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White Label and Turnkey Online Casinos in 2020: Their Advantages and Differences

Author: Gambling Man
8 September 2020, 15:32
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Many novice entrepreneurs are thinking about the quick and simple launch of their start-ups in 2020. The independent search for providers of casinos software, the conclusion of contracts with designers, the collection and preparation of documentation and licensing of the project is a rather difficult task for a beginner.

White Label and Turnkey Online Casinos in 2020: Their Advantages and Differences

That is why many businessmen prefer to seek help from professionals. The fastest ways to open a gaming website are the development of a turnkey casino and the launch of a project under the White Label program. The Casino Market team has explored the differences between these two methods to help you choose the perfect option for yourself.

The Benefits of Turnkey Online Casinos

The selection of the optimal format of cooperation is based on such important aspects as:

  • characteristics of licensing;
  • quality of gaming content;
  • peculiarities of website design development;
  • protection of gambling projects;
  • technical maintenance.

According to the above criteria, it can be argued that the development of a turnkey casino has practically no drawbacks. In contrast, this method has lots of advantages:

  1. Software from the best developers. Collaboration with time-tested intermediaries guarantees a wide assortment of relevant gaming content. Casino Market experts are always ready to help customers with the selection of suitable gambling software.
  2. Original website design. Users can customize standard website styles according to their needs or create their own, unique website designs from scratch. Experienced designers will help you make your project attractive to the target audience.
  3. Reliable protection of a gaming platform. In addition to vivid gaming content, purchasing turnkey casinos implies the acquisition of advanced protection software. These security tools will help you identify potential fraudsters and prevent cases of money laundering, theft of personal data, and financial resources.
  4. Fast and secure payment methods. Your customers will receive a wide selection of quick and reliable payment instruments. The most popular options are as follows: electronic payment systems, bank cards, cryptocurrencies, and virtual wallets.
  5. Assistance in obtaining a license. To open your own online casino, you need to get permission to conduct gambling activities. The process of getting a license can be quite time-consuming and costly. However, cooperation with professionals will protect you from many risks and speed up the procedure of obtaining a permit significantly.
  6. Quick response to technical problems. Experienced technical employees staff are always ready to help users with the resolving of any problem. Moreover, they work 24 hours a day.

White Label and Turnkey Online Casinos in 2020

What is the White Label Program?

The launch of a White Label casino is also an incredibly fast and simple process. Nevertheless, unlike the development of a turnkey gaming project, this method has a smaller set of unique opportunities. Let us consider the peculiarities of the White Label program in more detail.

No need to get a license

Unlike turnkey projects, websites created under the White Label program have licenses supplied by an intermediary company. 

After ordering such a casino, you can start working literally the next day

Ready-made design

This type of cooperation is a kind of franchise. The operator will receive a ready-made website operating under the name of a well-known brand. 

In the meantime, entrepreneurs will not have the opportunity to make adjustments to the design of the project

Technical support

The White Label program also includes round-the-clock maintenance for operators and customers

The recognition of a brand

Work under the name of a famous company guarantees a large influx of user traffic and an increase in your income

A fixed set of games

Unfortunately, operators cannot select the necessary games on their own. 

Nonetheless, gambling content from time-tested projects is characterized by high quality and big demand among players

The Main Things about Turnkey and White Label Casinos

The launch of a turnkey or White Label casino in 2020 will help an operator save his or her time and financial resources. Both options imply fast licensing and professional protection of your website.

However, it is better to choose a turnkey casino if you want to:

  • customize your gambling project according to your requirements, or create it from scratch;
  • get your own permission for gambling activities;
  • select the necessary gaming content yourself.

You should prefer a White Label casino if you wish to:

  • launch your online project in the shortest possible time;
  • work under the name of a famous brand;
  • get a fixed set of time-tested games.

If you want to learn this theme in more detail or open your own online casino, please, contact the Casino Market managers:

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