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Software for Analyzing Online Gambling Sites’ Visitors

Author: Rode Arteaga
9 December 2019, 09:45
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Optimization and automation are key features when working with online projects. Website analytics software is intended for performing these functions. Read this article by Login Casino in order to understand how this tool works for online betting companies.

Software for Analyzing Online Gambling Sites’ Visitors

Web analytics is considered to be a system for measuring, collecting, processing, presenting, and interpreting data about users of online platforms. The web analytics’ main goal is to improve and optimize sites.

Betting companies, as well as betting shops, are increasingly using online resources that allow carrying out the remote control of betting operations. For security reasons, all users are registered and authenticated, thus avoiding the participation of minors in gambling. These actions are mandatory for all licensed operators, and the procedure, as a rule, is established by law. However, a nice looking interface or comprehensive betting line is not enough for modern sites. Nowadays, it is necessary to constantly improve the system and improve the level of services provided. This is where website analytics software can help.

This software not only provides information about users’ activities on the website but also analyzes the audience, helping to determine bettors’ main interests.

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Thus, the bookmaker receives information about which sport, sports championship or team is the most popular. In addition, the software allows you to identify the visitors’ behavioral patterns during the day or bettors’ personal preferences. This is how special offers for customers are formed.

As a result, users receive a better and customer-oriented service, and companies – a reduction in the marketing budget and increased profits.

Most advanced developers provide this functionality when creating their websites, but this is not enough to survive in this highly competitive market.

Software for Analyzing Online Gambling Sites’ Visitors

The main advantages of the website analytics tools are:

  • easy installation;
  • quick market review;
  • programs do not affect the site load and are not visually noticeable to users;
  • providing the visitors’ behavior analysis, as well as the pool of preferences;
  • synthesis of the online resource’s most popular offers (betting lines).

One of the most important features of this kind of software is that it allows users to detect fraud. That is how the fraudsters’ accounts are detected and blocked.

The most popular website analytics software is represented by two services – Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica. Let’s review each of them in more detail.

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Google Analytics

The program is divided into several important blocks that provide its optimization. We are interested in the Audience Overview Section.

The Overview Section is a summary of users’ analytics. It contains information about sessions, unique users, page views, and the average number of pages viewed by users in one session. In addition, this section contains the duration of sessions and the number of refusals. It even shows the clients’ language ​​preferences. A pie chart reflects the percentage of new customers.

Interesting fact

Information about the visitors’ preferred languages ​​is collected from the browser language settings.

The Active Users column provides a report on the dynamics of users' activity, as well as the time spent online (you can choose different time intervals – per day, week, month).

The Cohort Analysis column is an innovation for this software. This type of report is dividing all users into different groups by certain criteria. The report is generated in the background, starting with the first visit.

The Statistics on Users section is used for the analysis of certain accounts.

Google Analytics

The Demography column is based on the analysis of three indicators – age, gender, and overview. Thus, graphs are formed that provide the online platform’s owner with information on the prevalence of a particular age group.

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The Interests column displays the 10 most popular user interest categories. Then the program identifies which category performs the largest number of conversions. By studying user interests, a betting company can correctly select the most informative content.

The Geography report contains data about the user’s location, and the Behavior section tracks engagement. The New/Returning Visitors report analyzes which of the two categories of users performs the most conversions.

In addition, Google Analytics takes into account the following parameters: frequency and time of the last visit, engagement (in minutes), the use of technologies: which of them (browsers or mobile networks) prevails.

If desired, the software allows you to request a personalized analysis of the indicator, which the company lacks to recreate the overall picture.

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Let’s consider the unique features of Yandex.Metrica, which are not included in Google Analytics software (in order not to repeat).

Yandex.Metrica provides a special function – a web viewer, which gives you an opportunity to view an individual record of a site visit.

Target call. The tool is paid and integrated into the metric.

One of the key advantages of Yandex.Metrica is that it allows you to recognize and evaluate how your investments into online advertising channels were monetized through offline sales points.



For the successful operation of modern online platforms, including those related to gambling services, the visitors’ activity analysis is necessary. Website analytics software allows you to improve the quality of services provided and reduce budget spending. The most popular analysis software is Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica. The ultimate solution, due to the presence of specific options, is the use and processing of both systems’ reports.

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