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VR Creates New Opportunities for Players

Author: Ivanna Shostak
11 September 2019, 15:43
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Chief Executive Officer of Singular George Shamugia expresses his opinion about new ways of making money for casino operators.

VR Creates New Opportunities for Players

According to George Shamugia, the players who take part in online gaming are becoming extra demanding. Sometimes it is necessary to spend up to $440 to acquire a single customer. At the same time, the online gaming industry is trying to attract millennials who are very profitable nowadays. Younger people aren’t satisfied with what casinos offer them, therefore, they are looking for new experiences.

The video gaming sector, contrarily, clearly understands what younger generations need. For example, launching Grand Theft Auto V Online, where it is possible to play poker, slots, roulette and other games gambling real money became effective tool in aiming at the online gaming industry. As a consequence, GTA Online managed to get back churn customers and gained the highest amount of active users since 2013 when it was launched.

It is time to search for contemporary ways of providing customers with new experience.

The future of virtual reality

Can the next big step in online gaming be a virtual reality casino that gives impressive experience and immense opportunities?

Nowadays VR has a lot of customers. Analysts forecast it will be experiencing enormous growth for the next five years. According to them, the virtual reality market will be worth $117 billion by 2022.

Social aspect

Gambling is very popular because of its social aspect. Online gambling, on the other hand, misses interaction between people. At the same time, virtual technology creates a lot of possibilities to improve that social aspect. For example, Fortnite has become extremely popular because of its opportunity to connect with other gamers. Facebook conducted a research and found that people spend more time on virtual reality than on any other medium. This helps casinos to increase their profits.

Social aspect

Another possibility to enhance the social aspect are the players’ avatars. They give an opportunity for players to create their identity and status that are reflected in the avatars’ appearance. For example, players want to give real money for virtual drinks. Operators can suggest such service for free to the customers as an act of gratitude.

Virtual reality also opens up new horizons in customer support. Customer assistance can be represented with avatars to help the gamers in person. The social aspect increases the lifetime value of players and minimizes customer outflow.

Updating game design

Virtual reality is a great medium for updating game design. For instance, virtual reality slot games will be much more engaging because they will allow the user to teleport into the slot world of Ancient Egypt. Besides, VR will add graphics of high quality, spatial sounds that seem very realistic and animations. While betting on virtual racing cars, the player can be teleported inside the selected car and experience everything on his or her own.

New opportunities for making money

Virtual reality casino lobbies initiate new revenue opportunities. For example, advertisements of different brands on the venue walls, company emblems that decorate the bar and so on. It’s not obtrusive and seems natural for the user. Players can also easily move from a casino in Las Vegas to the one in Macau, for instance. The broad-ranging experiences retain users more.

New opportunities for making money

Online gaming operators get the most money thanks to their major players. Although, as a rule, they don’t represent a big group of active players, an operator can create a separate virtual reality casino brand for such players. Therefore, the operator can cut down customer outflow to a minimum and increase the number of major players.

VR technology should focus more on quality than on scope. The target group might be modest-sized but when these players accept the offer, they will never renounce it.

It is beyond doubt that virtual reality medium can suggest much more than desktop and mobile taken together. Virtual reality technology opens up new horizons not only in gaming industry but it can also bring innovations in every field of our life.  

As mentioned earlier, the Asian event dedicated to both virtual and augmented reality, Asia VR & AR Fair & Summit, will be held in China next year.

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