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The Highest Paid Footballer in the World and the RPL in 2020

Author: Aleksandr Kud
31 July 2019, 08:47
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In order to keep or lure a player, soccer clubs offer fabulous money to footballers. Modern athletes can afford a lot for their salaries, but football stars can afford almost everything. We have compiled a list of the world’s five highest-paid footballers.

The Highest-Paid Footballer in the World and the RPL in 2020

Top 5 Highest-Paid Soccer Players

Soccer is a very beautiful sport with its stars. Spectacular feints and fakes create incredible entertainment, because of which fans come to the stadium or watch matches at home. At present sports news about soccer are no less popular than political events and brings people together from all over the world.

The incredible popularity of soccer in the world is one of the reasons why the representatives of this sport have such high salaries. And among a large number of famous and successful professional players, we were able to single out five best-paid ones.

Andres Iniesta, Vissel Kobe – €25 million

Andres Iniesta highest paid footballer

FC Barcelona legend and the most remarkable Spanish player Andres Iniesta is the first on the list of football players with the world’s highest salaries. After more than 12 years in Catalonia, the 34-year-old athlete went to Japan to finish his career. In recent years, world football stars have been choosing the United States or China for this purpose, so the Spaniard chose an unusual country. In Japan, Andres receives a salary of €25 million and continues to show a high-class football.

Alexis Sanchez, Manchester United – €26 million

Alexis Sanchez highest paid footballer

Alexis Sanchez’s transfer from Arsenal to Manchester United was supposed to be a new milestone in his career. One of the reasons for this transfer was the desire to get trophies, which the “gunners” couldn’t manage to win in recent years. Another main reason was the high paying contract – €26 million per year. The Chilean forward’s presentation was beautiful and swell, but his play still does not meet the expectations. He is constantly criticized by fans and football experts and repeatedly comes off the bench. Too expensive player for the bench.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus – €30 million

Cristiano Ronaldo highest paid soccer players

Hard to believe, but Ronaldo, a well-known representative of one of the most popular sports in the world, is 33 years old. In this regard, his transfer to Juventus for more than €100 million looks like a record-breaking achievement. So much money for the veteran (by the standards for  forwards) has not been paid before. In addition, Ronaldo will receive €30 million per year in Turin under the personal contract. Of course, the Portuguese could choose to move to China and become the most expensive player ever, but personal ambitions to play at the highest level took over. However, €30 million is definitely a lot of money.

In Juve, the forward has already managed to come up big with eight effective actions in eight games (four goals and four assists). His new club is the only one in the top 5 leagues that has not yet lost points in its championship. In general, Cristiano is on top. It’s only the recent scandal that overshadows his success on the football field.

Neymar, PSG – €36 million

Neymar highest paid soccer players

The most expensive football player in history can also boast the second biggest salary. Neymar’s transfer from Barcelona, one of the best football clubs in the world, to PSG in 2017 for €222 million became the real transfer bomb. The main reason for the club change was the desire to get out of Lionel Messi’s shadow, become the leader in the top club and eventually receive the Golden Ball. However, a salary of €36 million, which at the time made him the world’s highest-paid footballer, also played its role.

Neymar consistently brings benefits to the club, scoring, and assisting, but so far PSG has not managed to achieve success outside the French Championship.

Lionel Messi, Barcelona – €46 million

Lionel Messi soccer player salary

Recently, the five-time Golden Ball winner extended the agreement with Barcelona on improved terms. Now Leo receives €46 million per year excluding bonuses. In 2018, the "alien" is unlikely to get another "Golden Ball", since neither the club nor the national team won significant international trophies. At the same time, many experts continue to consider Messi the best football player of our time and the money that the club pays him is well deserved.

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Who has the highest soccer player salary in the RPL?

Artem Dzyuba soccer player salary

Why do Russian footballers leave the domestic championship very rarely? There are several reasons. Among them are the lack of competition due to the foreign players’ limit, reluctance to leave their homes, and high wages. The last factor affects attracting foreign players to the Russian Premier League.

That is why the list presented below is headed by foreigners. The biggest "spenders" in the Russian championship are Zenit and Lokomotiv. The rating did not include Krychowiak from Lokomotiv with €5 million salary (as part of it is covered by PSG), Aleksandr Kokorin from Zenit with €3.3 million and Fedor Smolov from Lokomotiv with €3 million (both narrowly failed to get to the top).

  1. Artem Dzyuba, Zenit – €3.6 million;
  2. Manuel Fernandes, Lokomotiv – €3.8 million;
  3. Branislav Ivanovich, Zenit – €4.1 million;
  4. Vedran Corluka, Lokomotiv – €4.5 million;
  5. Leandro Paredes, Zenit – €5 million

Frequently-asked questions on this subject

Who is the highest-paid footballer in the world?

As already mentioned, at present, the highest-paid professional football player in the world is Lionel Messi.

Who is the highest-paid footballer 2019?

The highest-paid footballer in 2019 is Lionel Messi.

Who is the highest-paid football player in 2020?

The highest-paid football player in 2020 is Lionel Messi.

Who is the highest-paid footballer per week?

Once again, this is Lionel Messi. The Barcelona star makes over 600 000 dollars per week.

How much do soccer players make?

Professional soccer players’ salaries are very different. The average one is around 60,000 dollars per player, with a large number of athletes earning much more.

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