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What Should an Owner of a Betting Company Know before Entering Foreign Markets?

Author: Gambling Man
28 July 2020, 16:26
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Expanding business boundaries has lots of potential prospects. Entrepreneurs strive to enter new markets to find the best conditions for promoting their projects and attract a solvent audience. Entering a foreign market is a laborious and lengthy procedure. To complete all steps of this process correctly, operators need to know some specific information.

What Should an Owner of a Betting Company Know before Entering Foreign Markets?

Rosloto experts decided to share their experience and talk about the most important things that you should know before entering foreign markets.

Learning the specifics of the legislation

Before entering a new market, it is necessary to study the characteristics of its legislation carefully. It is important to pay attention to details. Therefore, the Rosloto team recommends you to enlist the support of an experienced lawyer. When exploring the gaming legislation, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Peculiarities of taxation. Some countries set rather loyal tax rates. At the same time, other states are charging substantial taxes from betting operators.
  • Permitted types of gambling. The governments of different countries define the types of legal entertainments. For example, casinos are prohibited in some states. In the meantime, betting websites and land-based kiosks are allowed in these countries.
  • The opportunity to work under an international license. In some cases, obtaining an international permit is a faster and more affordable option for starting a new project.

Exploring the interests of a potential audience

The preferences of gamers from different regions of the world can differ dramatically. For example, gamblers from Europe and Latin America are monitoring the development of soccer actively. At the same time, players from the USA prefer to bet on baseball, American football, and basketball. Indian gamblers like cricket, field hockey, and tennis. It is noteworthy that Asian gambling enthusiasts place bets on esports quite often.

In addition to relevant sports events, the design of the website, and the focus of promotional campaigns are also of great importance. To make your entry into a foreign market as effective as possible, perform these steps:

What Should an Owner of a Betting Company Know before Entering Foreign Markets?

  • provide multiple language versions of your website;
  • conduct promotions in honor of national holidays;
  • use elements of traditional culture in the design of your betting resource.

Besides, it is essential to study the general situation on the market and get acquainted with the offers of potential competitors. This approach will help operators move in the right direction.

Selecting a reliable software provider

Choosing a reliable supplier of betting content is a critical step in the launch of a new project. It is necessary to cooperate with companies having enough experience of working in the desired market. Consider the main criteria for selecting a good vendor when entering a new market.

Experience and reputation of the company

Collaborate only with time-tested manufacturers or resellers. Study examples of ready-made projects of a particular provider.

The speed of fulfilling an order

An experienced supplier should offer you several options for starting a new project. The fastest one is the purchase of a betting script.

The procedure of creating software from scratch can take a long time. However, good vendors always strive to speed up this process.

The assortment of offers

Reliable manufacturers have various entertainments in their assortment. The consultants of the intermediary company should be well versed in betting and gaming trends of different countries.

Price policy

Remember, high-quality content cannot be very cheap. Nevertheless, many companies propose attractive loyalty programs and bonuses for their regular customers.

Quality guarantees

Reputable producers and mediators should provide their clients with complete information about their products.

All software components must be certified. In addition, they should not violate any laws.

The main things about entering foreign betting markets

Entering the international market is a good opportunity to expand your potential audience and increase your profits. Before starting this process, focus on the following things:

  • study the specifics of the legislation and taxation;
  • familiarize yourself with the interests and cultural characteristics of your potential audience;
  • explore the offers of your competitors;
  • find a reliable software provider.

Rosloto has been engaged in selling casino software and betting solutions for many years. The specialists of this company are ready to help any client to select the necessary gambling product. If you are interested in the theme of entering foreign markets, feel free to ask any questions.


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