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The World’s and Russian Best Football Players of the Year: These Guys Gave Us Exciting Performance in the Champions League, UEFA Nations League, and National Championships

Author: Rode Arteaga
16 December 2019, 09:45
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The ratings of the best players have always had a tendency to change quickly: young footballers come, legends go away, and someone just does not manage to do his best in a new club. We have analyzed the 2018/19 season and assessed the football stars’ performance over the past year. That is how our best football players’ ranking has been compiled.

The World’s and Russian Best Football Players of the Year: These Guys Gave Us Exciting Performance in the Champions League, UEFA Nations League, and National Championships

World Football Stars

Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard

Belgian’s transfer from Chelsea London to Real Madrid has become one of the loudest and most long-awaited summer window transfers. He did everything to leave the English team at the peak in order to impress the Royal Club’s fans. Now we will tell you why Hazard is the fifth in our ranking of the world’s best football players.

In May 2019, Chelsea won the Europa League, having beaten another London team, Arsenal. In this game, Hazard scored twice and became the Man of the Match. Everyone knew that it was his last game for Chelsea, but the London club’s fans appreciated him for his efficiency and for leaving as a champion.

Interesting Fact

According to the survey of Chelsea fans and footballers, Eden Hazard was recognized as the best Chelsea player of the season 2018/19.

In his last season for Chelsea, Hazard scored 16 times in 37 English Premier League matches and became the eighth among the league’s top scorers. Everyone knows about the high level of competition in this tournament, including the individual forwards’ competition. Eden not only scored a lot but also became the best 2018/19 Premier League’s assistant (15 assists).

Let us not forget Belgian’s play for his national team, because he regularly demonstrates outstanding performance there. For example, with Hazard as a captain, Belgium ranked third in the 2018 World Cup.

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Virgil van Dijk

Virgil van Dijk

The last season has become a real fairy tale for the Dutch defender. He has received multiple trophies at the club and national levels, as well as become the Golden Ball award’s main contender. But first things first.

Virgil ranks fourth in our ranking because of his contribution to Liverpool’s win in the last Champions League and the Dutch national team’s silver medals in the Nations League. In addition, Van Dijk’s club performed well in the Premier League tournament, having finished second with the breakaway of one point Premier League).

As a rule, forwards or midfielders play a central role in all teams, but the situation here is quite different. According to the PFA players, Virgil has become the Premier League’s player of the season. In addition, the 28-year-old defender entered the symbolic teams of all tournaments he had been participating in, as well as was included in the PFA’s best team of the season.

Kilian Mbappe

Kilian Mbappe

The third place in our world’s best footballers ranking of the year is taken by the French striker Kilian Mbappe. The 20-year-old forward was much more successful in 2018, when he became the World Cup’s best young player, the best Ligue 1 player, and the Kopa Trophy winner, as well as was included in the 2018 World Cup’s and UEFA symbolic teams. Most of these achievements are thanks to the World Cup, but unfortunately, this tournament is held less often than once a year.

Regarding this year’s achievements, Mbappe became the French Football Championship’s top scorer, which is a rather significant step towards new heights.

In addition, over the past few years Kilian has been the object of the increased interest of the European top clubs, which have not managed to break the 20-year-old forward’s loyalty to France and PSG yet.

Mbappe achieved a lot at such a young age, even though his potential has yet to be realized completely. We are sure that this guy will lead all the tops after the end of the next footballers’ careers.

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Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

This name is always included in the best football player rankings. It is impossible to tell something new about Messi – everybody knows about his incredible achievements. Therefore, we recall why this player is so cool and ranks second in our list.

In the last season, the Argentine began his way to success by winning the Spanish Super Cup (the eighth in his career). Then there was a good season in FC Barcelona, during which Leo became the Spanish Primera’s top scorer and won a well-deserved championship with Blaugranas.

At the European level, Messi with 12 goals became the Champions League’s top scorer. By the way, Barcelona failed to reach the tournament’s final after its sensational loss to Liverpool.

Only his performance for the national team can be considered unsuccessful due to another defeat in Copa America and several scandals he was caught up in. However, we know what Messi is capable of, that is why he is second in our list as of today.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

No doubt, you have already guessed who would be the first one in our ranking. In 2019 Ronaldo is the Serie A new star, and simply the world’s best footballer. Moreover, the 34-year-old Portuguese led his national team to victory in the first-ever UEFA Nations League tournament.

In his first season in Serie A, Ronaldo won the Italian Championship with FC Juventus. Thus, he has achieved success both at the club and at the national level.

Undoubtedly, this season is not the most productive for Cristiano, however, it is worth remembering that he is already 34 years old and the team’s results do not depend on just one player. Juventus is not such a frequent guest in the Champions League finals, as Real Madrid in Ronaldo’s golden age used to be. Therefore, we hope that this guy will show his maximum in Turin.

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The Best Russian Football Players

Anton Miranchuk

Anton Miranchuk

Lokomotiv Moscow’s midfielder Anton Miranchuk ranks fifth in our rating. This guy has won our hearts with his versatility and utility in the midfield, perfectly harmonizing with his twin brother Aleksei Miranchuk, who plays in the same position and club.

Anton has been playing in Loko since 2013. The footballer went through all the junior teams before becoming the main team player. The midfielder was honored to get into the list of 33 best RPL’s players of the last season. Moreover, 23-year-old Miranchuk managed to enter the top 3 there.

In the last season, Anton scored 11 goals (4 penalties) and gave two assists in 26 matches for the club. Lokomotiv has become second in the RPL but won the Russian Cup and Super Cup.

Igor Akinfeev

Igor Akinfeev

The next position in the best Russian footballers ranking is taken by the legendary goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev. We admit giving him the fourth step rather because of previous achievements, then the current ones, though he has continued pleasing the fans with his talent. However, the last season was not the best one for a 33-year-old CSKA goalkeeper.

Let’s remember his way to the highest level. Akinfeev has been playing for the Army club since the age of five. His debut in the main team happened in 2002 and since then Igor has been irreplaceable in the CSKA club. The experienced goalkeeper is famous for his devotion to the club.

The RFU also highlighted the CSKA goalkeeper: Akinfeev was included in the list of the best RPL players of the year. This season, Igor defended the Moscow team’s goal in 30 matches, having conceded 23 goals.

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Aleksandr Golovin

Aleksandr Golovin

The only representative of a foreign club took the third position in our ranking for the season 2018/19. Aleksandr Golovin is a Monaco midfielder, where he has been playing for only a year.

After a powerful performance at the 2018 World Cup, there were many top clubs wanting to buy Golovin, but the Russian midfielder chose Monaco. By the way, Juventus, Chelsea, and Napoli were also fighting for the transfer of a 23-year-old Russian.

For the season 2018/2019, Aleksandr participated in 30 games where he scored 3 goals. It was rather hard for the player to immediately adapt to the new requirements and get into the starting line-up. The Russian footballer has a special playing style, which is distinguished by speed and creativity.  Besides, Golovin signed a 5-year contract with the club, so, as he is still young, his main successes are ahead. Although, the current ones made him get into this list.

Artem Dzyuba

Artem Dzyuba

Artem Dzyuba is a Zenit St. Petersburg’s striker and the Russian sports star, as well as the subject of the European top clubs’ interests. We explained why the previous footballers were included in our list. In the case of Dzyuba, we are obliged to clarify why he ranks second but not first.

In short, the point is not that Artem’s achievements are not enough to be the first in this rating, but that the footballer who heads it up has a higher potential. But let’s get back to Dzyuba.

Following the last season’s results, the Zenit striker was included in the top 33 best footballers according to the RFU and became the football player of the year in Russia (the voting was held among all RPL teams’ players).

Dzyuba's main skills are the highest level of effectiveness and utility, as well as the absolute dominance in the air (which is not surprising considering his 196 cm height). This season, he scored 8 goals and made 11 assists in 27 matches.

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Fyodor Chalov

Fyodor Chalov

Fyodor Chalov, CSKA Moscow’s forward, is the best Russian football player of the last season. The amazing football talent, efficiency on the field and universality of the 21-year-old striker let him head up this list.

It is worth recalling that Chalov is the most popular RPL player, who fell into the sphere of interests of the top European clubs. This situation is similar to the one with Golovin, but the clubs’ level is higher – these are Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund, both Manchesters, Arsenal, Bayern, Tottenham, etc.

Fyodor Chalov has become the RPL’s top scorer this year with 15 goals and 7 assists in 30 games. In addition, the 21-year-old athlete also joined the 33 best football players’ list according to the RFU, having gained the highest number of votes among the RPL clubs’ players.

The Army club’s striker has recently joined the national team and earned the Russian fans’ love right away. He made his debut on March 21, 2019, when Russia played with Belgium in the selection for Euro 2020 and lost with the score 1:3.

As mentioned earlier, Zlatan Ibrahimovich shared his personal opinion regarding the Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

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