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Video Poker Strategy: How to Beat Poker Machines?

Author: Ivanna Shostak
23 January 2020, 11:29
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Today, there is a large number of video poker software developers. There are classic versions as well as games with a variety of innovative features, and only you have to decide which one to choose. However, all these variations of the game are united by the fact that they provide the player with the opportunity to relax, play against the slot machine and get a successful combination of five cards. Video poker combines all the typical components of gambling: professional skills, intuition, luck and modern technologies. This article from the Login Casino team will help you to choose the best strategy for video poker and increase your chances of winning.

Video Poker Strategy: How to Beat Poker Machines?

Playing video poker is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The perfect strategy is quite complicated but if you manage to understand and master it, then you can reduce the advantage of the casino to almost zero, and sometimes even get an advantage over the casino. Video poker is one of the few games that is beneficial – the player can choose a game taking into account such a factor as its profitability. Depending on the slot you have chosen, the advantage will vary between 2.5% for a casino and 0.75% for you. Therefore, the most important choice you need to make before you start playing video poker is to select a good slot machine. If you prefer to play on the Internet, first use the trial demos presented on the casino sites. Thus, you can hone your skills and think about the most suitable strategies for video poker.

However, how can it be true that a casino provides games in which it loses money in the long run, games that sometimes even offer progressive jackpots?

The reason is simple. Most gamblers play without utilizing professional strategies. As soon as a player begins to make intuitive and thoughtless decisions, the casino gets an advantage. Thus, in such moments it is better to stop playing. In general terms, in order to achieve success, you need to carefully think through your every move and not hold the cards just because you feel like "I have to get lucky today."

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Strategy cards for video poker and other essential pieces of advice

Choosing the best game – select slot machines or online versions of the game with the highest payouts for combinations. In addition, pay attention to bonuses and the presence of a progressive jackpot;

Winning table - if you are still not completely aware of winning combinations, then print out the combination chart, keep it with you and hone your poker skills.  This will make it easier for you to understand what cards should be left;

Maximum bets – the best bet – is a maximum bet of five coins. However, do not forget that the risk of losing increases.

Strategy cards for video poker and other essential pieces of advice

Playing time – as practice shows, the longer a gambler plays in a casino, the more profitable it is for a gambling establishment. Therefore, it is better to play not so long but making higher bets.

For each type of poker and for each payout table, you need to create your own game strategy, which will help you reduce the casino advantage to a minimum value.

What is the best strategy for Jacks or Better video poker?

A type of video poker called Jacks or Better was the first kind of video poker. It appeared in the casino in the early seventies of the previous century. At present, Jacks or Better is still popular. It is also considered the best option for an initial study of video poker in general. The thing is that this game does not have complicated rules and is easy to learn.

At the dawn of the emergence of video poker machines, payments were made starting from at least two pairs and above and the chances of players to win were so low that most gambling fans soon refused to play them. This forced developers to reconsider their position. Initially, the probability of winning was considerably increased, and then the payout system was reworked. Nowadays, players receive payments if they have at least a pair of jacks – this is how the name of the game appeared. Players liked this approach, which significantly increased the popularity of this kind of video poker all over the world.

Gradually, the game Jacks or Better has become widely known, it has various variations. The best versions of this video poker game have a very low mathematical advantage of the casino, which can be no more than half a percent. Of course, in order to win, you will need to choose the most effective strategy.

Therefore, let's take a look at the most common situations of Jacks or Better and players’ possible actions:

What is the best strategy for Jacks or Better video poker?

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Double Double Bonus Video poker strategy and detailed information on its utilization

Compared to most video poker models, Double Double Bonus video poker has some original features that make it special and more attractive for gamblers. Despite the simple design, Microgaming managed to provide a high-quality gambling simulator with a clear and convenient interface. Therefore, since its first appearance in 2012, Double Double Bonus Poker has enjoyed unprecedented popularity among a lot of players.

The rules are as simple as possible and mostly taken from the category of slots, not poker. The player can perform the following actions:

Double Double Bonus Video poker strategy and detailed information on its utilization

- choose a bet size;

- activate the process of dealing the cards;

- exchange from 1 to 4 cards;

- play until they win;

- pick up payouts.

The theoretical percentage of the return of the gaming machine reaches 96%, and the volatility is average. Such characteristics make it possible to count on fairly frequent small-sized wins. The cycle length is also average, so the player does not have to wait long for the maximum win.

In order to play successfully, you need to be aware of the following chart:

In this case, the best poker strategy video consists in the utilization of the above-mentioned chart while playing video poker. Instructions for using the strategy chart:

- first of all, compare your hand with the line that is at the top of the chart;

- if your hand does not match – you need to keep moving down until it does;

- when your cards match with those on a line – hold the matching cards and then select the option “Draw”.

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Deuces Wild Video Poker strategy and instructions on how to use it

Unlike other games in video poker, the wild symbol is not any additional card in the deck, but all four deuces in the deck. That is, any deuce that you have can replace any card, which will help to make a winning combination. Thus, the game Deuces Wild increases your chances of winning. However, not everything is so simple, although the chances of winning are higher – payouts on winning combinations are lower than in other video poker games.

In the game Deuces Wild, you can simultaneously bet from 1 to 5 coins. From the point of view of mathematical expectation, it is more profitable to put 5 coins of a small face value than 1 of a larger one – so you immediately increase your chances of winning.

The success of your combination depends on the presence of deuces in it:

Deuces Wild Video Poker strategy and instructions on how to use it

The main possible mistakes made by novices:

- They leave the highest card and discard everything else. Only a deuce can be left.

- They discard deuces. This should never be done.

- They leave a deuce and one more card.

- They split up a pair, hoping to get Flush / Straight, although this pair has a better chance of winning

- Two pairs remain in the game, although Full House is not the highest combination in this game.

In any case, remember that due to the low payouts for a long distance, it is not recommended to play this video game – the casino has a too big advantage. However, you can always try your luck.

As mentioned earlier, Adrian Mateos, a 25-year-old Spaniard, has become a winner of the European Poker Tour Prague.

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