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Strip Poker Game: Rules, Tips, and Variations 2021 (Updated)

Author: Catherine Lysenko
12 January 2021, 11:25
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It isn’t surprising that poker is the most popular card game in the world. Millions of skillful players and beginners dream about poker career and money which this game is associated with. Some of them read Rick Salomon’s real biography, for instance, and put themselves in his place. However, very often poker becomes just a game for fun and entertainment that can bring much joy.

Strip Poker Game: Rules, Tips, and Variations 2021 (Updated)

The strip is an entertaining poker variation based on a set of special rules. The game is quite embarrassing due to the fact that it leads to naked people around the table. On the other hand, it is considered as a party game and it is great to enjoy it among friends with whom it will seem appropriate. The game can be played with people of the same sex or an opposite one, depending on a situation. The main thing is not to be shy and to show excellent poker skills to remain all clothes on a body.

The anatomy of strip poker games: rules and tips

This game may seem confusing at first. Why should one put clothes off? How to bind this with poker? How to play the game? Keep calm and read information as you usually read about Phil Galfond’s poker hacks.

It is important to mention that this type of game is much easier than its elder brother – traditional poker, as the game is more oriented towards amusement. Moreover, you can easily transform any poker type into a strip one.

This game has less betting rounds than the common version. At the start of the game, all players should put one item of clothes off and give it as the first stake. A player who opens the game places a bet and the stake can be increased. Remember that shoes, socks, and other similar types of clothes can be considered as stakes, while accessories and jewelry won’t be accepted. Players can also agree on the number of items that should be put in a pot within the game. The number is usually counted as one item per hour. It means that if the game lasts, for instance, six hours, six clothing pieces should be used.

There are three common types of this strip game – poker – based on its speed. They are the following:

  • fast;
  • slow;
  • and medium.

The fast variant means that a player shows a hand consisting of five winning cards at the close of each session. A lucky game participant doesn’t remove his or her clothes and continues playing but other players should do it. The first person who will get naked is called a loser.

Stripe Poker

The middle version suggests that a player who has a bad hand loses a piece of clothing. However, the game outcome will be the same: a player without clothes is a loser. As for the slow-moving game, it looks like a usual poker but participants use their clothes instead of chips.

Variations of strip poker game

Find the best tips in Cafe Casino where you can play classic poker. If you still want to have fun while playing this strip game, you should know that there are more kinds of it. For example, some people combine the elements from the truth or dare with strip games. Poker of such type is always more interesting: a player who discards his or her hand is asked to tell the truth or do some action, namely, to put clothes off.

When playing session finishes, winners decide which things losers will take off. Usually, such decisions are based on hands value. If naked players still want to participate in the game, they should choose between truth or action. When a player chooses truth, he or she should give an honest answer to any question from others.

How to play strip poker: full information

If you are going to play the game with your friends at home, be hospitable, and prepare appropriate conditions for comfortable playing. First of all, pay attention to the temperature in a room where you will gather together. As you or other people can be without clothes, you shouldn’t feel cold. Be in good humor and remind everybody to relax and enjoy the game.

If you prefer to play the game alone, you can find a wide variety of exciting applications with strip games. Of course, they are oriented towards the adult audience. Among such apps are the following: Hot Bodies Poker, Adult Fun Poker, Zynga Poker, and many more. Most free strip poker games include a lot of ads but it won’t prevent users from playing. They have the iOS and Android versions which you can easily download from the App Store or Google Play.

strips poker

People who prefer browser games can choose websites that offer such games. If you are interested in online casinos, find cool tips for Chumba Casino here. Moreover, some popular men’s magazines launched their online strip games platforms but these projects didn’t become successful and widespread.

It isn’t a secret that some organizations even hold tournaments for this poker version. The Naturist Association of Estonia organized such a tournament in 1999. More than one hundred poker players participated in it. The winner was a woman who remained only her pair of socks. The second case was in 2006 when the Irish gambling company – Paddy Power – decided to hold an unusual event. The contest organizers considered it as a joke and asked people not to take it very seriously. However, the tournament’s participants endorsed its main idea and played honestly. According to the poll taken among the players, the majority of them were playing from home and put their clothes off when it was necessary. Like any other contest, this one also had a prize for a lucky winner – a gold leaf. In addition to this, he or she got the opportunity to visit a nude beach.

This tournament wasn’t the only one in the history of strip games. The company noticed that many people were interested in it and decided not to stop. Their second match was held in Café Royale, London, UK. Contrary to all expectations, the event gathered almost two hundred people together. The game was based on standard poker rules but with strip elements in it. The players had only 5 pieces of clothes on them that were given by the organizers. To make the tournament honest, the coordinators didn’t allow them to use their clothes for betting. You will find many interesting and funny stories about strip poker tournaments.

 strip poker play

How to play Texas hold 'em strip poker?

Texas hold 'em is one of the most popular and frequently played poker types. It isn’t surprising that this game always attracts many players in land-based gambling establishments, as well as on online casinos. In addition to this, Texas hold’em is tightly connected with the most reputable poker tournaments. 

Speaking about strip poker, it should be mentioned that this type can be applied to any card game and Texas hold’em isn’t an exception. You can always add strip elements or change a game so that it will be convenient for such poker. However, if you want to abide by all rules and don’t think that anything should be changed, it is important that every player should know them. That is why don’t forget to discuss details before you start playing.

There are two possible versions of how to play strip Texas hold 'em. First of all, you can try the simplest way – a classic version of the game. It means that everything will be as if you are playing somewhere in a land-based casino: blinds, bets, bluffing, raises, etc. The only difference is that players can swap their clothes for some chips if they are left without them. If players lose all their clothes, they are excluded from the game. Only game participants decide how long this entertainment will last. Everything depends on the number of chips. Make the game short or, vice versa, long when players have enough clothes to strip off. Usually, the number of chips varies somewhere between ten and one hundred.

strip poker game

Another way to enjoy strip Texas hold 'em is to play it fast. It is a good idea when you want to mix up your game with friends but not to sit long at a poker table. The quick version doesn’t differ much from the classic one: the first steps remain the same. However, the major distinguishing feature is that players who don’t succeed in showdown remove some of their clothing items. As you can see, only risky showdowns make this game faster.

It goes without saying that the strip version of Texas hold 'em doesn’t end with these two types. In most cases, people who gather together to have fun invent new rules and slightly remake the game to adapt it to their needs. For example, you can play the game in such a way that participants can win their clothes back and this rule will make it more interesting and exciting.

It is frequently asked: how many chips does one clothing item cost? We recommend not to take strip poker seriously and set value according to your preferences. Some players say that, for instance, one sock isn’t enough to get it off after losing. However, you can discuss values before you start the game or even ask all players to have the same set of clothes to make the gameplay fairer.

The more people will participate in the game, the more fun and intrigue it will bring. It is important to remember that the main aim of strip poker isn’t to make somebody naked. This game’s goal is to cheer up people and enjoy playing Texas hold’em.

The tips on strip poker that may come in handy

strip poker questions

We have gathered all available information about strip poker and prepared the list of useful tips that will help you to organize your strip poker party perfectly:

  1. Arrange surroundings appropriately to make the atmosphere favorable for playing strip poker. Game privacy is of high importance in this case. Players should feel free and not be shy.
  2. Make this game as entertaining as it is possible. A good mood is crucial here and a positive attitude to the game will help you to make it better.
  3. Follow the basic rules that are essential for holding the game in a proper format: a team of players should include not less than four people, you should use a standard card deck, and a set of chips.
  4. Invite only those people with whom you feel at ease. It is quite difficult to play strip poker when the atmosphere is tense.

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Frequently asked questions

How to play strip poker with chips?

Usually, players use their clothing items instead of chips. However, the slow type of strip game can be also played with chips.

How to play strip poker without chips?

You can easily play this kind of poker without chips as your clothes can substitute them.

What is a strip poker definition?

The definition is simple: it is poker variation during which players bet their pieces of clothes.

Is there a strip poker app?

Yes, there is. You can find a wide array of apps for iOS or Android.

What are the rules of strip poker?

The rules are almost the same as in usual poker. The only difference is that the players’ stakes are their clothes.


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