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Why Are Lotteries at Online Casinos Worth Trying?

Author: Gambling Man
8 February 2021, 15:41
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It is no secret that every virtual gambling establishment is trying to attract the maximum number of customers. One of the popular ways to reach this goal turned out to be the introduction of lotteries on the casinos’ websites. And this entertainment gained gamblers’ affection very quickly, according to various casino news.

Why Are Lotteries at Online Casinos Worth Trying?

Types of lotteries

Scratch cards

In real life, scratch cards are lottery tickets that have a special protective coating. The gamblers’ main task is to erase the coating and to check whether there is a prize combination under it. The same principle is preserved in games available at online casinos.  The only difference is that the erasure of the upper layer of the ticket is carried out by pressing a button or with the help of the mouse. It is necessary to remember that the results of such lotteries are determined by chance (so good luck is highly important here) and there are no strategies that can be applied in these games.

If you want to enjoy the game process as much as possible, pay attention to the options by the best providers. For instance, at Booi Casino, you will find scratch cards from well-known companies Microgaming and Spinomenal. Each of the games offered on the platform features an original theme, as well as high-quality graphics. What’s interesting, the gambling establishment provides users with the opportunity to play for free in the demo version. Thus, gamblers can familiarize themselves with different features of such drawing before playing for real money.

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Bingo is another interesting variation of lottery games available at virtual gambling establishments. During the game process, players are dealt a card that consists of a random set of numbers. After that, balls with different numbers are drawn randomly, and if they correspond to the numbers indicated on the player's lottery card, the player crosses them out. Horizontal, vertical, and diagonal sets of crossed out numbers lead to wins.

It should be also said that the rules might vary concerning the number of balls that are shown during the draw and the number of cards that are available to a user. Besides, games by some providers may have additional special features, such as additional bonuses and prize cards.



In general terms, the principle of the Keno game resembles Bingo. The main difference consists in the fact that in Keno players select the numbers by themselves and then add the numbers to their cards. After the game balls with different numbers are drawn in a random way, players need to check whether their numbers coincide with the ones indicated on the balls.

Since the outcome of the game depends on how many numbers you managed to guess correctly, players are advised to analyze each of the game session and try to notice some patterns. Taking such an approach increases the chances for success in the long run.

Instant lotteries

This is a digital version of traditional lottery tickets, and on the Internet, they are presented in a wide variety. For instance, they can be based on interesting slot machines, on the outcome of which users need to place a bet. Guessing the result correctly, players receive a payout.

Similar to scratch cards, results of instant lotteries are determined in a random way, so there is no use in utilizing any strategy. Thus, gamblers can only hope for their own luck.

Main advantages of online casino lotteries

Online lotteries have numerous benefits thanks to which they managed to become bellowed by a large audience. Below, we will speak on this subject in more detail.


As in the case of other online gambling options, easy access is key to the success of casino lotteries. Now it is not necessary to go anywhere and wait till retail outlets open ­since you can purchase a lottery ticket staying at home whenever you wish. To have access to this kind of entertainment, you just need to create an account at the website of the selected casino, make a deposit, and choose the most interesting game to play.

Simplicity of rules

To start playing some casino games, such as poker, you will need to learn a set of rules and familiarize yourself with numerous strategies that can be applied during the game process. At the same time, lotteries at virtual gambling establishments have extremely simple rules. This makes such games a perfect option to try after a busy workday when relaxation and distraction from everyday problems are just two things you want.

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Variety of options

Lotteries at online casinos are not all in the same style. Fans of traditional entertainment will be able to find classic options, while such games featuring such genres as adventures, sports, space will await those who prefer modern-style options. And whichever game you choose, each one will be of high quality and marked by well-thought-out details.

Quick results

The fact that lottery draws take place so fast makes this entertainment even more attractive among gamblers all over the world. Thus, now you do not have to wait much time to find out whether you have won anything as Random Number Generator gives an instant result.


Lotteries at virtual gambling establishments open up many opportunities for players to win easily and quickly. Taking into account all the variety of genres, even gamblers with specific tastes will be able to find something interesting to their liking.

Booi Casino is among the best places to start your acquaintance with online lotteries. The gambling establishment gives all users the opportunity to try a free game without registration. Thus, players get a great chance to familiarize themselves with the main features of the selected game, as well as learn some basic rules. What’s more important, you can enjoy this entertainment not only on a computer but also on mobile devices.

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