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The Best Turn-Based Strategy Games

Author: Ivanna Shostak
20 December 2019, 16:48
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Turn-based tactics are very popular among players nowadays. New projects are released regularly gaining the recognition of experts and ordinary users. The Login Casino team has prepared a ranking of the best representatives of the genre. Are you interested? Then let's start.

The Best Turn-Based Strategy Games

The Best Turn-Based Strategy Games of all time

In this case, we are dealing with one of the types  of computer strategies in which the gameplay is represented by a sequence of fixed points in time called moves (or steps) during which players complete their actions; in orer to win, gamers should be able to think fast and have good tactics According to our opinion, the  following games are the most consistent with the named definition:

1. Fantasy General II

2. Battle Tech

3. Battle Brothers

4. Wargroove

5. Space Hulk Tactics

6. Frozen Synapse 2

7. Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach

8. The Battle for Wesnoth

9. XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

10. Hoplite

11. Fire Emblem Heroes

12. Great Little War

13. World of Empires 2

14. Casual Heros

15. Phantom Doctrine

The best turn-based strategy games

Fantasy General II

best turn-based strategy games

According to many gamers, it is one of the best PC turn-based strategy games. It is a sequel of the first part of the Fantasy General released in 1996. The game features a number of improvements regarding graphics, gameplay, as well as game mechanics. The company Owned by Gravity was responsible for its development.

As in the previous version, in Fantasy General II there are battles with a turn-based principle and the option to collect your army led by a hero. Overall, there are more than seventy-five types of troops. It is possible to move within locations covering a small area.

When moving, as well as in battles, it is worth considering the terrain, equipment of the character, effects, the balance of forces and morale, so as not to fall into the trap or attack the enemy, who is much stronger than you. There are both PvP and PvE modes, as well as regular 1x1 fights, campaigns and games with bots. Do not forget to follow our enthralling esport news in order to stay informed about the most interesting new games.

Battle Tech

best turn-based strategy games

It is one of the best turn based strategy games of 2018. Battle Tech is a role-playing action game with robots from the developers of the Battle Tech universe and the MechWarrior series – Harebrained Schemes joined by Jordan Weisman, the well-known game designer from the US. The actions of the new part take place in 3025, and the players will have to control a detachment of elite mercenaries who are drawn into a bloody war between the nobles of the galaxy.

Battle Tech features more than thirty different unique mechs, each of them has its own peculiarities and weapons. Players can improve their own base, their mechs, hire unique pilots and complete missions. In addition, there is a multiplayer mode that might be interesting for many players.

Battle Brothers

best turn-based strategy games

It is one of the best turn-based strategy games on Steam. Battle Brothers is an open-world role-playing game developed and released by the German company Overhype Studios for the Microsoft Windows platform.

Whan a game starts, a world map with various settlements, robber camps and ruins is generated randomly.

Soldiers in the game are alive people who can be killed and seriously injured in a battle. Each of the game characters has its own biography, a set of basic characteristics, learning speed, individual peculiarities. The game has a wide selection of weapons for long-range and close combats, as well as means of protection that can be combined for specific tactics and opponents. In general, battles are very fierce: after a missed blow, blood sprays in all directions, the soldiers are covered with abrasions and bruises, the corpses of defeated opponents remain on the battlefield.


best turn-based strategy games

It is one of the best turn-based strategy games for PC. Its developer and publisher is a British company Chucklefish. Wargroove is a game in the spirit of the Nintendo Wars series.

The player’s task consists in exploring the world of the game and fighting against enemy armies. The player can control one of the fifteen commanders to choose from – each of them has its own campaign, reasons to wage war and its own treats.

The gamer must capture and hold villages that each time bring some money. For this money, it is possible to hire ground, air and sea units. The player wins if he or she manages to kill the enemy commander or destroy the enemy base. If you are looking for more exciting games, familiarize yourself with the popular game Project Awakening review.

Space Hulk Tactics

best turn-based strategy games

It is one of the best iPad turn-based strategy games.

The game is designed for two players, one playing for the Space Marines, the other – for the Genestealers. The purpose of the Space Marines is to accomplish the task in one of the completed missions (to destroy all enemies, for example). Genestealers, accordingly, try to prevent this and destroy all terminators. The standard set includes twelve Space Marines and twenty-two Genestealers.

Frozen Synapse 2

best turn-based strategy games

It is a turn-based strategy game created by Mode 7 Games.

The actions take place in a gloomy cyberpunk future, in which the player acts as the operational commander in the service of the rebels, fighting against government forces.

The principle of planning moves is very similar to that used in the game Laser Squad Nemesis. The player controls a small-armed detachment of soldiers, with the help of which it is necessary to fulfill the goal of the mission (most often it is the destruction of all enemy units). Movements are planned in advance, it is necessary to give commands to the fighters during a time limit of 5 seconds, the opponent does the same. In the process, you can view the preliminary result so that you can change some actions if the player finds them unsuccessful.

Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach

best turn-based strategy games

It is one of the best turn-based strategy games of 2017. The actions of the game take place in the Warhammer 40,000 universe where players control the Space Wolves and fight hordes of orcs for two long campaigns, or compete with other players in online battles.

Developers accurately reproduced both the appearance and characteristics of combat units: each unit is distinguished by the number of available moves and action points, the level of health, protection, damage, accuracy, and available weapons.

The Battle for Wesnoth

best turn-based strategy games

It is one of the best turn-based strategy games for Android. It is a game in the fantasy genre developed by the Australian David White and independent development team.

The actions take place in a world that is populated by gnomes, humans, elves, orcs and trolls. Wesnoth-specific races are also represented in this world. In the game, campaigns take place throughout history and in all corners of the gaming world but they mainly focus on the kingdom of the same name of Westnorth, which often becomes the target of diverse attacks.

The combat strategy includes battles on favorable terrain for different fighters and at favorable times of the day. Another important element is the seizure of settlements that provide gold for the recruitment and retention of fighters, as well as the use of fighters' control zones to restrict enemy movement. Another great option to try if you have some free time is the best Prototype 3 PC game.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

best turn-based strategy games

It is an expansion pack for the turn-based game XCOM 2, which, according to the developers, improves the gaming capabilities in several times.

The Elders send three of their best soldiers (the Assassin, the Hunter and the Warlock) to the Earth in order to fulfill only one task – to destroy XCOM and again return the Chef to their patrons but each will have his own ways to achieve this. These three characters will not interact with each other preferring to do everything individually. Each of them has his own character and special peculiarities that is why their style of battle varies significantly.


best turn-based strategy games

It is one of the best-turn based strategy games for IOS. Hoplite is a tactical role-playing game from Magma Fortress, which invites players to a rather unexpected place - to the underworld, in the depths of which your goal, the Golden Fleece, is stored. You have to go through sixteen levels in order to achieve your goal but it will not be easy to do.

This game requires the player some experience and the ability to analyze the situation.

Fire Emblem Heroes

best turn-based strategy games

It is one of the best free turn-based strategy games. The game was developed by the company Intelligent Systems and then published for iOS, as well as for Android.

In the game, all the attention is focused on the war between the nations of Embla and Askr. The protagonist (the player has to select the name for the character) helps the Kingdom of Askr.

The game is a mixture of tactical strategy and role-playing. Most of the gameplay takes place on the battlefields, where two armies representing the player and the enemy take turns making their moves.

Great Little War

best turn-based strategy games

It is a turn-based strategy game from Rubicon Development with action elements in 3D, unique and funny graphics.

The player’s task is to control the army and fight against enemies on earth, at sea and in the air. It is necessary to select wisely the units and their location. Players will find many different missions: to capture the enemy headquarters, accompany the general to a safe place, lead small units behind enemy lines and much more. In general, there are 30 missions in the game.

World of Empires 2

best turn-based strategy games

It is a turn-based strategy for Android, where you will develop and expand your state. In this game, you will become the ruler of a small country, whose duties will include exploring new territories, extracting useful resources, building a city and protecting yourself from enemies. You can engage in a fast-paced battle for world domination with other states and your task is not to let the enemies win. It seem quite a good option to try while waiting for the real Portal 3 release date.

Casual Heros

best turn-based strategy games

It is a great turn-based strategy game with tactical battles. People representing different professions - farmers, musicians, retirees, soldiers - have embarked on the path of war in order to battle to survive.

The player’s taks is to protect the island, build a mighty army and crush the opponents. - player-built bases and looters' islands. Unite in clans with other players to help each other and win the tournament.

Phantom Doctrine

best turn-based strategy games

It is a turn-based tactical computer game developed by the Polish studio CreativeForge Games. The actions take place during the Cold War, in 1983; the player controls a secret organization trying to uncover a global conspiracy and prevent a new world war.

The gameplay of Phantom Doctrine is similar to the X-COM series: in strategic mode, the player must monitor events on the world map, expand the agent network and respond to threats, while in the tactical one, the gamer directly controls a group of two to seven agents in turn-based battles.

Therefore, we have selected the most prominent representatives of the genre of turn-based strategies. All these games have long earned their reputation and in their own way changed the industry. All games have their own peculiarities so everyone will be able to choose something to their liking.

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