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What is a Double Chance Bet?

31 July 2019, 07:26
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Today bookmakers offer a wide range of sports events for betting. One of the popular betting options in gambling are double chance bets.

What is a Double Chance Bet?

Double Chance X2 - what is it?

A double chance (result) is a bet on two of the three possible outcomes of a sporting event. "Twos" are very popular among gamblers, as they give them the opportunity to cover their bases and stay in the black. Bettors deliberately go to lower ratios to protect themselves from large financial losses in the future.

Before turning to the question of how a double chance bet works, it is worth noting that double chance bets are applicable only in those types of sporting events where three versions of the scenario are possible: the first team wins, the second team wins or a draw. Double chance is not possible in individual sports, where determining the winner is a necessity for the match. Tennis, basketball and hockey, given the overtime, are also included in this list.

In betting lines, double chance is indicated by symbols such as 1X, X2 and 12, where:

● 1X ㄧ draw or win of the first team. Double bets are most common in sports such as football and hockey, where it is difficult to determine the favorite of the match in advance.

● X2 ㄧ draw or win of the second team. A bet that is relevant in football and hockey.

● 12 – victory of the first or second team. In case of this prediction, the “draw” result is completely excluded. The main condition for the "12" option is that the match must have a winner. It is worth noting that bookmakers offer rather low odds here.

Double chance (1X, X2 or 12) is particularly appropriate in games between equal rivals, in the so-called “three results matches”. The advantage of this bet is the ability to immediately cover two of the three expected outcomes. The disadvantage – significantly underestimated odds for bets on the main outcome compared to the price quotation.

Double Chance X2 - what is it?

How to Win in Double Chance Betting?

In a double chance betting, as well as in any other bet, there is no 100% guarantee of success. The sports match outcome is difficult to predict in advance. To increase the chances of winning, many gamblers apply different strategies in 1X, X2, and 12 bets.

In order to determine the most advantageous value for betting, one should conduct a preliminary analysis of earlier matches between the rivals. Avid bettors must analyze similar sporting events with equal opponents, as well as situations where one team is the favorite and the other is the underdog. It must be remembered that double chance betting in unfamiliar championships is quite risky.

Double Chance Betting Strategies

Many compulsive players (when betting on 1X, X2, 12) are not guided only by fortune. In the betting industry, there is a large number of proven, “efficient” strategies in double chance betting.

The best known strategy among double chance betting fans is a strategy called "fork". In theory, following this tactics, the player in any case will be in the black, since it involves betting on the opposite outcomes of the same sporting event. This means that, regardless of the result of the match, the bet will be successful and the bettor will win. However, many professional players avoid the “fork” strategy and encourage not to use it. This is due to the following factors:

● low quotations;

● problematic search for sporting events;

● high risk of blocking by the bookmakers / freezing accounts.

When choosing one or another tactics, it is better not to refer to the similar experience of other players and be guided by their previous winnings. Each bettor needs to choose a strategy individually, based on such factors as the current bank and activity.


Double chance betting is a great opportunity to stay in the black and protect yourself from big financial losses.


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