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Why Do Sports Betting Firms Bet on Online Products?

Author: Gambling Man
7 October 2020, 12:38
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Despite the fact that the gambling business is prohibited within the territory of many countries, it has been and it is still rather popular.

Why Do Sports Betting Firms Bet on Online Products?

And if people have been in search of the facilities in their city earlier, then they go to online currently. Up-to-date online casinos are not strange websites on the Internet. They are true companies with licenses, liability, and software products for phones and tablets. This market expands from year to year; the turnover and profit rise steadily. Inbet Games company works in the field of betting business for more than 18 years. It creates ready-made software solutions for betting companies and gambling facilities, and bets on the online business surely due to the fact that the popularity of such entertainment persists to increase.

Market situation in 2020

The pandemic which caused the strict quarantine in most of the countries heavily impacted the condition of the small and medium enterprises. Many firms were closed temporarily due to restrictions. Some of them succeeded in the opening after quarantine, and some of them failed to find the monetary means for it. Naturally, this affected also the gambling field. Even the companies, which took the risk of continuation of operation under the conditions of pandemic incurred the losses. People were afraid of their health, so they tried not to leave their homes, and they did not visit such facilities.

The traffic on online platforms increased in the context of the pandemic. The gamblers who did not want to refuse the usual entertainments were reduced to go to the Internet. The companies began to develop the live games enabling them to feel the aura of a casino. The profit of such entities has increased and keeps growing so far. Despite the quarantine ending, people did not leave the Internet-casino. Moreover, the situation in many countries becomes worse again, suggesting that online will be still relevant. The investors are interested in the growing market, so they put up their capital actively.


The sports betting firms had a tougher time within this period. Most of the serious sports events were canceled at the beginning of 2020. This meant a near-complete market crash. However, many firms succeeded in staying afloat: they accepted bets for the local events, as well as e-sports, the popularity of which increased predictably. The companies opened bets for other courses related to global events, currency rates, and even weather forecasts in search of additional earnings.

Currently, running the various tournaments and championships is resumed step by step, so the market of the sports betting firms recovers. The analysts suppose that the number of bettors will exceed the indicators of 2019 soon. As a result, the bookmaker’s facilities ended up in the crosshairs of the investors again.

Why do the players like an online casino?

There are still many fans of the physical gambling facilities. They are charmed with the very aura of a casino, communication with the employees, and game partners. However, the number of online fans is not less. The first thing for which they love such facilities is usability and accessibility. They may visit them in any city and at any time, on the way to work or from home. They need only access to the Internet. It is much more pleasant to play in a calm private atmosphere, and it is possible to stop at any moment and to resume later.

The second benefit is a wide choice of entertainments. Physical facilities provide a limited choice of games due to the fact that the slot machines and their maintenance cost a pretty penny. Online mode presents virtually all existing kinds of games attracting the users. The situation with the bookmaker's facilities is similar. Many of them propose the bets only for local (inside of the city or country) and serious international events. The betting world online is much more. The bettors from France or Tanzania may watch the championships in the USA.

betting online

Barriers to online entry are much lower. Many facilities present the deposit funds to new gamblers, which may be used for first games. Many bonuses are enabling to increase the winning amount. Bet size may be equal to less than one dollar, while the minimum bet size at the physical facilities varies from 3$ to 8$. Large facilities conduct training thanks to which it is possible to make bets or take part in the games.

Why are online casinos and bets beneficial?

It’s much easier to manage the online facility rather than a physical one. First of all, it is related to financial issues. You don’t need to lease the premises and to improve it, and to purchase the slot machines. Alternatively, you need to pay for hosting and to hire the software developers who will create and maintain the website. You need to invest in advertising and promotion.

Inbet Games is a developer of software for casinos and bookmaker's facilities. The company sees the good perspectives of online business and bets on this kind of business. Currently, it offers two basic products:

  • White Label . It is an absolutely ready-made online facility. It requires only setting according to the customer’s choice, and it takes a few days. The template website is unhackable, and the users may gain access to it with the use of various devices. There are some tools for financial monitoring, as well as the creation of a loyalty program.
  • Weblima . Online resource for stationary points. It will be suitable for those who dream of the physical facility. It works in the browser mode and does not require high-power computers. The setting takes a few hours. The software enables to control the gambling process of users, as well as the work of the administrator and cashier. It is compatible with payment and POS terminals.

API integration

Moreover, API integration is enabling you to add the games to your website. The catalog contains a vast number of entertainments with designs adapted to various devices. The company warrants fast boot and favorable terms for the casino: compatibility with any platforms and continuous access due to servers in three various countries.

Inbet Games deals with business creation and support; it enables partners to enter the European market and the market of the ACP countries. The company devises the business strategy; it helps to develop the advertising campaign, as well as it provides technical support round the clock. The customers obtain high-quality software products with an option of analytics, SEO-promotion, and overall management of the gambling process.

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