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The World’s Most Famous Examples of Match Fixing in Sports History

31 July 2019, 08:41
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The match fixing list is regularly updated. This term is familiar to anyone who is close to the sports betting industry. It is not surprising, because there is a lot of money in this business, and not everyone can resist the temptation of bribing.

The World’s Most Famous Examples of Match Fixing in Sports History

Some Statistics on Match Fixing in 2019

The existence of match-fixing is a global problem for all world sports representatives. According to the European Sports Safety Association (ESSA), in 2017 Ukraine and Russia became the leaders in the number of match fixing.

In Ukraine about 50 cases of match fixing were revealed in January 2018. The most popular kind of sport in this "dark" industry is football. In addition, the "rigged games" are organized in hockey and basketball.

The Ukrainian government is actively combating this phenomenon. Thus, a law was passed providing for criminal responsibility for organizing football match fixing, and the players found to be involved may receive a life-long disqualification.

In 2016, nine match fixing incidents were recorded in Russia, in 2017 this number was reduced to 2. However, the Russians were at the center of a “doping” scandal – 43 athletes were suspected of rules violation. The investigation revealed that only 11 people were actually guilty.

Biggest Match Fixing Incidents in Football

European Championship 2004. Group Stage

The competition took place in Portugal. In the match between Sweden and Denmark, the teams needed a draw 2:2. This result would guarantee the next round for both teams. It is noteworthy that this is exactly how the match ended, resulting in the Italian national team leaving the championship. UEFA representatives conducted their own investigation, but there was no evidence of match fixing, and the teams continued to fight for the champion title. Nevertheless, the joy of the players did not last long: in the quarterfinal matches both teams failed to make it to the semis.

European Championship 2004. Group Stage

1915. “MU” - “Liverpool”

The so-called "Good Friday Scandal" is one of the most "ancient" match fixing incidents in football history. Nowadays football players are forbidden to bet on sports. Perhaps this rule was established right after the situation that happened at Old Trafford stadium on April 2, 1915.

It is known that the sportsmen agreed on the results of the game and made appropriate bets in the betting shop. During the match, they were constantly making mistakes, missing goals and did not score obviously successful penalties.

Subsequently, the Football Association (FA) conducted an investigation and confirmed the fact of match fixing. This incident was caused by World War I, due to which, as it was reported then, sports competitions should have been postponed indefinitely.

1982 World Cup

German and Austrian national teams fought for the playoffs. To make this to happen, they had to play with the score 1:0 in favor of West Germany. The match ended precisely with that score, and during the second half the spectators were perplexed. According to them, the players were not acting like themselves. So, public sources report that after the first and only goal, the players of both teams were openly killing time on the field.

1982 World Cup

Champions League, Sixth Round: Bayer 04 Leverkusen - Monaco

Despite the status of the tournament, suspicious games take place in the Champions League as well. Thus, the sixth match of the group stage between the teams Bayer and Monaco ended in a draw, which guaranteed both clubs the next stage of the tournament.

Not only did this result come as a complete surprise to everyone, eyewitnesses claim that during the last minutes of the match, the players behaved extremely weird and literally were “afraid” to approach the opponent’s goal, not to mention trying to score.

European Championship 2016: Albania - Armenia

The Euro 2016 qualifying football match between Armenia and Albania also aroused suspicions. The game ended with the score 3:0 in favor of the Albanian national team that enabled the winner to reach the final tournament. The result of the match was not vital for Armenia within the competition. After that the whole world started discussing the suggestion that the Armenian national team was bribed for $5 million.

English Football League 1988: Liverpool - Charlton

The investigation showed that representatives of the criminal world of Malaysia became the organizers of the fixed match between Charlton and Liverpool. Their guilt in the organization of game fixing was proven in full. Four people were convicted in this case. They were sentenced to imprisonment for a term of one to four years.

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