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The Role of the EU in Establishing Cooperation between the Gambling Regulators of the Member States

Author: Gambling Man
11 March 2020, 11:35
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The fact that the EU has the confederate form defines many features of doing business in the territory of its member countries. Thanks to representatives of 1Ante, the Login Casino team has sorted out what the role of supranational structures in optimizing the work of gambling regulators of the EU members consists in.

The Role of the EU in Establishing Cooperation between the Gambling Regulators of the Member States

On the EU side, industry control has been delegated to the European Commission (EC). The latter is responsible for supporting the efforts of the EU member states to modernize their national legal framework governing, in particular, the field of online gambling. Based on this, one of the main functions of the department is the organization of administrative cooperation between national bodies for the supervision of the gambling industry. Moreover, the EC provides support to gambling regulators in securing a high level of consumer protection.

Goals of cooperation

Given the above, it is possible to distinguish several main objectives of the EC concerning ensuring dialogue among gambling regulators in European countries.

Protection of the rights of minors and gambling addicts

As representatives emphasize, given the current trends in the development of gambling, the efforts of the commission to protect the rights of customers should be brought to the forefront. Its aspirations are embodied in the revision of national laws, the main purpose of which, as a rule, is the desire of the authorities to minimize the risks associated with the work of the online gambling industry.

Experts also note that in this direction, it is especially important to respect the rights of citizens who have problems with gambling, as well as minors. An example of such aspirations can be called the universal tightening of the requirements for gambling advertising, limiting the latter so that the marketing strategies of gambling companies are not aimed at minors or people with gambling addiction.

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Besides, one of the EC's priority areas of work is the standardization of programs to monitor the online gambling industry. Thus, a reporting standard was developed for national gambling regulators, which allows for increasing the efficiency of their work.

The Role of the EU in Establishing Cooperation between the Gambling Regulators of the Member States

In 2014, the EC approved a document containing recommendations on the principles of protecting players, in particular, preventing minor users from participating in online gambling. The recommendations urge regulators to provide a high level of player protection by restricting gambling marketing and implementing responsible gambling principles.


In April 2018, the EC requested the European Committee for Standardization to prepare a draft European reporting standard, which should serve as a guide to maintain the oversight functions of national gambling regulators.

The standardization in the area of gambling is aimed at developing tools to facilitate the exchange of information between the gambling regulators of the EU countries, gambling operators and suppliers.

According to 1Ante casino representatives, this standard does not prejudice the competence of the authorities of the EU member states in the regulation of gambling markets, nor does it define the rules according to which the latter license or revoke work permits for gambling operators or suppliers.


As 1Ante experts explain, on November 27, 2015, the departments responsible for the control of the gaming industry in the EU countries signed an agreement whose main goal is to expand administrative cooperation. It has become one of the initiatives proposed by a study aimed at creating a comprehensive European online gambling structure.

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Competencies specified in the agreement:

• Organization of the gambling industry. This refers to tendering proceedings, verification of information provided by operators, as well as the exchange of technical expertise.

• Supervision of compliance with national legislation, including in the field of consumer protection, anti-money laundering and fraud associated with match fixing.

• Exchange of experience, which allows improving the daily supervision of the industry.

• Exchange of experience in the area of innovation and improvement of managerial and technological mechanisms.

The Role of the EU in Establishing Cooperation between the Gambling Regulators of the Member States

According to representatives, the above-mentioned agreement implies the exchange of files between the regulators of the EU member states. These peculiar information gateways allow exchanging data on changes in the legislation or the functionality of regulatory agencies.

In addition to the main points, the document also contains specific provisions for employees in the industry.

During its creation, public hearings were held and expert opinions of industry representatives were paid attention to. In addition to those directly involved in the industry – regulators and operators – the manual contains recommendations for representatives of media and consumers.

As mentioned earlier, Sinéad Ennis, a Sinn Féin politician, has claimed that Northern Ireland needs to modernize the gambling laws.

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