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What Is White Label and Is It Better to Use Turnkey Solution?

Author: Gambling Man
21 October 2020, 15:15
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A white-label solution is the name of a project, which a company creates to sell or lease to another entity. However, those businesses that want to enter the global gambling market can also use a turnkey solution. BetProduct representative, especially for Login Casino, speaks about the advantages of both methods for a new gambling project and the difference between white-label and turnkey products.

What Is White Label and Is It Better to Use Turnkey Solution?

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In brief: who are white-label suppliers?

iGaming software suppliers are specific companies that provide software for gambling websites. Their services can cover casino and betting platforms, payment systems, licensing, development of interfaces, or management platforms, which ensure a 24-hour availability and uninterrupted operation of a website.

If to speak about the advantages of white label solutions, the first thing to pay attention to is, of course, that a client avoids solving technical problems and can focus more on marketing promotion of the platform. In addition to this, fast gambling website launching decreases an operator’s expenditures and, what is also important, ensures control over processes at the high-quality level while entering the market.

At the same time, iGaming solutions supplier can provide a fully-managed gaming platform that includes all mentioned elements in a white-label solution.

In brief: who are turnkey solution suppliers?

Turnkey solution supplier offers limited consultations and one or several product packages. Gaming software is created from scratch based on a client’s order. A professional developer should have skills that are enough for the implementation of all client’s ideas and demands. In this case, a developer’s experience helps to create a really unique gambling platform.

One of the major advantages of a gambling project based on a turnkey solution is the flexibility of the partnership. The solution can be totally developed and implemented by a provider, while some project features can be done by a client’s employees if it is necessary (for example, programming or setting).

However, there is one significant disadvantage. Although a developer will help a client at all stages, the latter should have some knowledge of the gaming industry because he or she will have many questions to solve. That is why by using a turnkey solution, an operator owns a project to the full extent, and he or she needs to manage it mainly without help.

gambling project

In comparison, in the case of white-label services, suppliers offer more custom-specific products. For example, they can find out about a client’s problems with the database server. They can help to choose the best configuration and software for a database to meet the needs of operating load and increase forecast. A supplier of ready-made solutions can offer a preliminary configured server with a pre-installed Microsoft SQL.

So, what is better: turnkey solution or white-label?

As we know, there are two ways how to create a gambling project: customized software development from scratch or the usage of a ready-made casino solution – white label.

Under the best of circumstances, a white-label product means that a developer provides a ready-made operational solution, which has been tested and improved many times, thanks to extensive experience. Of course, even a ready-made solution should be adapted to a customer’s needs.

What should a business owner do before launching a white-label project? First of all, a client should define the market where he or she is going to operate (business geo-targeting).

“It is exceptionally important. If a casino owner is going to offer services that are unfamiliar to the players of a specific market, he or she carries a risk to be unnoticed because different games are popular in various countries. That is why the integration of geographically reasonable games has a crucial meaning for business. A respected developer usually has a strong gaming portfolio, and, in the white-label mode, its games are available to the full extent. Also, an experienced developer knows what games are popular in specific countries. It means that its customers will receive the best gaming package. It is obvious that business geo-targeting influences language preferences and currencies available on a gambling website. Market definition is even important for website design, the typography of an advertising banner, color palette, etc.,” sums up the BetProduct representative.

gambling website

The next important aspect is project management. A customer should specify staff and employees’ roles as well as their rights for access to a casino system. In other words, a client should give certain rights to employees.

For instance, a casino administrator will have access only to games and visiting statistics, and a managing director – to financial and players’ data. The next step for a developer and an operator is a bonus system approval. Usually, white-label solutions include a ready-made bonus package. An operator can disable only one bonus or change their conditions, for instance, depositing sum.

Interestingly, a white-label casino can provide an affiliate marketing solution as well. In this case, it will be necessary to define the conditions of an affiliate program, like with a bonus program.

Another important question is payment processing. An operator chooses how to make a transaction: under its license or under the developer’s one. The first case is obvious – an operator works with payment systems individually. If not, an operator joins the developer’s payment protocol and all transactions will be processed through an operator: balance replenishment, payouts, including transactions from partners, etc.

“Nowadays, thanks to the development of IT technologies, every business owner, who has set the task to enter the gambling industry, can start with a ready product, for example, a white label solution developed by BetProduct. The decision to partner with us or any other company of such a level is, first of all, the reliability of the proven business,” says the BetProduct representative.

White-label and turnkey solutions: comparison table


“A business owner or an operator who wants to become the participant of the gambling market always has a choice: create and promote a gambling platform independently/participate actively in this or use a white-label turnkey solution. In the first case, he chooses a difficult way. The creation of a gambling website is connected with additional obstacles, which also touch upon the problem of acquiring necessary certificates, quality check for compliance with a big number of regulatory game rules, set in the industry in general or in a certain market in particular,” says the BetProduct representative.

White Label

Turnkey Solution





Immediate launch

Ready-made package, lack of flexibility for the customization of criteria

Client’s participation in all stages of the project development

Time-taking process

Cost-effective method


Any settings

High cost

Agreements with all external services (live chats, metrics, CRM, etc.)

Complete dependence on the developer

Opportunity to change some project elements independently

An operator works with external services independently and needs to establish contacts and make arrangements by itself

Opportunity to work under the developer’s payment license

Weak setting

Customized design

An operator needs to acquire its payment license

Ready-to-use marketing strategy

So to say “business on lease”

100% business ownership  

Absence of ready-to-use plan for a casino promotion

From the perspective of a turnkey solution, an operator should make decisions independently at almost all stages. It is a ready-made solution, which one can adapt to his or her needs: choose games, design, concept, promotion, business strategy, etc. What is important: a client won’t have a license. He or she will need to acquire it independently. In addition to this, an operator will need a set of skills connected with the gambling industry as well as an understanding of marketing tools and platform operating principles, customers’ requests in general.

A white-label solution resembles the opening of a coffee shop based on a franchise. A client chooses the option, which is the most suitable for him or her from the available variants: design, gaming library, menu settings. Even marketing promotion doesn’t touch upon a client. The main and most obvious advantage – there isn’t any necessity to acquire a license.

“You get a ready website supported 24/7 the whole year round without days off. The support includes all necessary business content (sports events, live events, results) and risks management with 24-hour client support,” explains the BetProduct representative.

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