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What Is Double Down in Blackjack? Useful Tips on How to Make This Bet Correctly

Author: Ivanna Shostak
14 January 2020, 11:40
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Even people, who are not very interesting in diverse gambling activities, have heard some information about the blackjack card game. It appeared more than three hundred years ago, and so far the history of the appearance of this game has acquired a number of myths and legends. One thing is certain: blackjack is included in the list of the most popular games of our time. The following article from the Login Casino team will provide more information regarding an important aspect of this game – how to double down in blackjack.

What Is Double Down in Blackjack? Useful Tips on How to Make This Bet Correctly

What does double down mean in blackjack?

When a game starts, initial bets are usually placed before the playing cards are dealt. In majority of situations, you will not get another opportunity to place additional bets.

However, the double down is completely different. It allows you making an additional wager that is equal to your ante in order to get one additional playing card. Having received your third card, you have to wait in order to see what cards the dealer has.

It also should be mentioned that before you start being involved in this activity, it is essential to read carefully the rules of the selected gambling establishment. Having done this, you will feel much more comfortable and so nothing will stop you from honing your skills in this popular card game.

Blackjack double down rules: how to use this bet correctly?

After you found out what is double down in blackjack, it is a matter of a great importance to be aware of the situations when it is necessary to double down in blackjack. When the game starts, you get two playing cards while the dealer receives just one card. If the dealer shows a five or six, for instance, and you have a 9-value playing card, you understands that a ten will probably allow you winning a hand. This is a good moment to make the additional bet.

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Shoes with a large numbers of decks have more 10-value cards (this regards kings, queens, jacks and tens). If you are playing at a table where six-eight decks are utilized, hitting a ten is more likely.

Blackjack double down rules: how to use this bet correctly?

In general, one of the extremely important things to take account in while trying to place this type of bet is the casino’s rules – it is not enough just to know what does it mean to double down in blackjack. Make sure that you have got acquainted with the basic information, which will indicate how it is allowed to make this additional bet. For example, many gambling establishments allow players to place this type of bet only in the cases when they are demonstrating playing cards totaling ten or eleven – if you have other value hand, you will only be able to go on as normal (unless, of course, you will receive a chance to split). In others, you can double down on any total.

Thus, when to double down in blackjack?

In this part, we will mention three situations, in which we would advise to place this type. They are:

1. The total of your cards is eleven while the dealer has a low-value playing card (six or even lower).
This is due to the fact that you have good chance to win hitting twenty-one, and even if do not manage to do this, you are very likely to get a score that is closer to that magic number. The dealer, at the same time, might face a risk of losing.

2. When your number of points is sixteen, seventeen or eighteen (in this case, you have a card and an ace).
As with the previous point, you should double down if the dealer’s card is a low-value one. Of course, in this situation, you might have a desire to stay as you are, especially if the number of points is eighteen but indeed there is a good possibility that you will significantly improve your hand with an only card.

3. When you do not have an ace and the number of your points is nine or ten. Yet again, it should be done only in that case when the dealer has a low-value card. If you receive a high-value card, you have very good chances against the dealer.

Therefore, the-above mentioned situations in blackjack show when to double down is a good decision.

Thus, when to double down in blackjack?

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When not to double down

1. First of all, it should be said that you do not have to automatically place a double down bet when the total number of your cards is eleven. This option always seems very tempting but you should act carefully if the dealer has a ten-value card, an ace or even a 9. This is due to the fact that the dealer has good chances of reaching a good total and, in such a case, you are likely to lose.

This may seem like a missed opportunity if you don't double on the number of eleven but, in some cases, it is a right choice. Just be patient – the opportunity will appear again soon.

2. The next tip is quite obvious: never place this bet when the dealer has an ace.

Put quite simply, the dealer’s chances to get blackjack are too high. Even if the dealer does not have blackjack, it is very likely that he or she will end up with a total number of points close to twenty-one.

3. Finally, do not double down when you have anything higher than eleven since your chances of going bust are too high and it risk. It’s better to have a lower total and then expect the dealer to go bust.

In general, if you are unsure when do you double down in blackjack – stick with the safer option and try to keep your bet as it is. Of course, you will see a number of gamblers at a playing table who double down in all situations, and they often lose significant amounts of money. Thus, you should not always double down – just take risks when you are very likely to win.

How to show that you want to double down

When you want to try blackjack double down, there is just one thing you have to do: you need to push a stack of chips near your starting bet. It should be equal to your initial bet. If it doesn’t work, simply communicate the dealer your desire to double down and show one finger in order to demonstrate that you want to get one more card. It is quite simple.

How to show that you want to double down

Useful tip: do not put your chips in this case on top of the starting bet. In some situations, casino staff might perceive this as an attempt to the initial bet.

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Double down: its advantages and disadvantages

This type of wager can be called an additional bet when you have good chances of winning. This implies that you will need to pay double your wager and so risking more but, in the meantime, you will have more comprehensive information in front of you.

Do not forget that you can also try double down in blackjack on a split pair during some hands. Thus, if you have 10-10 and the dealer shows a three, four, five or six, you may split your playing cards, double down on both of tens, and strive towards twenty-one points on both hands.

Conversely, this type of bet still involves some risks. Remember that the dealers always act after the gamblers and has more data at their disposal. This is exactly what gives the house its slight advantage over the gamblers. In addition, if the hand is tied, only the gambler receives his or her stake back.

As mentioned earlier, major gaming companies have supported a new GB-facing initiative aimed at reducing risks caused by gambling activities.

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