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What Casino Platform Should You Choose in 2020? A Comprehensive Analysis from the Online Casino Market Expert

Author: Gambling Man
1 July 2020, 15:16
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The process of creating a lucrative online gambling business requires the development of an efficient casino platform. It is basically a set of software that is an indispensable part of any gambling project. Since it is difficult for an inexperienced operator to organize everything independently, most often, the newcomers of the industry resort to professional experts. The latter helps them pick up the most efficient parts of the platform.

casino platform in 2020

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It is of utmost importance for an operator to study a theoretical background of a casino platform before ordering it altogether or by parts. No provider has similar terms and conditions, as well as the supplied casino software. Therefore, before agreeing on the first exciting offer, you should learn about each available proposition on the market.

What is incorporated in an efficient online casino platform?

Basically, you should be aware of what is included in a package of a casino platform that a provider offers you. For inexperienced operators, it is a bit hard, since they have never had any background in this sphere and have no idea what must be inside the set. A standard online gambling platform consists of:

  • an extensive list of the games that will be included on your gaming website;
  • the most popular payment systems for the clients’ convenience;
  • professional support from the company’s experts;
  • security systems to prevent any breaches and scams;
  • administrative systems for efficient website management;
  • analytical and statistical tools for tracking clients’ activity;
  • additional software for casino management.

It is simply impossible for an online casino to work without a proper platform. It is the core of any gambling website with the most efficient software. Thus, as an operator, you must ensure that your choice of a provider is reasonable.

What are the best representatives of platform software suppliers on the market?

Among several dozens of available software providers, very few do care about their clients adequately. Therefore, to avoid scammer and dishonest companies, you are highly recommended to resort to the most reputable providers currently available:

  • Tain;
  • EveryMatrix;
  • CasExe;
  • SoftSwiss;
  • GloboTech;
  • Slotegrator;
  • DAO Casino;
  • SoftGamings.

gambling business

These companies have proven to be the most responsible when it concerns service provision and customer support. Their platform software is reliable and always up-to-date, regardless of what an operator is eager to implement. Let us pay a little more attention to each of the providers.


The company offers a wide range of services that mainly consist of a Commons System (entertainment and administrative software and security systems) and a Payment Gateway (more than 150 payment methods).


The extensive list of services is displayed within four main projects:

  1. PartnerMatrix — affiliate promotional assistance.
  2. OddsMatrix — a professional organization of sportsbook businesses.
  3. GamMatrix — content managing, transactional systems, analytical background.
  4. CasinoEngine — the administrative core of gambling websites.


In addition to the standard services provided by a reputable casino platform provider, this supplier can also offer efficient Blockchain development, integration of innovative technologies (VR, AR, etc.), and White Label solutions.


This company is capable of developing a complete platform from scratch according to the operator’s preferences and design suggestions. The services also include casino licensing, payment systems integration, and further casino promotion.


With a particular focus on the entertainment content, GloboTech has more than a thousand games available. Moreover, a professional design studio is ready to develop anything that an operator would like to see on the website.


The experienced company offers a full list of services, from pre-development consulting to regular updates of a profitable website. The platform package includes several hundred games, almost two hundred payment methods, reliable security systems, and 24/7 maintenance.

DAO Casino

The platform development process offered by DAO is based on a decentralized protocol that utilizes cryptocurrency as the primary payment method. Therefore, if you are planning to integrate Bitcoin and CO to your gambling website, they definitely know what to recommend you.


casino platform in 2020

They are particularly famous for their instant API integration and 24/7 proficient experts. No client has ever been disappointed with the support provided by SoftGamings.

How do you ensure your platform is set up efficiently?

As an inexperienced operator has hardly any practical implementation of integrating an online casino platform, it is recommended to resort to professional assistance. First of all, it is a reliable way to find the best software that you need. Such companies as Online Casino Market cooperate with the most popular platform suppliers currently available. Moreover, once ordered a turnkey online casino solution, an operator receives full support in the organizational process. Just make sure you contact the experts via any convenient method.


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