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TOP-5 Popular Gambling Games with Live Dealers

Author: Rode Arteaga
3 October 2019, 18:53
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Online casino with live dealers has recently become incredibly popular around the world. Live broadcasting from a specially equipped studio, and the presence of real croupiers, who may engage in dialogue with a player, make the game process as realistic as possible. It is believed that a live dealer game is more honest and interesting.

TOP-5 Popular Gambling Games with Live Dealers

Every year the percentage of live casino games is increasing.

Having studied the general data on the online gambling growth, it is safe to say that games with a live dealer are one of the most promising areas. According to the Newzoo Games’ report of 2016, it is expected that the global games market will grow by an average of 6.6% and reach $118.6 billion capitalization by 2019.

When something becomes a trend, logical questions arise, namely what live games are most popular and famous, and why?

Popularity Rating of Games with Live Dealers

To begin with, there is a limited number of casinos with live dealers offered today. But online versions of the most popular games in land-based gambling properties have already been released with minor modifications. Online roulette, blackjack, baccarat and its variations, as well as several types of poker designed specifically for online casinos are available on the Internet.

Slotegrator has been operating on the gambling market for many years. A huge number of gambling establishments use its single protocol, which is embedded with live-games of famous providers. After analyzing the most popular software for online casinos and comparing the results with  players’ choice, Slotegrator compiled a list of the most popular online games with live dealers.

1. Blackjack


Blackjack with live dealers is the most popular online casino game. As in real gambling establishments, there is a huge variety of rules and types of deals. Just like in a land-based casino, shuffling a deck of cards is a croupier’s task. Live blackjack presented today on many sites, as a rule, fully corresponds to the game played in land-based gambling properties around the world. Internet players are playing in real time on real tables, with real dealers and real opponents.

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2. Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the first online games with a live dealer to be broadcast on the Internet. The rules here are some of the easiest, so it ranks second in popularity. It is often preferred by the players who go big.

When you play baccarat in an online casino with live dealers, the pace of the game is just as dynamic, and the process of playing is just as exciting as in a land-based gambling establishment. The game does not require special skills or strategies, which is ideal for a wide audience.


There are many types of this game such as Punto Banco for one player, Mini-Baccarat, and Baccarat Super 6. The latter is rapidly gaining popularity in the most famous online casinos. Its main difference is the ability to make an additional bet on the banker eventually having six points, while the player is going to have less.

Dragon Tiger in fact is also one of the versions of baccarat, but with two cards. This game is of ancient Chinese origin, which only makes it more popular, as Asian culture is currently trending.

The tiger and the dragon symbolize the Yin-Yang of the universe, where Yin is the darkness, and Yang is the light. The Dragon Tiger’s rules are just as simple: no special strategy is required, which makes this game easy, exciting and loved by many players.

3. Sic Bo

Sic Bo is also known in Asia as “Tai Sai” and “Dai Soo”. This game is based on the popular ancient Chinese dice game. Nowadays, Sic Bo uses three dice. It has a lot of betting opportunities, which gives players a variety of options and a wide range of payouts. So Sic Bo today is one of the most popular variations of dice.

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4. Roulette

Roulette is one of the most famous classic casino games. Naturally, its online version ranks high among the games with live dealers. The peculiarity of live dealer roulette on the Internet is that an infinite number of players can simultaneously take part in the game. There is a lot of personal communication between the croupier and the players: greetings, congratulations on the winnings, etc., which makes the game more realistic and also creates a feeling of complete presence at the table.


Live roulette enables players to see how the wheel is spinning, when and where the ball comes up. The information panel shows the winning numbers and statistics.

5. Poker

Live dealer poker is last on the TOP-5 list by Slotegrator. Despite the complexity of rules and legal restrictions in many countries, which led to a significant decrease in the game’s popularity, online poker still ranks high.

In a professional environment live poker is considered the most fair game, since the live dealer who deals the cards in real time is more credible among players than the random number generator.  

There are many different variations of poker, of which the most popular are:

Casino Hold'em. It is played by the rules of classic Texas Hold'em, where the user plays individually with the dealer. The multiplayer version of this game is also very popular.

Caribbean Poker. According to the rules, before the deal a player makes an Ante (mandatory bet). Cards are dealt face down, and only the last dealer’s card is revealed. The game is played against the dealer.

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Current Availability and Accessibility of Live Games on the Internet

Current Availability and Accessibility of Live Games on the Internet

Not all online casino sites have such games so far. Of course, their arrangement requires serious financial expenses, and online casino with live dealers can only be found on large gambling platforms.

However, according to Slotegrator, the trend has been changing in recent years, and now almost all online casinos can afford to expand the range of live games.

In order to be successful and develop in a highly competitive and dynamic online gambling market, it is important for each gambling establishment to follow the trends.

As mentioned earlier, according to the ICE Africa speaker, Seun Methowe, technologies will be the main driver of changes in the sports betting segment.

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