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The most popular & hottest twitch streamers 2020

Author: Catherine Lysenko
21 February 2020, 10:44
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Streaming games on Twitch became not only a hobby but a source of income for many people around the world. The platform allows its users to spectate favorite games and esports, and chat with their fellows. Whether you are fond of Dota, Counter-Strike, Grand-Theft Auto, or World of Thanks, you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of players who are ready to share their gaming experience with you.

Top Female Twitch Streamers: the Beautiful Side of Streams

According to the data received from Twitch analytics, its audience consists of almost an equal number of males and females. Ladies make up 45% of the platform users and it’s quite unexpected figures! This case shows that girls are involved in the gaming world as deeply as males are and become successful female streamers. However, unfortunately, very often female players face problems connected with gender inequality, offenses from men, mockeries and other male’s obnoxious behavior. Although, these displeasing moments don’t prevent enthusiastic girls from spending time on their favorite amusement. Moreover, they earn thousands of dollars monthly!

So, who are they, these beautiful girls that have fallen in love with games?

The hottest female streamers: who are they?


Kitty Plays hottest female streamers

We will start this list with a beautiful girl from British Columbia who has 80 000 followers on Twitch. Her name is Kristen but she uses nickname KittyPlays. Who would have thought that the girl that dreamt about the career of a surgeon decided to change her path, devote her life to games and enter the top 100 of the most popular gamers on the streaming platform?

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The girl has lots of fans not only on Twitch but on social media as well. Instagram and YouTube are two more platforms on which Kristen is also popular. Her videos on YouTube have millions of views and the number of her followers there hits 600 000. The girl promotes her own entertaining show – Playtime – during which she plays with various stars.


Kacey Tron female streamers twitch

Among other Twitch paying female streamers is KaceyTron, a beautiful girl from the USA. As well as the above-mentioned player, Kacey also has its YouTube blog. The girl doesn’t keep to one game on Twitch and plays multiple games. Her fans know her as an excellent player in League of Legends and World of Warcraft which is her first game on the platform.

Notwithstanding the fact that Kacey is almost 30, she is among top live streamers and her content still attracts a lot of people. Viewers like her streams because she has a good sense of humor and is full of positive energy.


xMinks female twitch streamers

xMinks is a popular Call of Duty gamer from Australia whose real name is Chelsea. The girl is also famous for her participation at Call of Duty Championship and Gamescom.

In her interviews, Chelsea often says that she approaches streaming on Twitch as a usual job. She gets up in the morning and sits down at the table to play and to produce high-quality content for her followers. However, the girl notices that this job is much more entertaining and interesting than her previous one – a pharmacy technician.

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KatGunn top twitch female streamers

KatGunn, also known as Mystik, isn’t only among best female Twitch streamers but is a professional cosplayer as well. This girl’s name is included in the Guinness World Records 2016 Gamer's Edition as the female player whose earnings are the biggest. Gunn took part in many gaming tournaments and events and became the winner there quite often. The girl is an ambassador of several brands and the face of many events in the industry.

The female player is so much in love with the world of games that she has even created her own cosplay and gaming team named LT3 (Less Than 3). In addition to this, Kat promoted gaming in her family so much that her father and sister started to play them with her. Such “family plays” are very popular among her fans who rave about such format.


Kneecoleslaw top female twitch streamers

Speaking about hot female streamers, we can’t but mention Kneecoleslaw – one of the brightest and the most appealing persons in the gaming industry. Nicole has almost 350 000 followers on Twitch. Her revealing clothes during live streams often become the reason for excessive attention from fans and players. However, the gamer is full of humor and knows how to cope with her audience. Her funny actions and witty words make her streams interesting for both genders.


Dizzykitten hottest female twitch streamers

Dizzykitten is a real pro in Counter-Strike but her gaming skills aren’t the major reason why her followers are nuts about her. This gamer always entertains Twitch users with interesting content and sometimes rewards her audience by giving gifts for participation in contests and giveaways. Dizzykitten is one of the most charismatic players who behave so naturally while streaming that people feel relaxed with her.

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How much do female Twitch streamers make – figures and facts

Of course, most gamers dream about playing all day and getting money for this. That’s why Twitch stars often become role models for them. Their success stories motivate usual players so much, especially when they see their achievements in money equivalent. Let’s find out how much female Twitch streamers earn.

Thanks to the holy Internet, these sums aren’t a top secret.

For instance, the already mentioned player KittyPlays earned $300 000. KaceyTron’s net worth is $200,000. DizzyKitten, in her turn, is the owner of $600 000. If to speak about bigger sums, it’s necessary to tell about such female players as Pokimane (Imane Anys), AriGameplays (Abril Garza Alonso), Amouranth (Kaitlyn Siragusa). These girls astonish with their beautiful appearance and … thousands of dollars on their bank accounts.

Thus, Pokimane is the highest-paid female on Twitch whose monthly salary is somewhere between $40 000 – 50 000, and her net worth is $1 million! This sum includes her profit from the YouTube channel as well. People like her videos and she gets millions of views that become her source of income. At the same time, her Twitch streams shouldn’t be underestimated because she is undoubtedly one of the best female League streamers. Only her followers bring the streamer approximately $10 000/month.

AriGameplays and Amouranth earn $2000 or even more creating exciting gaming content for their audience. Their profit from playing and streaming hasn’t hit one million yet but they still earn a lot.

To conclude the topic, female streamers mostly get their revenue from the following sources:

best female twitch streamer

  1. donations from followers;
  2. various sponsorships;
  3. ads;
  4. other social media channels.

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Female Twitch streamers: banned gaming queens

Though, female players don’t always have only success stories. For example, LegendaryLea became one of these unlucky Twitch users who were banned. The player had 650 000 followers but one misconduct significantly wavered her gaming career: the girl showed the inner side of her thigh and was banned by the service for a short period of time – a month.

Another famous banned player is PinkSparkles. The girls showed too many revealing and sexually explicit things on Twitch to draw more followers’ attention. She was often streaming games in revealing clothes or even without it: just in a small bikini, sitting in the pool. However, these attempts to gain popularity didn’t lead to success and she was banned.

Alinity, one of the most popular female Twitch streamers, was banned by the service because of her clothes as well. Her tiny shorts and almost nude body became the reason for a ban. In addition to this, the girl unintentionally shared her pornographic videos and photos with her followers.

As you can see, girls streamers keep pace on Twitch with their male fellows. They steal the hearts of followers by gaming skills, beauty, and charming smiles and earn thousands, and even millions of dollars, with the help of it. These ladies are the queens of Twitch who proved that games and females can be a good couple.

As mentioned earlier, the winners of the Game Awards 2019, one of the biggest events in the gaming industry, were announced.

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Indeed, Dizzy looks kinda pretty, but the rest aren't anywhere near "hottest". Though they might be the most popular as the title also claims which I don't know cos I don't care much about female streamers.

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The masses kind of just disagree with your list.

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