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The Best Tips for Betting on Diverse Sports in 2020

Author: Ivanna Shostak
16 December 2020, 15:15
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For a long time, sports betting has been an extremely popular activity among a large number of people around the world. This might be explained by two reasons: people love taking risks and getting easy money. However, today, according to calculations, just one-fifth of all bettors get profit from this activity. These are people who learn numerous strategies, develop their own system, and constantly analyze the available information. Of course, to do this is not always very easy, that is why only a few bettors reach this level.

The Best Tips for Betting on Diverse Sports in 2020

If you are interested in wagering on sports and feel that you might achieve success at predicting the outcomes of diverse events, this article will certainly come in handy. Our experts have prepared a lot of interesting tips, so keep reading to find out all of them. Fans of video games may also get more information about esports betting in another article.

Free betting tips to have success at betting

Bellow, we will share free tips on sports wagering but you should remember that if you want to make much money thanks to betting, you should get ready for intense intellectual work and constant development. Some good luck is important as well but not everything will be easy. This is also confirmed by Robert Wilson, a teacher from Edinburgh, who, previous year, managed to win $3200 thanks to wagering on sports. He shared his story of success with the readers of a famous online magazine and told that before he never considered betting as a possible source of income. However, when he faced some financial issues, one of his friends advised Robert to try wagering on the outcomes of the football matches since the latter was always fond of sports. Of course, Robert did not win much money immediately. As he himself says, to succeed, it took him a long time to develop a winning strategy and find good bookmakers.

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However, even Robert’s example shows that it is very important to have an efficient strategy. To create it, you should be aware of all available information about the sports, on which you wager, and have a detailed prognosis on events as well as know winning odds. In most cases, experienced punters use special websites, which are a valuable depository of analytical information. One of them is BetonMobile. It provides fundamental data for profitable betting, such as predictions on sports events’ outcomes, the latest industry news, and useful tools, such as the odds calculator. Besides, the website also includes reviews of top bookmakers, for example, Parimatch, which is a number-one betting services provider in many countries.

Bet fair tips from experts

Most novices engaged in sports betting do not follow any specific strategies. As they gain experience, bettors think about how to win. Thus, such people create their own strategies or use other people's tips.

Professional bettors and experts in this field often share their experience and give tips to novices. Of course, the pieces of advice from sports betting professionals do not guarantee absolute success but following them, you are much more likely to avoid many mistakes.

Top 10 most useful pieces of advice on wagering

Focus on learning the terminology and rules of sports betting

tips for betting

As in any other field, to succeed, you should take the time to study the most important theory. Thus, understanding the types of possible bets and the rules for calculating them are the main things to do before starting wagering.

Decide how much money you are ready to spend on betting

Having learned the most important rules, you need to decide on your own what amount of money are you willing to spend on wagering, and do not exceed your limit no matter what. Remember that not following this rule, you may face serious problems in the future.

Set the right goal

The process of making sporting bets is regarded as a kind of entertainment by many people. Such bettors do not often achieve success in terms of earnings and, as a rule, just pay for adrenaline. However, there is another group of people – those who consider wagering on sports to be a real way of making money. If you are also among them, try to stay focused on your goal – earning additional financial resources. In this case, sports betting turns into a serious occupation that requires much time most of which should be spent on acquiring a deeper knowledge of diverse leagues and teams, as well as getting updated information concerning various athletes.

Choose a betting company

It goes without saying that each betting company is always glad to see new customers. However, you should not rush into the choice. Pay attention to the following details:

  • the bookmaker’s legal permission to provide services in your country of residence;
  • other people’s reviews (good reputation of the betting company is extremely important in this case);
  • the availability of welcome offers, as well as their terms and conditions;
  • the minimum stake bet;
  • the bookmaker’s payouts;
  • the availability of regular promotions;
  • methods to deposit and withdraw money, as well as fees that are charged in these cases;
  • the site convenience;
  • the customer support service.

Choose the sport and events you are most interested in

free betting tips

When people win the first money, they have a desire to wager on all tournaments. However, this strategy is very likely to lead to a loss of funds. What to do in this case? Try to opt for those sports and tournaments that attract your attention in everyday life. Therefore, if only sports events you are not interested in are live, it is better to wait for the matches with the participation of teams whose strength you can assess easily.

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Keep a record of your bets

When being engaged in wagering, a person has to deal with a large amount of information. And, in most cases, those who try to keep everything in their head are doomed to failure. The best way to remember all previous bets is, of course, to keep records of them. You may also indicate your aims, plans, and strategies.

Besides, it is very useful to have notes on specific teams and athletes you make bets on most often and update them in connection with new events. Thus, before a new game, you just need to look through your notes, refreshes memories of past sports events, and proceed to make a new forecast.

Keep learning something new

Another tip for the successful bettor is a recommendation for continuous development and gaining new experience. Having developed techniques for some strategies, you adjust to them and stop trying something new. However, this monotony leads to a loss of instinct for new trends. And this is not good since the world of sports is far from static. That is why you need to keep utilizing what works, but at the same time, without risking losing large amounts of money, test new strategies. Remember that those bettors who do not develop their skills, lose their grip, and latter interest in betting.

Focus on quality rather than on quantity

bet fair tips

A large number of novices in wagering are sure that that the more bets they make, the faster they will be able to win a lot of money. However, again, this is not the best strategy for betting since, as a rule, the quality of forecasts just lowers in such cases. If you find fifty promising odds, this does not mean that you need to divide all your funds into fifty equal parts and put them. It is much better to focus on the limited number of odds, choosing the most confident ones.

Do not risk all your money at a time

It is not the greatest idea to spend the entire bank on betting at a time. According to numerous experts, it is better to utilize just not more than a quarter of the betting bank at once. Therefore, if you lose your money, the remaining financial resources might help to change the situation in the future.

Focus on high odds

Different bookmakers offer different odds for the outcomes of the same events. Your main task in this situation is to analyse various bookmakers’ odds and opt for the highest ones. However, do not rush to create an account at dubious sites, which attract the new audience with high odds. You should choose the most profitable offers among the ones provided by reliable bookmakers.

To get a deeper insight into this topic, read also about the best sports betting software providers.

How to bet on sport: a useful guideline

If you are just a novice in sports betting, you might have a lot of questions regarding the whole process of wagering. But, don’t worry, here we will help you too. Thus, your task is to follow these four simple steps:

  1. Read more information concerning diverse types of bets.
  2. Understand the essence of odds and find out how to calculate payouts.
  3. Select the sports you will wager on.
  4. Decide where you will bet.

It goes without saying that at present, one of the most convenient ways to wager on sports is to utilize services of diverse betting sites. Of course, some people are still a little bit afraid to deposit funds online since they are concerned about safety issues. We fully understand these concerns but, in fact, online wagering is much safer than most people think. The most important thing is to use reliable sites.

how to bet on sport

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What is a good bet to make to win?

Betting is the activity that always involves a certain amount of risk. Experienced bettors, as a rule, use low-risk strategies. They are aimed at constantly obtaining a small but stable profit. Below you may find examples of such bets in different sports.


One of the most popular sports among all bettors is football. And it will be useful for novices to know that because of the people’s great attention to football, bookmakers often lower the odds for many events. According to numerous experts, one of the best types of bets in this kind of sport is to wager on teams with average results that do not lose big in the away games. It is also a good idea to consider odds concerning red cards in certain matches between fierce rivals, such as Real Madrid and Barcelona.


In this case, one of the best strategies is to bet on good-serving tennis players. Thanks to their anthropometry, such players have a high first-serve winning percentage. This allows them to hold serve confidently and often break serve. However, you should remember that this is not always a perfect betting strategy. Bettors should be able to analyze such tennis players’ previous matches and take into account their level of psychological stability. Following diverse tennis sports news is important as well.


what is a good bet to make

If are a big fan of golf and are interested in wagering on this sport’s events, pay attention to the following options:

  • Betting on a sporting contest between two players. It’s much easier to analyze several players in order to determine their chances of success in a certain tournament. The player that will take a higher place in the tournament will win in this contest.
  • Betting on the place the chosen golf player will take in the tournament. For example, you can wager on the player to be among the top 5 in the tournament.

Overall, golf is not the best sport for wagering since outsiders win in tournaments quite often.

As you see, sports betting may bring you some income. The main thing is to choose the most suitable strategy and find the most reliable betting sites.

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