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What is the Future of In-Play Betting?

Author: Ivanna Shostak
12 September 2019, 13:29
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Simon Noy, head of in-play at a sports betting company Kambi shares his knowledge about the future of in-play betting.

What is the Future of In-Play Betting?

According to the expert, in-running betting is still the major income driver in the online sports betting industry. A high number of live sports broadcasts and access to real-time data advantage this field.

In-play became a feature of the sports betting around 15 years ago and has progressed considerably since then. However, over recent years, the focus has shifted from scope to quality and successful operators are trying to enhance user experience and improve bet offers.

­­What is next?

Nowadays bettors want to have more offers that reflect live action at that time; it gives the players the opportunity to make a bet more often, get relevant offers that are short-term and instant. Therefore, they accept these offers and bet more often.

The betting operators have been paying more attention to the area of instantaneous relevance in recent months. For example, at Kambi, relevance has had a high priority and this allowed them to become first in launching football instant markets a decade ago. In NFL, they created an offer that allows players to bet on how a team’s possession would end. This offer is one of the most popular among bettors.

The US in-play markets

A lot of people were surprised by the cancelation of the sports betting ban in the USA last year. Since then, betting suppliers and operators are trying to attract more players; they are improving the quality factor of their in-play and pre-match sports products. While it is clear enough how to raise the pre-match bar, improving in-play is a much more difficult task to cope with.  

The US in-play markets

Partly because of Kambi’s activity in Latin America, the company was strong enough when entered the US market and able to show great results from the very beginning. Then they began to offer markets on the NBA and on the MLB World Series which brought in amazing in-play turnover.

Therefore, Simon Noy advises not to listen to people who assure that American players will not bet in-play. They will do it once they get relevant offers. Of course, these markets will grow in the USA and other countries over the next year. Thus, betting companies will have time to create new opportunities for the players.

According to Noy, once they decided to focus on golf and launched shot-by-shot markets on major events. Then Kambi managed to break in-play turnover records for their coverage of the Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson battle in November. Players from Europe and the USA quickly accepted such markets and made bets on who would hit longest drive or who would make next putt.

Simon Noy claims that in-play markets will be even more diversified as data becomes richer over time.

Market availability

There are some critical aspects of in-play betting that are often not taken into account. One of them is market availability. Operators sometimes concentrate too much on the relevance of their instant markets and in-play offer and forget that it is much more important to make markets available to bet on as many times as possible. It gives more opportunity to boost turnover, as well as enhances the experience for the end-user.

Market availability

Of course, for bettors there is nothing worse than lack of opportunity to make a bet because of long live delays, for example. Simon Noy believes the time markets are able to cope with such problems, and that is why Kambi has been focusing on them. According to their research conducted last year, Kambi’s in-play betting markets were open longer than those of their competitors and had fewer delays; that considerably improved user experience.

It is clear that people want to make a bet at the most dramatic moments of a match, for instance during a penalty shoot-out in football. It is not easy to give such an opportunity that is why a lot of betting companies fall short of expectations. Achieving market availability demands a precise control over all the elements such as integration of official data partners, algorithms that process the data and so on. Only when all the elements work in harmony, an operator will be able to provide the best service.

As mentioned earlier, the betting market is actively preparing different odds concerning the consequences of the upcoming Brexit.

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