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Vanessa Rousso: How did She Manage to Become a Popular Poker Player?

Author: Ivanna Shostak
22 January 2020, 10:53
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Vanessa is perhaps one of the most prominent personalities in the gambling scene. Already at the age of 22, she became the youngest girl, who managed to reach the final table in the World Series of Poker Circuit. In order to find out more information about this famous poker player, read the following article from the Login Casino team.

Vanessa Rousso: How did She Manage to Become a Popular Poker Player?

A way to success in poker

Vanessa was born in February 1983 in the city of New York, and after a couple of years, her parents took her to the French capital, Paris, but seven years later her parents divorced, and Vanessa with her mother returned back to New York.

The new life in the active city did not impress young Vanessa, and her family moved again – this time to Florida, to her grandparents.

The spirit of competition played a leading role in the character of the girl: she was actively involved in the school debates, and in the middle classes, she was the president of the club for environmental protection.

Vanessa was interested in almost everything: sports, women's basketball, lacrosse, softball and, even, playing the violin. After successfully graduating from high school, Vanessa went on to study at Duke University, at the game theory faculty.

One of her acquaintances somehow became interested in the topic of poker, and the young woman also became involved in this quickly. Why poker? Just because in this game, it was possible to utilize a variety of tactics Vanessa was aware of.

After graduating from the university in 2003, Vanessa often spent her time playing in the casino. However, since she was still young for real gambling establishments, she practiced her skills at virtual casinos.

Then, having entered the University of Miami, Vanessa began to take part in student poker tournaments and she was quite successful at that. At the same time, the university also awarded her scholarships for her good studies. However, she left her place as the editorial board of the university and dreams of becoming a lawyer and went to Las Vegas since for Vanessa Rousso, poker was very important.

There she earned the nickname “Lady Maverick”, for the similarity of actions with the main character of the film “Maverick” perhaps because, for participation in the tournament, the contribution had to be also twenty-five thousand dollars.

A way to success in poker

Vanessa decided not to give up and just borrowed money from her friends. In April 2006, Rousso participated in the WPT, in which she was able to go to the final table and reach the 7th place, which gave her $ 263,000.

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Further poker career

Six months later, Vanessa Rousso took part in the WSOP, where in one of the tournaments for $ 5,000, she took the 8th place and earned $ 62,000. Vanessa's result that year was the best among female poker players. In September 2006, Rousseau went to Atlantic City, where she took part in the WPT tournament for $ 5,000. Her acquired experience allowed Rousso not only to get to the final table of the prestigious tournament but also to become its winner. That day, her bankroll was replenished by another $ 285,000.

Impressed by such outstanding results, the leading online poker room PokerStars made Vanessa an offer to join the team of professionals PokerStars Pro. Under the contract, Rousso had to travel the world every year, attending all kinds of poker series and tournaments. Rousso liked the conditions and accepted a favorable offer quickly.

A real triumph awaited Vanessa in May 2009, at the EPT high-roller tournament in Monte Carlo – the player became a champion and received $ 700,000.

In the same month, she participated in the $ 40,000 WSOP tournament. Despite the fact that Vanessa finished the game in 27th place, almost $ 72,000 was added to her bankroll.

At that period, Vanessa traveled a lot around the world, played poker in Greece, Brazil, Italy and France but she could not boast of impressive results anymore. She was unable to earn more than a 5-digit amount in any particular tournament.

As it was mentioned, Vanessa was a member of the PokerStars Team Pro, but in 2015, she did not renew the contract with the most popular online cardroom. After that, Vanessa began to develop herself in other fields that were interesting for the woman.

At present, she works on new music projects and releases her own tracks. However, "Lady Maverick" is not going to say goodbye to poker and claims that this game will always be part of her life.

Further poker career

What is the current Vanessa Rousso’s net worth?

Since “Lady Maverick” is quite popular in the world of gambling, a large number of poker players are curious about how much money Vanessa managed to earn. The total prize money of Rousso in tournaments is $ 3,500,000. As for her net worth, it is approximately six million dollars.

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Vanessa Rousso at “Big Brother” – one of the most popular reality shows in the world

“Big Brother” is a well-known reality show broadcast in more than thirty countries, with an audience of 2 billion people. The essence of the show is simple. Ordinary people are locked in a house stuffed with cameras. “Big Brother” is an invisible presenter who gives assignments to participants through microphones. Based on the results of the weekly vote, one of the participants leaves. The last survivor receives a considerable cash prize. One of the former participants of “Big Brother” was also Vanessa Rousso’s sister – Tiffany.

The professional poker player Vanessa Rousso also participated in this popular reality show and took third place. In order to participate in the reality show, Rousso even missed the 2015 World Series of Poker (WSOP). The winner of the show received a prize of $500,000, the runner-up participant received a consolation prize of $50,000, and Vanessa, alas, left empty-handed.

If “Lady Maverick” took the first place, it would be the second-largest win in her life. Vanessa became one of the best participants in the history of “Big Brother”, which even her rivals recognized.

Curious details of the poker player’s personal life

Vanessa Rousso Sports Illustrated photoshoot, which took place not so long time ago, her popularity increased significantly. Maxim Magazine even included Rousso in the personal TOP-20 of the sexiest poker players in the world. For three years, the girl was married to the famous poker player Chad Brown, who died in 2014 from a serious illness (Vanessa Rousso’s husband was fifty-two years old).

Curious details of the poker player’s personal life

Photo source:

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A few years earlier, Vanessa terminated their relationship. Then, after three years, she became engaged to Melissa Ouellet, at the same time admitting she is homosexual. Almost immediately after participating in the show "Big Brother", Vanessa told the public that her beloved person made her an offer to get married. At the end of the previous year, on Vanessa Rousso’s Twitter, another joyful piece of news was announced that the well-known poker player is pregnant with twins.

Earlier, Vanessa told her subscribers that she did with Melissa vitro fertilization. In August, it became known that Melissa was pregnant with a boy, so now the couple will have as many as three children.

As mentioned, the legalization of gambling moved to another level in Ukraine since the country’s authorities had adopted the Gambling Bill in the first reading.

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