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Stock Blockchain: Top 5 Companies to Invest in

Author: Ivanna Shostak
4 May 2020, 13:19
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Approximately ten years ago, the term ‘blockchain’ did not mean anything to most people around the world. However, after some time, a number of people became more interested in crypto-enabled tech and blockchain has turned into a key driver across a lot of sectors. This resulted in a great deal of interest from investors in diverse countries of the world who have begun to recognize the significant monetary potential of this technology.

Stock Blockchain: Top 5 Companies to Invest in

Blockchain stock: its essence

We will start our comprehensive guide on how to investfinancial resources in this field by defining what blockchain and blockchain stocks are. Blockchain is considered to be a growing list of records, or blocks, that are linked with the utilization of cryptography. Each of these blocks contains a cryptographic hash of the preceding block, a timestamp, as well as transaction data.

And a blockchain stock means a share in a company that uses the blockchain tech to build new applications. Taking into fact that at present, more and more industries are becoming interested in the adaptation of this popular technology, a large number of well-established companies have started to create applications based on blockchain. Long story short, companies that are developing on this tech are considered to be blockchain-related stocks. To find out more information about such companies, follow our business blockchain and cryptocurrency news.

What are the best blockchain stocks?

On the Internet, you will certainly find a lot of information regarding blockchain technology markets and will probably get confused. Thus, in order to help you, we will provide some insights into this topic. In spite of the fact that selecting was far from easy, we made a list of top 5 blockchain technology stocks:

1. IBM

2. Fujitsu

3. Amazon

4. Mastercard

5. Square

Detailed information about blockchain stocks to buy in 2020

1. IBM

If you have already read some data concerning this topic, you have probably come across the name of this stock, which is considered one of the leaders in the industry, and this status was gained at the very beginning of their work. This well-known company now has more than five hundred projects dedicated to blockchain tech that it continues to take part in. One of the company’s major projects is a blockchain-as-a-service endeavor.

stock blockchain

Based on many experts’ opinions, IBM will remain one of the major players in the industry in the near future since the company continues to reduce costs across a number of fields. Therefore, IBM’s profits are very likely to continue to grow and you as an investor will be able to take some benefits of your investment.

2. Fujitsu

Being one of the most successful IT services providers in the world, Fujitsu has also got a high place in this top of blockchain stocks to buy. As for the Fujitsu’s great results in the field of blockchain, the company has worked on the development of the transfer settlement system for the Japanese Bankers Association. They have achieved success in providing services that help other companies to implement blockchain solutions much faster before. Another proof of the company’s great results in the industry is the fact that not so long ago, Fujitsu opened the Blockchain Innovation Center in Belgium.

At present, the stock is in an upward trend and will probably continue to grow in the future. Thus, if you decide to become an investor, you will get the opportunity to capture some of the profits.

To expand your knowledge more, read our article about the Bitcoin resistance level.

3. Amazon

The Amazon stock is already high, but we do not doubt that it will go even higher taking into account the company’s initiatives regarding blockchain. The company has been developing consistently over the last years and has been pushing the boundaries where possible.  Amazon’s web services are still utilized by Sony Music, Change Healthcare, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Workday, and others. The company has much space to grow, specifically in terms of blockchain.

The stock has dipped due to the COVID-19 crisis so this might be a perfect time to start investing if you have not already done this. 

4. MasterCard

blockchain stocks to buy 2020

Payment processing and technology leader MasterCard has developed tremendously thanks to the trend towards a cashless economy, which has caused the growing volumes of credit and debit card transactions. Undoubtedly, the blockchain tech has great potential to transform the cashless payment system, particularly in the case of cross-border transfers of money, which have never been fast and cheap.

It should be noted that the previous year, MasterCard informed about its deal with blockchain R3 – blockchain tech company. They will work on the development of a new cross-border payment system, and this might provide MasterCard with a significant advantage in the industry.

5. Square

Probably, Square is not the first company that will come to your mind while thinking about blockchain companies. However, Square certainly deserves your attention.

The CEO of the company is famous for his support of BTC through his initiative Square Crypto with talented Bitcoin developers who work on exciting projects and for giving Square users the opportunity to buy and sell BTC to those who utilize the company’s Cash Application. The app has become extremely popular among users because it allows purchasing and trading Bitcoin quickly and easily. These initiatives have already brought over one hundred million dollars of additional revenue for the company.

If this topic is interesting for you, find out also how to bet on blockchain.

Blockchain companies on stock market: useful tips to consider

If you do not want to commit any mistakes while making a decision, follow these tips:

  • Do not forget that investments are not risk-free. Thus, it is much better to invest your money in successful big companies that will not disappear overnight.
  • Research blockchain technology stocks and read as much information on this subject as possible. The more you will research diverse companies, the higher is the chance that you will choose the best blockchain technology stock.

Besides, familiarize yourself with detailed information on how to buy Ethereum and not make a mistake.

Frequently asked questions regarding blockchain stocks

blockchain companies on stock market

What is block chain?

It is a growing list of records (blocks) that are linked with the utilization of cryptography. Each of these blocks contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, as well as transaction data.

What is blockchain technology?

It is a decentralized and distributed digitalized ledger that is utilized for recording transactions across a large number of computers so that all involved records cannot be altered retroactively, without the alteration of all consecutive blocks.

How to get into stock with blockchain?

First of all, pay much attention to researching blockchain stocks and familiarize yourself with the most successful companies in this field. After that, choose the company that seems to you the most reliable and promising and invest your money there.

How to buy blockchain penny stocks?

To purchase blockchain penny stocks, it is necessary to go through a regulated stockbroker, so you will be provided with access to the market with leverage and can start trading fast. Besides utilizing a broker, to learn how to purchase penny stocks, you will need two more things: money, as well as a good trading strategy.

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