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Who Is the Best Fortnite Player 2020? The Answer Is Here

Author: Catherine Lysenko
30 May 2020, 11:06
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A popular battle royale game Fortnite has a crazy success after its launch in 2017. Its tournaments with huge prize pools are a dream of many gamers who want to become famous in all cybersport news. Who are they, these successful players who have achieved incredible results in Fortnite?

Who Is the Best Fortnite Player 2020? The Answer Is Here

It is worth mentioning that Fortnite combines the best elements of thriving gaming products: a shooter, survival, building, and exploration. Moreover, players will face zombies. What can make a game more interesting than battles with these creatures?

According to the latest data, more than 300 million users are registered in Fortnite and it is included in the list of top five games on Twitch. The number of YouTube channels and various communities dedicated to this game is continuously growing. You will surely be surprised by the fact that Fortnite can even be added to a college curriculum as an esports subject. Well, students will be happy to spend their time on gaming and it will become their favorite activity at college.

Despite this big number of Fortnite players, only some of them gained recognition in the gaming world. However, popularity isn’t the only thing that motivates these people to continue playing. They earn large sums of money just playing their favorite game! Millions of followers, profitable collaboration, and participation in the best tournaments make them rich and famous.

Who is the best Fortnite player in the world? Top 10 players

It is always interesting to know who are these people who have succeeded in gaming. Fans are also interested in Fortnite player ranking because most of them are fond of betting on esports that is a mainstream activity nowadays.

We have prepared the list of the best players for whom Epic Games’ project is a primary source of income. Read and get inspired by impressive stories about professional Fortnite players.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins

Best Fortnite Player 2020 Tyler “Ninja” Blevins

His nickname is well-known to all fans of this game because it is connected with ultimate success. Tyler is a Fortnite icon and one of the most viewed streamers on Twitch. Just imagine: he has fourteen million followers on the platform! He was the first streamer who got ten million followers and it made him a video game star. That is why it isn’t surprising that a rapper Drake has joined him during one of his streams and it has only added fuel to the flames of his popularity. In addition to recognition on Twitch, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins also has almost twenty-five million followers on his YouTube channel.

So, how much does this Fortnite celebrity earn? As the latest news shows, his net worth is estimated at fifteen million dollars. However, these figures don’t mean that the player’s path to success is fast. He started playing Fortnite as a usual gamer and it was just his hobby. Later, Blevins began to participate in various gaming competitions and it helped him to develop his skills. Step by step, the player was gaining popularity and attracting the attention of many Fortnite fans from around the globe.

Turner “TFue” Tenney

Best Fortnite Player Turner “TFue” Tenney

Turner Tenney is a 22-year-old player whose name is connected with some scandals and legal battles. For example, not so long ago, the player has announced that Faze Clan, the most reputable esports organization in the world, violates his employment rights and demands certain behavior from him. The organization was presented to the court as a toxic and negative environment. However, the story didn’t finish, and Faze Clan charged the player with the contract breach.

Despite all these legal arguments, Tfue remains one of the highest-paid Fortnite players because his net worth is twelve million dollars. Turner has many fans on Twitch and YouTube because people like to watch his videos. He is a very charismatic person who always makes his live streams entertaining. In addition to this, the gamer is a winner of many Fortnite tournaments.

Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf

Best Fortnite Player Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf

Kyle is only 17 but he has already hit record highs in the Fortnite competitions. One of his main achievements in this sphere is a 3-million-dollar prize that he has won at the Fortnite World Cup. This cheerful guy from the USA is worthy of respect because he has been practicing his skills a lot. However, Giersdorf is sure that there is always room for improvement and he doesn’t want to stop here.

The young star has many new goals and opportunities for making more progress in Fortnite. At the same time, his current success is at a high level: the number of Kyle’s followers on Twitch is growing very quickly. The same goes for his YouTube and Twitter accounts (yes, the player is active on social media and likes to share important moments of his life with his audience) – the number of his fans increases every day.

“Bugha” started to play video games at the age of three. This entertainment became his hobby and, later, turned into a real passion. Nonetheless, the player doesn’t think that Fortnite is an addictive game.

Now the talented boy is mostly focused on promoting his channels on Twitch and YouTube and participating at various gaming events. Some gamers say that Giersdorf even has all chances to put “Ninja” in the shade and take the lead in the list of the best players.

TSM Myth

Best Fortnite Player TSM Myth

TSM Myth is another young player who has come of age not so long ago. The story of his popularity began from his YouTube channel where he shared his Fortnite videos. Then he moved to Twitch and became one of the most followed broadcasters there. It is important to mention that TSM Myth is a leader of a professional Fortnite team.

There were many gossips around the player that his popularity on Twitch was decreasing because Fortnite was losing its traction on this platform. Maybe this situation became the reason for the professional gamer to switch his attention to other games. That is why he has begun to play and stream Valorant – a shooter from Riot Games that hasn’t been released yet but has a beta version. TSM Myth decided to hype with the help of the much-awaited launch of this game and got access to its test version. The player made a detailed review of it and even criticized some features.

FaZe Cloak

Best Fortnite Player 2020 FaZe Cloak

FaZe Cloak is undoubtedly the most secretive Fortnite streamer who doesn’t reveal any facts about his personal life. Probably, the player just wants to heighten fans’ interest in his personality. Nevertheless, this secrecy doesn’t influence his excellent performance connected with playing Fortnite. He had quite a big number of subscribers on both platforms – YouTube and Twitch.

As FaZe Cloak doesn’t provide much information about his life, only several facts are known about him, for example, his net worth is estimated at $250 000. The second fact is that the player has begun playing video games in his early childhood.


Fortnite Player 2020 NickEh30

The name of this player is mostly connected with buildings. If you are a Fortnite fan, you know that the building activity is very important in this game. NickEh30 holds the title of the best builder. His fans watch his videos on Twitch and YouTube because he shows perfect tricks that can easily bewilder enemies.

His success is also driven by his positive-minded attitude to his followers. He is one of the most pleasant and friendly gamers on Twitch. Moreover, NickEh30 cares much for his audience and often speaks about it. In one of his interviews, he has emphasized that creating and maintaining a safe and comfortable atmosphere in his community is his main aim as a streamer and gaming influencer.

TSM Hamlinz

Fortnite Player 2020 TSM Hamlinz

TSM Hamlinz is a unique player because he wins almost always. He is an excellent builder as well, however, he is still considered to be the second in the list of the best constructors. Now the player is twenty-five years old and he has already joined the membership of an esports organization Team SoloMid.

The esports career of TSM Hamlinz is prosperous: he has been fond of esports long before Fortnite. His first steps in this direction were connected with another game – Call of Duty. Such background has allowed him to quickly become one of the top watched professional streamers on Twitch as well as a YouTube blogger who has millions of subscribers.

Hamlinz’s fans speak well about him as he is a positive person who always maintains good relations with his community showing that all his followers are important for him. The player has strong chances to develop his esports career and increase his audience.


Best Fortnite Player 2020 Dakotaz

Dakotaz is a mature player who is 33 years old. He began his way on Twitch eight years ago streaming videos about Infestation and WarZ. He was increasing in popularity as a survival game broadcaster and quickly grew his audience. Like many other players, Dakotaz was an active user of such platforms, as Twitch and YouTube. Now his official YouTube channel has almost three million followers.

His fans say that he has a unique gaming style that attracts players who want to develop their skills. He prefers to have more smooth and comfortable streams. Dakotaz doesn’t like to discuss his personal life and even doesn’t reveal his real name.

As the recent data show, the player is steadily heading to the position of the most-watched streamer as his ranking is increasing day by day. This tendency is projected because the player has switched to playing Fortnite, which is one of the trendiest games on Twitch.

Aydan Conrad

Fortnite Player 2020 Aydan Conrad

This player, without a doubt, differs much from his colleagues in the gaming world. Unlike other people, who prefer to use a personal computer for playing, Aydan chooses a controller. This way of playing is considered to be more difficult and only skillful gamers know how to handle it.

This peculiarity has made the player very popular among Fortnite fans because everybody wants to see how he wins using a controller. His matches with PC gamers often engage millions of viewers. Aydan makes a good show that impresses everyone. Well, Aydan knows how to intrigue his audience and defeat opponents in tournaments. He is a gaming icon for Fortnite players who practice their skills on consoles. However, even this specific feature doesn’t allow Aydan to reach the first million subscribers on his YouTube account but we are sure that his best achievements are ahead.


Best Fortnite Player 2020 SypherPK

SypherPK will finish the list of the most successful players but it doesn’t mean that he is worse than the previously mentioned gamers. He has a lot of advantages over other Twitch users. One of them is that SypherPK always streams at ease and this relaxed style appeals to many people.

It is a matter of argument what is more important for this gamer on Twitch: playing Fortnite or having fun. It seems that SypherPK likes to fool and invent various ways how to play the game more weirdly, for instance:

  • uses only half-builds;
  • applies bottom-tier guns;
  • footle around with his viewers.

The gamer entered the gaming community as a fan of multiplayer games. His first videos were dedicated to The Elder Scrolls Online, RuneScape, and For Honor. Later, he decided to focus on Fortnite.

SypherPK’s passion for games came from his childhood when his father gifted a console to him. The boy was developing his skills and trying various games. Now he creates a lot of gaming content because his job is being a gamer. His YouTube channel is full of videos in which he combines the parts of multiplayer games. In addition to this, he often makes cooperative videos with other Twitch stars, such as Ninja, Dakotaz, Nick Eh 30, etc. The player also has his website and personal merch.

These players motivate and inspire beginners to continue with their hobby and strive for better results. Regardless of a game, whether it is an action-adventure game like Prototype 3 or a shooter, all gamers have chances to participate in tournaments and win huge sums of money.

Frequently asked questions about the best Fortnite players

Who is the best controller player in Fortnite?

Aydan Conrad is the best controller player in Fortnite.

Is Ninja the best Fortnite player?

Yes, he is. Ninja is the best Fortnite player at the current time.

Is Tfue the best Fortnite player?

Tfue is the second-best Fortnite player.

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