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Social Tournaments To Become the New Face of the Online Gambling Industry

Author: Gambling Man
17 February 2020, 17:02
Votes: 6 is an online platform where players can join for free and participate in slot tournaments to win real money prizes. It costs absolutely nothing to join and all players have a chance to win some extra pocket money, with a monthly prize pool of 20.000$.

Social Tournaments To Become the New Face of the Online Gambling Industry

Social Pass Season 1 started on November 12 and will be on air until mid-February.

Avatars and emojis, a ranking system based on completing challenges and unlocking Reward Chests and a chat function – this is what Season 1 brought to its players. For Season 2, the Social Tournaments Team is refining a bunch of new features.

Social Pass Season 2

Golden Tickets

Golden Tickets

Golden Tickets are obtained in multiple ways – chest drops, Social Pass rewards and more. They must be used by the end of the Season and allow the ticket holder to participate in special Featured Tournaments, or to reset their score in one of these tournaments and try again for better a better score.

Exclusive Monthly Tournaments

The second season brings players a new type of tournament that lasts for 1 month. These will have large prize pools and players will be able to participate using a Golden Ticket. As time goes by, the online platform will have more featured tournaments.

Chest Cash Rewards

The value of your Reward Chests just went through the roof! Players will now have a chance to obtain cash prizes from chests. No strings attached, no questions asked. Just validate your account and the prize is automatically paid out within 14 days.

New Year. New Look. New Sections.

Mid-Season Patch

The overall look of the website is also being updated – it is becoming better, more modern, fresher, prettier. This update also implements two new pages: the Hall of Fame is where the biggest fans and most dedicated players are recognized, and the News Section will make it easier to keep everyone updated on what’s going on.

Mid-Season Patch

The online platform is also working on a new system for awarding points during tournaments. Instead of having your wins or multipliers constitute your leaderboard score, the Social Tournaments Team is aiming to implement a system that can keep things a bit more balanced. You’ll have a number of repeatable short-term objectives during your play session: win or lose 3 spins in a row, hit a certain multiplier a certain number of times, etc. Every time you complete such an objective, you are awarded points.  The main objective of the with this system is to narrow the gap between the top and bottom halves of the leaderboard.

Mid-Season Patch

This system will not be available right at the start of Season 2 – it's important to get everything right and it needs a lot of balance testing, so you can expect it live around mid-season.

As mentioned earlier, Slotegrator, an online casino software provider and aggregator, has become a partner of game developer Wazdan.

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