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Will VR Become a Fundamental Feature of Online Casinos?

Author: Gambling Man
6 May 2021, 15:00
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Virtual reality technology is developing at a rapid pace. Headsets are showcasing what they can do and are bleeding into a myriad of different sectors. The world of online casinos is also beginning to see the technology being introduced, although it is not yet as widespread.

Will VR Become a Fundamental Feature of Online Casinos?

Some people really like the idea of VR, especially when it comes to online gambling. The gameplay prospects that come along with it are quite appealing to many, but it still requires more work and development. VR is still somewhat in its infancy; its current games showcase what VR is capable of in terms of immersive play, but they aren't yet as enjoyable as traditional video games. So, what would it take for VR to become a crucial component of online casinos? 


VR technology feels like something straight out of science fiction. Being able to recreate reality in a headset is truly mind-boggling. However, that is one of the main problems with VR – its accessibility. Many people don't have the extra income for a headset, even though they aren't that expensive in comparison to game consoles, for example.

It is apparent that people don't want to spend a lot of money on technology that's, realistically, still in its early stages. The concept is impressive, but it doesn't measure up to some modern technology in terms of technological progress. For example, smartphones have developed exponentially since their inception, and VR would need to follow a similar trajectory.

When it comes to online casinos, many players would sooner look for the ability to access great bonuses or varied catalog, rather than virtual reality options, so work needs to be done to make this more of an attractive feature, rather than a “take it or leave it” accessory. For example, if you're looking for free spins, ToppCasinoBonus accumulated all the information you'll need to make a decision, along with extra information about each site that players would need to take into account. In this instance, we could soon be seeing virtual technology games being listed in these reviews, but only if the market breaks through.

VR Casino


People love to interact with who they're playing with online. It's not just about gambling or trying to win; players enjoy conversing in chat rooms within their online community. If VR were to become a fundamental part of online casinos, the interactive aspect would need to be vastly improved. That said, it has a solid foundation to build on, but, for it to take off, it would need to feel like you were sitting next to someone in a real casino. With innovative development, it wouldn't be surprising to see VR rise in popularity quickly among those who play interactive socially casino games such as poker or craps, for example. 


The main issue with VR at the moment is the quality of available graphics. Of course, it isn't easy to replicate Playstation 5 graphics. The power of modern video games is astounding, and VR isn't entirely on par. VR should feel like a new reality, but, with that, it should also look natural. If VR headsets could start producing realistic graphics, it could become a fundamental feature of online casinos. Part of the problem with the technology originally was that it was overhyped, and with it still existing in its infancy, this illustrates that it was almost abandoned after its initial underwhelming release. However, the future is still bright, and, once it develops into something more advanced, it could become one of the most prominent gadgets since the smartphone.

The world of online gambling is due for a shakeup. For years, it has been steadily using the same types of games and technology. However, if VR could improve over the next few years, there's nothing to stop it from becoming a crucial part of online casinos.

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