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The Most Popular Anime MMORPGs for Diverse Platforms (Updated)

Author: Ivanna Shostak
10 January 2021, 11:23
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Anime MMORPGs are multiplayer games with a cartoon anime style, often based on popular manga series, such as Naruto. Most of them are free to play via browser or downloadable client.

The Most Popular Anime MMORPGs for Diverse Platforms

Online games in this genre are fundamentally different from other projects in their style of drawing, which came from Japan and South Korea. As a rule, they feature the characters with big and cute eyes, the predominance of bright colors, as well as a kind of cartoon graphics.

Such games are most popular among the younger generation but people of other ages also enjoy playing anime MMORPGs. In the following article, we will provide information about the most interesting projects of this genre.

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Anime MMORPGs in 2021: projects worth trying

Blade & Soul


The Korean MMORPG for PC immediately attracted many fans thanks to the great graphics and stylistics that resembles popular manga series. Here, you will be able to find cute boys, busty beauties, as well as warriors with impressive muscles. Clothes in this MMORPG can be chosen based solely on your taste so you have also the opportunity to take on the role of a stylist. In Blade & Soul, you are given a choice of four races and nine classes. The battles among various characters are really dynamic and spectacular. As for the quests, there are no complicated things – just go where they tell you and complete the tasks.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Anime MMORPGs 2020

This is a game in which players take on various missions to fight monsters that are known as Darkers. Gamers have the opportunity to choose from 4 races and 5 classes to later explore the world and go after dangerous beings. In Phantasy Star Online 2, there is a central lobby where players can accept different missions, shop for goods, be with other players, as well as switch classes. It should be also noted that the project is available for various platforms, namely PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Xbox One, and PS Vita.

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Echo of Soul: Phoenix

magic mmorpgs

This is the newest version of the well-known Echo of Soul game for a personal computer. It features a fantasy world in which you will take on the role of Soulkeeper, who is a warrior with divine powers. In comparison with the classic gameplay, the one of Echo of Soul: Phoenix has enhanced modern features and new exciting content.

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Dragon Quest X


This is a Japanese MMORPG whose actions take place in a fantasy world of Astoltia where the forces of good oppose the forces of evil. Players will begin their adventures in this tenth game in the popular series by choosing from one of six classes: Ogre, Dwarf, Puklip, Elf, Weddie, or Human. In Dragon Quest X, your main tasks will be to fight together with your team members in order to collect magical gems and the seal the Lord of Hell.


Anime MMORPGs 2020

This is another fascinating anime game where players have to explore a large world that is set in a fantasy version of Medieval Japan. This MMORPG provides everyone with a perfect opportunity to meet legendary mythical characters in the exciting fantasy world. As for the gameplay, it mainly consists of instanced dungeons that seem to be quite challenging.

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Options for playing Pokémon MMORPGs online

Pokémon World Online

pokemon mmorpgs online

In spite of the fact that this game was released in 2007 for the first time, it still remains in the list of the best Pokémon MMORPGs. Pokémon World Online is a standalone installation, which provides a number of advantages in comparison with browser-based alternatives, for instance, a particular smoothness and better immersion in the game. It is worth noting that the User Interface of the game is largely customizable so players have the opportunity to adapt the game design to their needs and focus on the fights rather than the surrounding environment.

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Pokémon Revolution Online

pokemon mmorpgs online

This is a well-known fan-made Pokémon MMORPG that is completely free to play. The main highlights of Pokémon Revolution Online are, of course, a great soundtrack and exciting graphics that change with the weather and time. The map of the game is huge, and this will allow you to familiarize yourself with diverse regions of Japan, such as Hoenn, Kanto, and so on. And while exploring them, you can create your own guild or join the already existing one. Despite the fact that base game is great, new features are constantly to the project.

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