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Top 10 Myths about Slots: Fact or Fiction?

Author: Rode Arteaga
15 October 2019, 16:58
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Since the very start of gambling history, people have been desperately trying to outsmart the system and receive the prize. Gaming machines are no exception here. So, which myths about slot machines are fake and which are worth paying attention to.

Top 10 Myths about Slots: Fact or Fiction?

Both online and land-based betting has always been a perfect field for creating fable stories. Because of various prejudices and superstitions the myths are based on, as well as taking into account the house edge, human imagination often goes beyond the limits of common sense and logical thinking. Let us try to dive into the wide diversity of fiction stories and myths surrounding such popular casino games as slots.

Myths about Space and Time

This category is the most popular. The reason for its recognition might be a more or less logical background. Gamblers tend to believe that at a certain time of the day their chances of winning increase. For instance, holidays and weekends are considered to be the “luckiest” days. One more myth about slot machines is that the level of payouts can be identified by the gaming machine location in the gambling establishment. The research revealed the leaders in this category:

  • It is much easier to hit a progressive jackpot at weekends than on weekdays.
  • Slots make huge payouts during off-peak periods.
  • The closer the slot machine is to the “high traffic” zones (entrance/exit), the higher the level of payouts and the more often they occur.
  • The level of payouts in similar gaming machines depends on the gambling establishment they are located in.

This list can be never-ending. So, in order not to get into trouble, pay attention to the following – all of the abovementioned has nothing to do with reality. Each slot has a built-in random number generator (RNG) which guarantees that not a single spin depends on external factors – location, time or any other thing a human mind can invent. Chances of winning are always equal and depend exclusively on mathematic puzzles, which determines randomness.

Myths about Space and Time

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Myths about “Hot” and “Cold” Slot Machines

It’s all about the so-called hot and cold cycles of gaming machines. If these words are new for you, “hot” is the winning streak and “cold” – a series of losses. It’s a usual thing and there is nothing wrong with paying attention to it. Nevertheless, it would be a potential mistake to consider that certain slots are based on a “cold” or “hot” principle. The reason for such way of thinking is simple, though irrational: people tend to discover schemes even where there is not even slightest hint of it. The “hot hand” phenomenon is the simplest way to describe how your brain throws dust in your own eyes. In a nutshell, it’s absolutely normal to have a series of winnings or losses as well as believe that they are not occasional. But keep in mind, if we are talking about slot games, their essence is randomnicity.

The Whole Truth about Jackpot Myths

Jackpots attract fiction stories like a magnet. They are so rare and so much desired that players tend to invent various concepts to justify their scarcity.

Myth number one is as follows: a slot that has recently paid a jackpot will unlikely do the same in the nearest future. A quick answer here is – RNG is 100% unpredictable, and any attempt to calculate or identify the principle of this unpredictability will only lead to false expectations.

The Whole Truth about Jackpot Myths

The second jackpot-myth can be also called “observer’s myth”. It became the basis for one episode of a famous TV show Friends. The point of this myth is that if you start playing a slot machine, which hasn’t been successful for the previous player for a while, your chances to hit the jackpot are extremely high. After a sequence of losses, the person leaves the gaming machine with a feeling that the jackpot has literally slipped through the fingers. Dramatic, isn’t it? There is a feeling that someone else will benefit from your own hard work. However, this is nothing more but an illusion. The software, which guarantees random outcome, is in action even when the gaming machine is not operating. All the time it keeps on generating millions of possible results, even when the players are changing. That is why a winning spin is nothing more but a matter of luck. There are no guarantees or schemes regardless how hard you are trying to figure them out.

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One More Myth about Slots: Automatic Game Mode Function

Playing with a predetermined number of automatic spins is a perfect function especially for a number of not very exciting slots. This helps to save your energy from pressing the spin button about a million times. Nevertheless, many people think that the automatic mode of the game decreases one’s chances of winning. Absence of control frightens those players who doubt the fact that RNG truly guarantees accidental results. They see in it a perfect opportunity for a casino to collect automatic bets without starting a bonus round or showing a higher winning combination on the reels. It has nothing to do with the principle of slot operation. However, this is nothing more than another way to sell ice to Eskimos.

Winning Odds Can Be Identified by Calculating Symbols on Each Reel

Well, actually not. The RNG generates one number with every spin. Each reel can have hundreds of virtual stops, despite the fact that you see just a few of them. For example, you can see 20 symbols on each wheel of the three-reel slot machine. You are counting 20 x 20 x 20 = 8000 combinations. Consequently, your chances to hit the jackpot are 1 to 8000. But the reality is that a computer chip can program 256 stops for each wheel, so the true odds are 256 x 256 x 256 = 16 777 216 combinations. The very ability to generate millions of combinations is the main reason why slots can offer large payouts.

Coins Temperature Influences How the Gaming Machine Makes Payouts

One More Myth about Slots: Automatic Game Mode Function

That is a curious assumption but, alas, it’s nothing more but a myth. The truth about slot machines says that it is not important whether you are playing with hot, cold, new or old coins. The slot hole of the machine is a mechanical device without any human feelings.

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Pulling the Lever Increases the Chances of Winning Compared to Pressing the Button

This might slow the game down a bit, but will definitely not increase your chances of winning. This method can also help to decrease the average amount of money spent during an hour, though the effect will be minimal. Imagine that you make 400 spins an hour by pressing the button. In the case with a lever, you are decreasing this number to 350. If you are playing a slot machine with a 97% payback, that it won’t be hard to identify that in an hour you will lose circa $12, in case of using a button.  If you prefer a lever – $10.50. And the reason for that is not because you have changed the winning odds. You have simply decreased the number of bets per hour.

Casino Employees Can Be Helpful in Searching for a “Winning” Slot

Another funny tip is that you should address one of the low-level casino employees to find out which gaming machine will make it easier for you to win. However, barmen, waiters and cleaners have no idea which slot machine has a higher chance of hitting the jackpot.

Slots Are for Graybeards

It is true, that the majority of slot lovers are elderly people. But that does not mean that youth is not interested in gaming machines. The era of thoughtless spinning of bells and fruits has sunk into oblivion. Modern video slots are equipped with fully-fledged video clips, sound effects whose quality might compete with IMAX cinemas as well as smart bonus games, additional bets and other interactive characteristics.

Slots Are for Graybeards

Owing to licensing agreements with main Hollywood studios, recording companies and other pop culture elements, modern slots are adjusted to millennials. Walking Dead, Dungeons & Dragons, Game of Thrones – everything one is fond of is likely to be found in the form of gaming machines.

The last myth about slot machines on the list is the most anticipated one. Namely: the casino is the main evil genius pulling the strings. A gambling establishment, presumably, identifies the game settings in their favor. Slot lovers usually come to this common and totally wrong conclusion after a series of losses, when they are desperately trying to put the blame on something or someone else. Actually, it is not so easy to get a bonus feature. In fact, it is so difficult, that you, like it or not, start thinking that there is something wrong. The casino has most likely influenced the game by interfering with the settings! You are left face to face with the gambling establishment! This is an epic fight in which you are sure to lose because it’s your enemy who controls everything. It is an epic story, but not more than for a drama series. The reality is that slot machines are usually leased. That is why casinos are only using an already adapted product. Fortunately for us, operators have no superpowers, secret buttons for settings or any other magic tricks. The power here belongs equally to RNG and your Fortune.

As mentioned earlier, according to Apple’s official announcement, the company has set age restrictions for casino games in its App Store all over the world.

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