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The Best Poker Apps to Play Poker with Friends Online Worth Checking

Author: Catherine Lysenko
3 April 2020, 14:08
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Have you ever thought of playing poker together with your friends online? It is a good idea, especially when you stay at home and don’t have the possibility to meet with them. Multiplayer online games are the solution to this problem!

The Best Poker Apps to Play Poker with Friends Online Worth Checking

Poker often unites people because it becomes their common interest. Many players like to spend an evening at a poker table with their friends. However, sometimes the terms, which life dictates to us, don’t allow gathering together and enjoying a favorite game. Online poker platforms are indispensable in such cases.

Playing poker online with friends: unconditional home entertainment

To begin with, poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. People play it in almost every corner in the world and everywhere: in casinos, at online card rooms, at home, etc. The game’s success secret is in its competitive spirit, exciting moments of victory, and the opportunity to apply analytical skills in strategies.

More and more players prefer to play poker online because it is more comfortable. Of course, such games can’t be compared with those played in land-based casinos. At the same time, online card rooms create all conditions for their users to enjoy the game and make it realistic.

If you want to play poker with friends online, you will find a lot of platforms allowing to do this. It can make even boring evening more interesting. In addition to this, you will remain socially active, despite any conditions. Such a solution comes in handy, when all of us need some isolation but want to spend time on hobbies as well.

Besides, here you can find some valuable poker news to know more about the industry.

Free poker online with friends: the best apps to try

As smartphones are an integral part of our life, game developers pay more attention to mobile technologies and optimize their products for the iOS and Android platforms. This is caused by the fact that the majority of modern gamblers choose mobile phones as a gaming device because it is more convenient.

mobile application

Multiplayer poker is a much-in-demand direction in online gambling. It allows players to participate in poker matches with their friends. Below is the list of the most popular apps but look at this table at first:

Poker application

How to play with friends

Real money games


Create an account in the system, then – a private game, and provide friends with an invitation code.



Click the “play with friends” tab, add a new game, and send an invitation code to your buddies



Host a game and provide your friend with a special code


Zynga Poker

Create a private table, select a game variant, and send a unique number of this table to any person


Poker Heat

A game owner should use the invite button to add new people to a game


The PokerStars mobile application

PokerStars – one of the biggest poker rooms in the world and the organizer of a famous tournament – also developed its mobile app. It has good functionality which includes the same features as the computer or browser versions. It means that you won’t see a big difference between the game on your smartphone and PC. The app runs smoothly on almost any device and delivers the best gaming experience.

To be more specific, to download the PokerStars app, you need to have an Apple mobile device (starting from the fourth version), with the iOS seven or higher. As for the Android platform, you should have the 4.1 version or higher.

To start playing, a user needs to create an account on PokerStars. It is worth mentioning that the registration process is absolutely free of charge. The next step is to download and install the app on a smartphone. You can search for it in the App Store or Google Play (depending on your gadget). After these steps, you will get ultimate access to all poker games.

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To organize a multiplayer poker match with your friends, you should add a new private game. It means that only you and players whom you add there will be able to take part in games. To create a private game, a user should follow several steps:

poker with friends online

  • Enter the games manager menu.
  • Create a new game.
  • Send an invitation code to your friends (it is needless to say that your friends should also have accounts registered in the PokerStars system. Otherwise, they can’t be invited to your games).

There is a wide variety of poker types in this card room. Among them are the following:

  • two types of Omaha;
  • three types of the drawn game;
  • horse;
  • 8-Game;
  • and others.

To start any of these games, you should choose its type, the number of people who will participate in it, and the currency. In addition to this, you can create own tournaments. It is interesting to know that you can also select whether you will play using real money or not. However, remember that stakes depend on the money type.

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The 888poker app for smartphones

888poker is another service allowing to play multiplayer poker. Like PokerStars, the platform has applications for iOS and Android which can be easily installed on a mobile device. The process of account creation and the game setting is the same: a user begins with sign-up, chooses the “play with friends” menu tab, and creates a new game. A player should give friends the invitation code.

You can also hold cash games or tournaments with a small circle of participants. 888poker has an easier process of setting contests. However, it doesn’t make functionality worse. Gamblers can specify tournament time, type, and the number of players. They get special instructions and share them with their friends. This file contains the data for accessing the match.

Pokerrrr – free software for mobile gaming

Pokerrrr is the platform totally oriented towards mobile gaming. Its developers decided to take a smartphone as a basis and create a unique service. The links to applications are provided on the website’s main page. Pokerrrr app is available for both, Android and Apple OS.

free poker online with friends

The most interesting thing about the platform is that it allows users to create so-called private poker clubs which can consist of up to two thousand members. It means that a gambler can become an owner of a club and manage it using exclusive tools. The system software allows participants to communicate with each other via chat.

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Free Texas hold’em poker apps: Zynga Poker

If you are a fan of Texas hold’em poker and seek applications that will suit your needs, try Zynga Poker. The application allows players to get an advanced poker experience. The service includes the WPT tournament mode where you can feel a professional who competes against real experts. In addition to this, players with big buy-ins can count on more opportunities to win a considerable number of poker chips. It means that your high stakes may result in huge payout sums.

Not all people like boring long games where everything is so tiresome, that is why Zynga has created small tables with up to five players. Such tables are made for faster and more dynamic tournaments. As for bonus offers, the application has a standard pack of attractive features, including no-cost chips and the program for VIP users. When players feel that usual games aren’t interesting for them, they can switch to the exciting jackpot feature and try luck there.

Zynga Poker also has the function of organizing poker tournaments with friends. It helps to build a poker community in which gamblers can communicate with each other and join one game from any place in the world. Moreover, players can unite into leagues and those, who have excellent results, will be at the head of it.

This service isn’t a scam because it is appropriately certified and has all the necessary licenses. Games are available on any device: you can download it on your smartphone or play in a web browser if this variant is more convenient for you.

Poker Heat – the app developed by the WSOP creators

poker play online

Poker Heat is another cool app created by the World Series of Poker team. In reliance on the fact that it is developed by people who know what real poker is, you will be impressed by its unique features. The main thing is that you will have an established goal for your activity – you can ascend from the minor league to the top one and prove that you are the best poker player. The overall number of leagues is ten, so, you have all chances to improve your skills and achieve more success.

During playing games, users complete missions and get crowns for this. These crowns allow them to get the most desirable thing – the poker ring. It will show your opponents that you are a very strong player. The competitive spirit is what this application about because it motivates a gambler to become a professional by playing in a big variety of poker rooms with different levels of players. Along with a good reputation, a gambler wins huge rewards.

 The service also allows a circle of friends to play together in one game from their mobile phones. The process of adding a new member to a game is simple: a manager should click the Invite button. All players can enter the system anonymously or sign in via Facebook and show their real names.

The main advantage of Poker Heat is that every poker place in the application has an attractive design. The app includes many animations and dynamic elements that make games more exciting.   

Private online poker with friends: no-download platforms

If it is more convenient for a gambler to play poker just on the website, again, there is a wide array of platforms providing such services. Browser-based poker games don’t require downloading on a computer. All a person needs to do is to visit a website, select a game, and run it in a browser.

Here is the list of websites where you can play the game together with your friends:

  • already mentioned 888 poker and PokerStars;
  • 9 stacks;
  • Fable Casino;
  • and many more.

The best recommendation on how to choose free poker games

apps games to play with friends

As you can see, all poker applications that allow users to add their friends to private games have many advantages. Pay attention to every aspect that seems important for you. Usually, gamblers consider such characteristics while choosing a reliable application to play poker with buddies:

  • bonuses and free chips;
  • a user-friendly interface;
  • additional features;
  • a convenient and simple process of adding new members to a game.

Frequently asked questions about online multiplayer poker

How to play poker online with friends?

You can do it using special apps or on a website.

Are there any online poker games where you can play only with friends?

There are several poker rooms on the web which provide such services.

How to play poker online heads up with friends?

Many platforms allow users to create private poker games. To enter a game, a player should have an invitation from an owner.

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8 May 2020

What I like the most about Poker Heat - free chips. Players can win a considerable amount of them if they have good poker skills.

Lorenzo Turner
8 May 2020

I’ve tried almost all of these apps. Games to play with friends are really interesting. I think that it is a good idea during the lockdown.

8 May 2020

You play poker online as a usual game. Virtual poker doesn’t differ from a traditional game. Rules are the same in almost all apps.

7 May 2020

How are chips distributed between friends? Does everything happen as in a real poker? I can’t understand it.

Markus Picks
7 May 2020

Hi! There is nothing difficult in playing poker with friends. Apps have two main buttons: create a game and invite friends. Just follow the instructions.

Gloria Polly
5 May 2020

Can somebody tell me how to play online games with friends? The process of creating a personal poker game seems too difficult for me.

5 May 2020

In my opinion, the best free poker games are in the PokerStars application. I’ve played with my friends several times and the app functionality is what I really like here. It is convenient to play even on a mobile phone.

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