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Top eSports Teams with the Biggest Winnings

Author: Rode Arteaga
30 January 2020, 17:30
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The Login Casino team has prepared a material about the brightest eSports teams of the world and the prize money they received for their victories in various tournaments.

Top eSports Teams with the Biggest Winnings

According to the analytical company NewZoo, by 2022 the audience of eSports fans will reach 645 million people while the average income from one spectator will be $6. It is worth mentioning that a big part of the money the teams receive is from sponsors who pay to eSports organizations in exchange for the possibility to capitalize on advertising.

Best eSports teams

Evil Geniuses

A US team, which is one of the oldest squads in North America. The year of its establishment is 1999. It is known that Evil Geniuses (EG) used to be a member of the G7 federation. The total amount of winnings equals $19,956,479. The maximum winning was in 2019 at The International 2019 in Shanghai and amounted to $1,544,853.

In Dota 2 the amount of prize money is $19,455,979. Since 2011 the team has conducted 734 matches with 63% of them being successful.

The LoL team was formed in 2013 and participated in 59 matches with 22 victories. The total amount of prize money in CS:GO - $500,500. Besides, such teams as Rainbow Six Siege, Fighting Games, Fortnite are also led by Evil Geniuses.

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LGD Gaming

The professional team from China has the following squads: for LoL, Dota, and CS:GO. Established in 2009, the main sponsors are Lenovo, Paris Saint-Germain, HyperX, Razer. The amount of prize money from their participation in tournaments in several disciplines equals $15,801,159 in total. The biggest sum of winnings for 2019 ($3,604,657) was awarded for taking part in The International in Shanghai.

The first squad of Dota 2 direction was created in 2010. The name PSG.LGD was accepted after the partnership between the football club PSG had been signed. 534 matches have been played in Dota 2 direction with 60% of victories and 8% of draws.

The League of Legends team was formed in 2012. The total amount of prize money is $230,610. Out of 230 matches, the squad had 84 victories and 13 draws.

LGD Gaming

In 2015 the CS:GO team was established. Despite the fact that it does not consist of famous players, their head coach was a very experienced in this direction Chinese gamer Karl. The total number of 15 matches brought 33% of victories. Besides, in 2016 the Overwatch squad was created while PUBG – in 2018.


The regular, Chinese eSports team with the most powerful Dota 2 division. It was founded in 2014 with the main sponsors being Nvidia, Intel, SecretLab, RayBet, Sennheiser. The first squad consisted exclusively of professional Chinese gamers.

Interesting fact

As a result of their victory in The International 2014, the team was registered in the Guinness Book of Records for the biggest amount of winning ($5m) in computer games.

The sum of NewBee’s prize money amounts to $11,963,138. The highest award was last year at the World Cyber Games tournament - $80,000.  In Dota 2 the team took part in 856 matches and won 487 times having received the total amount of $11,873,118. Besides, one of the most popular eSports teams has a youth team that managed to earn $74,695 in 444 tournaments (44% were successful for NewBee). The team also has Hearthstone (founded in 2014) and StarCraft (founded in 2015) divisions.

Vici Gaming

Except for the popular Dota 2, LoL, CS:GO, this team from China has a FIFA squad as well. It was founded in 2012 and the amount of prize money received equals $8,860,990. The International 2019 was also rather profitable - $1,544,833. The team’s Dota 2 squad was formed in 2012. Participation in 951 match brought them $8,596,824 (from 562 victories). The team’s biggest achievement is considered the second place at The International 2014. In LoL direction (this squad was formed in 2015), Vici Gaming has earned $80,190. The CS:GO squad was created in 2017 and since then the team has earned $183,976.

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Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming

The organization’s founder is Wang Shikun. From the first years of its existence (since 2011) the Chinese Invictus Gaming was most famous for its results in Dota 2, LoL and StarCraft II. The most significant events for the team – victory of their LoL squad in the World Cup 2018 and the first place in The International Dota 2, 2010. The total amount of prize money they won in all disciplines amounts to $7,121,949.

SK Telecom T1

The sixth place in terms of the prize money belongs to a team from South Korea founded in 2003 by T1 Entertainment & Sports. The amount they have managed to win so far is $5,058,208. In 2019 the biggest financial reward the team has received in a tournament was $155,750 in the World Championship 2019. However, the LoL squad brought much more - $5,015,723. In this direction, gamers played in 297 tournaments with 73% of them – victories.

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The team was founded in the USA in 2015. Participation in The International 2019 brought them $85,825. The total amount of prize money equals $4,075,767. A big part of it has been received from Dota 2 - $4,063,667. The team has 190 victories in 341 games. The prize money in CS:GO competition brought $12,100 to the US team.

FaZe Clan

The team has been representing the USA since the year of its foundation (2010) and has managed to earn in total $4,087,573. The gamers are particularly interested in Call of Duty tournaments. The team’s founders are three YouTube gamers. The total amount of income from CS:GO competition is $3,144,500. The team has taken part in 596 matches in the discipline and showed good results in more than half of them.


The team from China was founded in 2010 and its current prize pool amounts to $3,403,633. In terms of Dota 2, the team took part in 6637 matches. More than half of them were a success. The biggest money prize the team earned in Dota 2 tournaments - $3,393 633. Besides, the team also took part in CS:GO matches (58) with a financial reward of $10,000.


CDEC Gaming

The list of top 10 pro esports teams ends with one more Chinese team based in Shanghai and founded in 2014. The main reason for their popularity is participation in Dota 2 matches, where they earned $3,313,415. CDEC Gaming is also known as LGD.CDED and LGD 2. It used to be a part of the LGD team, but in 2014 became a separate one.

As mentioned earlier, the Overwatch League officially presented its new voice supplier – the audio communication platform TeamSpeak.

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