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The Things Nobody Will Tell You about the DICJ

Author: Catherine Lysenko
3 July 2020, 13:24
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According to the most popular Asian gambling news, Macau is a real gambling capital where players can enjoy the authentic atmosphere of casino entertainment. DICJ, or the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, is the main regulatory body in this region that keeps control of the gambling industry.

The Things Nobody Will Tell You about the DICJ

The task of this organization is to regulate casino operations in Macau and ensure that such establishments provide services in compliance with the law. The bureau, as a regulatory body, has a set of responsibilities that help to support the industry’s development in the right direction.

General information about the DICJ (Macau’s regulator)

The revenue from casinos is a huge source of income for Macau. Millions of tourists come to this place annually to enjoy playing favorite casino games because this business is legal there. Macau is full of luxury buildings, breathtaking sceneries, and the spirit of an everlasting holiday.

However, this place can’t exist without people and organizations that maintain order. That is why it has a bureau, which monitors the quality of casinos. The regulator assists the head of the Macao Special Administrative Region in controlling gambling activities. The DICJ is responsible for many aspects of the gambling industry regulation. One of its functions is to check whether casino establishments in Macau operate legally. In addition to this, the bureau has to cooperate with the government to classify casino services and products. It is worth mentioning that Macau doesn’t have a separate section of the law dedicated to gambling. The regulation of this business applies legal acts from other fields.

Its another task is to examine licensing and equipment. Gambling establishments should have certificates for all gambling items located in gaming rooms. Only companies that provide services following the law can get a license. For example, it isn’t an easy thing to become a licensed operator in Europe. The same situation is in Macau as the regulator doesn’t approve the majority of gambling companies. It should check licenses thoroughly to make sure that all casinos have a legal ground for such services. If they don’t have, the DICJ has the authority to punish these companies. The organization is also responsible for monitoring the state of responsible gaming in the region and promoting its standards.


Who is the chief of the DICJ – Macao’s gambling regulator?

The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau consists of ten divisions:

  1. director;
  2. deputy director;
  3. the department responsible for the control over games of fortune;
  4. inspection of pari-mutuels department;
  5. audit department;
  6. research and investigation division;
  7. financial division;
  8. administrative division;
  9. support department;
  10. and the accounting department.

The main person in this organization is the director. Paulo Martins Chan, a previous DICJ’s boss, got the right to remain in his position several times. Chan has been a leader of the organization, supporting its core values, namely the creation of economic guidelines for the industry’s further development. However, he has decided to quit the job this year and give the reins of power to his colleague. The reason for this decision can be the incident connected with corruption that has happened in 2013. Many of his colleagues suspended the chief and accused him of authority abuse.

Adrian Ho – a new director of the bureau

After Chan had announced his decision to end his career at the DICJ, the organization introduced the new boss – Adrian Ho. He has taken up his duties in June and already made several proposals that may help to boost the gambling industry in Macau. Before coming into the position of the director, Ho was the leader of the division responsible for the investigation of economic crimes.

Now the new boss promotes a set of innovations actively. He is sure that the DICJ should use more technological solutions. They will help to create an effective communication strategy between all departments and optimize many processes. These intentions don’t surprise the members of the organization as Ho’s education is connected with the field of technology – he has been studying at the University of Science and Technology. The chief officer has considerable potential for bringing the industry to a new level of operation.

dicj Macao

How to get permission from the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau?

The connection between everything happening in Macau’s casino market and decisions taken by the DICJ is apparent. The regulatory body has a direct impact on all casinos in this region. The direction of the industry’s development and its success is the result of the work of all the DICJ members.

Gambling operators in Macau can use the bureau’s services for several purposes. One of the most popular requests is, of course, the request for permission to provide certain services. For example, companies can contact the DICJ representatives to find out about current regulations that are in force for the lottery or other sectors of the gambling industry. They can also ask for an administrative permit that will allow them to operate in this region legally.

To get permission, an operator has to file an application that will consist of a set of documents, including but not limited to a business registration document, the examples of lottery tickets, the list of rewards, terms, and conditions of the service, etc. Companies have to apply ten days before the date of the service launch. The bureau will consider the application for five days and will provide an operator with an answer. It will get a notification via SMS or phone call and need to come to the bureau’s office to receive permission in the form of the document.

adrian ho

Gambling businesses also contact the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau when they need to get licenses for junket promoters or to ban certain people from visiting land-based establishments. It may sound surprising but, sometimes, such requests happen as well. The DICJ has the right to set a veto on gamblers’ visits to casinos.

The DICJ plays a significant role in Macau’s gambling industry as it regulates every sector and controls whether companies follow the law. Its main task is to create and maintain appropriate conditions in casinos and provide efficient administrative help to operators. 

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