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What Makes Live Dealer Blackjack So Popular?

Author: Gambling Man
16 October 2020, 16:04
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Blackjack is arguably the most popular live dealer game on the internet. You are likely to find most of the popular tables full throughout the week.

What Makes Live Dealer Blackjack So Popular?

Players have a wide variety of blackjack tables to play. While all blackjack games follow the same gameplay, subtle changes in the rules and limits make each of them unique. This innovation speaks volumes on the popularity of the game in the future. Here are the reasons why blackjack remains the most popular live dealer game in online casinos.

Very low house edge

The House edge is the mathematical advantage that the casino has over you as you play over a given period. It results in an assured loss on your side and an assured profit to the casino. On average most of the online games have a house edge of between 4% and 6%. The online blackjack versions have a house edge of about 6%. However, if you play using the right strategy, you can bring down your live dealer blackjack house edge to about 1%. In addition to the house edge, there are more wins on blackjack than other games online. Therefore, for new and existing players, live dealer blackjack assures them of likely wins than any other game on the tables.

Tens of exciting blackjack games

As said earlier, there are tens of blackjack variants available on live casinos from different software providers. In addition to increasing the number of ways you can win from your favourite casino, they create a twist in the way people play blackjack. This makes them more entertaining. Each of the games has its limits and rules that are different from others. Therefore, anyone looking to have a good time at the live dealer casino would mostly pick one of the blackjack variants on the section. If you go to a casino with several live dealer casino providers, these options can increase exponentially.

Blackjack is easy to learn

The live casino does not have a free or demo mode. Therefore, if a game is not easy to play, there is a likelihood that you are likely to lose some cash in the process. Fortunately, most of the blackjack variants are available in the online section of the casino. Therefore, new players get to try these variants free. Here they learn the loops and can create strategies to play on the live casino.


Even where there are no variants in the table games section of the casino, it is easy to learn a blackjack game and win. Most of the well-known strategies work across the board. Therefore, you do not need prior experience to increase your chances of a win.

Exciting side bets

Most of the blackjack variants come with exciting side bets with a lower house edge and easy to play. In addition to pairs, and odds and even, most software providers also provide exciting side bets such as Burst It or Hot 3 on Infinite Blackjack by Evolution Gaming. Both of these side bets have very high payouts with Burst It earning you a payout of 250:1 if the dealer burst with at least eight cards and Hot 3 a 100:1 on three 7s. Other popular side bets include Super Sevens, Match the Dealer, and Triple 7s. While they are exciting and have high payouts, they also have a higher risk. If you are willing to take the risk, you can make good money from betting on any of them.

Rules favour players

Live dealer blackjack developers ensure that they have balanced the rules with excitement and gameplay. Despite having a low house edge, most of the variants' rules do not put players at a disadvantage. For example, some variants require dealers to stand on all 17s, while others have a payout of 3:2. Most of these rules do not change across the board. They give players the confidence to try various variants on the live casino. Many live tables compensate for the low house edge or player advantage with low payouts or other restrictions. This is not the case with blackjack.

It is more than just the luck

Playing blackjack is more than just luck. While luck and the odds play a role in winning, it is the understanding of the game and learning the basic strategy that influences much of the results. Players need to adapt their hands according to the cards they have been dealt with. Unfortunately, most of the other games are mostly dependent on luck. Many players are ready to invest in learning the skills to improve their chances of winning, which makes it more exciting. Besides, these skills and knowledge are freely available online in chunks of information that most people can understand. This contributes to more players playing these tables than other games.

Playing blackjack


While this applies to many live dealer games, the description is more fitting to blackjack. A combination of the table format, ease of communicating your decisions, and a 360-degree view of the tables make it easy to play the game. With many software providers now available in the mobile live dealer section, you can play your blackjack on the go, whether via the app or the web-based casino. As indicated earlier, you do not need to be a statistician to get started or increase your chances of winning. You can make your decisions with little pressure as you look at cards being dealt with.

A wide range in stake limits

When players are choosing a table on the live dealer casino, the stake limit is one of the things that they keep in mind. Depending on the gambling strategy, some players may go for the lowest stake limits while others may be looking at a higher limit. Fortunately, Blackjack has both options. You will find tables with limits as little as $1 and high limits of up to $5,000 or more. This gives players space to determine how much they are willing to spend. Some casinos also have options for high rollers to put huge amounts to the game. Other games that have fewer tables tend not to have such options for players.

Most live casino bonuses touch blackjack

Over the recent past, online casinos have been increasing the bonus they give to players, along with loyalty points. Fortunately, a big chunk of these live dealer bonuses can be used on blackjack. The bonuses attract a good number of players. Most of them remain on the tables where they won with the bonus. This creates a new group of regular players in specific tables. Besides, where the bonus can be used on different games, features such as low house edge make the game the most probable pick for players. Check if your casino has such offers and try playing blackjack with the bonus.


As seen in this article, there are several reasons why most live dealer players want to play blackjack instead of other games. Therefore, if looking for a game to play next time you go casino gambling, consider live blackjack. However, remember that the selection of the casino plays a part in the overall excitement and user experience. Choose your casinos carefully to enjoy all these features. Learn more about live blackjack on along with some leading casinos that offer such games. It is important to know which online casino sites you can trust. There are already lots of scammy casino platforms on the internet, some of which also seem to offer live dealer blackjack. So make sure to read that in-depth guide, before possibly wasting your hard-earned money.

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