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The Essential Guide to the UK National Lottery (Updated)

Author: Catherine Lysenko
12 January 2021, 16:36
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The news about the lottery market in Great Britain often touches upon the state-licensed operator – the UK National Lottery. Thousands of people buy its tickets every month to try their luck and win money.

The Essential Guide to the UK National Lottery

The National Lottery is a reliable provider of gambling services as it is under the control of the country’s government. According to the data provided on its website, more than five thousand people have won millions of pounds with its tickets, almost 36 000 people have got the prizes over £50 000, and fifty-six billion pounds have been paid out to winners. Probably, these figures are the main reason why UK citizens choose the National Lottery.

General information about the National UK Lottery

Being franchised by the UK government, the National Lottery has established a solid position in the lottery market of Great Britain. Its owner, Camelot Group, received the license for operating within the country’s territory four times: in 1994, 2001, 2007, and 2009.

Unlike in many other countries, winnings of the UK Lottery aren’t subject to tax, and winners get their prizes in one payment. As for the revenue, it is almost equally divided between the prize pool and its providers: the Parliament, operator, retailer, etc.

It is needless to say that gambling in Europe is strictly controlled. The lottery market in Great Britain isn’t an exception. For example, the National Lottery has set the age limit of sixteen for people who want to buy its tickets. However, not so long ago, the UK Government was considering the initiative of increasing the age to eighteen. Its main aim is to protect young people from negative gambling effects.

Speaking about the UK National Lottery, we can’t but mention about its products. Currently, it offers the following games:

The National UK Lottery: revenue and annual sales

According to the latest financial reports, the UK National Lottery has generated 7.91 billion pounds during 2019-2020. It is a record sum for the lottery, and it proves the fact that its revenue is increasing year-by-year.

The UK National Lottery

The main reason for this is a smart investment. The lottery has been promoted through various digital channels, and it has contributed to the growth of its online sales. For example, its previous year’s revenue was estimated at 7.21 billion pounds. It means that revenue has increased by 9.7%.

Digital marketing allowed the National Lottery to hit records in the online sector: its sales grew by thirty-four percent in comparison to 2019. Moreover, the lottery also saw the growth in the mobile sector – 57.5% year-on-year (1.61 billion pounds). As the company’s reports show, mobile-oriented products generate sixty-five percent of the revenue from digital channels.

Lottery Camelot: the story behind the company

Camelot Group is the operator and the parent company of the UK National Lottery. The company owns not only Great Britain’s lottery product but also the Illinois State Lottery (since 2018). However, Camelot is a subsidiary company as well. It is owned by the holding company Premier Lotteries Investments UK Limited.

Camelot had covered a long way before it became the UK National Lottery operator. Its story started when several industry-related service providers and experts decided to join forces with each other and apply for the National Lottery project. Their efforts and collaboration were successful as Camelot Group got the franchise to provide the lottery services in Great Britain.

How to find out the UK National Lottery results?

It won’t take long to find the information about the latest National Lottery results. First, players can easily read them on the lottery’s official website. It has a dedicated page that displays recent results of all games sorted by date. In addition to this, players can find the results on other resources across the web. However, the information provided on the official website is always more reliable.

Is the website safe?

the national uk lottery

As the UK National Lottery is controlled by the country’s government, all its products, including the website, are safe and secure for users. Moreover, the website provides true information about all lottery aspects. Players can check any data there: from results to games rules, etc.

The National Lottery: login, UK website registration, and app

You won’t find it difficult to register on the website. Just click the Open account button and provide all the required information. To sign in to the lottery system, click the Sign in button and fill in the form with your surname and password.

The UK National Lottery has a convenient mobile application with a user-friendly interface. You can find the links to it on the lottery’s official website or download it directly on the App Store or Google Play.

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Frequently asked questions

Which UK National Lottery game has the best odds?

Lotto jackpot has the best odds.

Who owns Camelot National Lottery?

Premier Lotteries Investments UK Limited owns Camelot National Lottery.

How to contact Camelot Lottery?

You can do it via phone, fax, or email.


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