completed, you will be able to see the money in your account.

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