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The Oscars 2020: Who to Bet on This Time

Author: Ivanna Shostak
5 December 2019, 15:02
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The Login Casino team conducted an analysis of forecasts for the event from licensed Russian bookmakers. Read our material in order to find out who, in their opinion, will take the prize.

The Oscars 2020: Who to Bet on This Time

Earlier, a list of Academy Award nominee films was published. This will be the 92nd ceremony, which will be held at the Dolby Theater in the USA on February 9, 2020.

All this suggests that bookmakers also have their own candidates for the Oscars 2020. Thanks to the available odds from various BCs, it is already possible to make bets without even understanding the contemporary cinema. It is also necessary to remain focused on the rating of the stars who will have the honor to be hosts at the ceremony. According to 1xBet’s version, in total, there are about nineteen celebrities today willing to enter the stage in order to announce the winners all over the world. Therefore, with the greatest probability, this responsible task can be entrusted to such actresses:

- Amy Poehler;

- Tina Fey;

- Maya Rudolph.

Among men, the main contender for this role is Dwayne Johnson (the odds are 5.00).

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The Oscars 2020 nominees: the best male and female roles

A number of bookmakers praised the Joaquin Phoenix’s efforts in playing the role in the well-known film "Joker". Many explain the high rating of the movie by the lack of a superhero theme in the storyline.

The next nominee is Adam Driver, an actor who has successfully starred in both “Star Wars” by J. J. Abrams and in the film “Paterson”, which was directed by the art-house movie director Jim Jarmusch. This time, Driver distinguished himself by starring in the film "Marriage Story", whose plot is based on the family drama.

The Oscars 2020 nominees: the best male and female roles

Bookmakers also include Leonardo DiCaprio in their list of the Oscars 2020 nominees. This year, the reason why he can be awarded is his role as Rick Dalton in the film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. Its plot is based on the story about the character and his understudy willing to find a job in the film industry.

The list of nominees for the best female role turned out to be more interesting. The leading position was taken by the actress Renée Zellweger, who in recent years has lost popularity. Her most famous films are “Cold Mountain” and “Bridget Jones’ Diary”. Fans of these films remember the actress for her self-irony and openness. At this year's ceremony, she presents the film "Judy" - a biographical movie about Judy Garland’s life in London.

The Adam Drivers’ colleague also has a chance to receive this prestigious award. This is about Scarlett Johansson, who delivered an exciting performance in the film "Marriage Story".

Cynthia Erivo, who is less known to the general public, was also included in this list. The actress from the UK starred in “Harriet”, which tells the story of a former slave.

Films for the Oscars 2020 and the selection procedure of winners

Bookmakers, as well as moviegoers, want to know who will be the winner. The Oscars 2020, whose nominees will be announced in the near future, requires much effort from the members of the commission aimed at selecting the winners. Just before the ceremony, preliminary meetings will be held. The process of voting will take five days, from January 2 to January 7. One of the integral parts of the ceremonies is “Nominees Luncheon”, which will take place on January 27. Finally, the whole world will find out the names of the Oscars 2020 winners on February 9.

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The Oscars 2020 odds: who has more chances to win

The Oscars 2020 odds: who has more chances to win

Below, you can look at the list of the Oscars 2020 nominees with a detailed description:

- "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". The ninth Tarantino’s movie has a chance to become the best film. According to the BC BimgoBoom, the odds of winning are 3.

- Next comes “The Irishman” by the outstanding director Scorsese, known for his works “Taxi Driver” and “The Departed”. This film is in the bookmakers’ list with a coefficient of 3.5.

- The victory of films such as “Marriage Story” and “Joker” was estimated by analysts with a coefficient of 4;

- The film "Jojo Rabbit" by the director from New Zealand. The odds of its winning are 6.

Among the nominee films, there is “Avengers: Final” with a slightly different genre and a coefficient of 26, as well as the new cartoon “The Lion King” of 2019, the probability of its winning is estimated as 50. Thus, preliminary candidates for the Oscars 2020, for which there are already odds in many licensed BCs, are known, all that remains is to make a choice and wait till February 9.

As mentioned earlier, a lot of people demonstrated in cities across Spain in order to protest against the rapid increase in the number of betting shops in the country.

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