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Slot Machines: Tips and Strategies to Win

30 July 2019, 14:32
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Slot machines are one of the most popular types of gambling in casinos around the world where they are legal. According to analytical data, the revenues generated by slots range from 65 to 75% of the total establishment income. How to play slot machines and win? Every guest of a gambling club has wondered about that at least once.

Slot Machines: Tips and Strategies to Win

A slot machine is a relatively simple form of entertainment. Traditionally, you insert a coin, pull a lever, or press the spin button when it comes to online games, and wait for the results. While other types of gambling, such as poker and blackjack, usually require some skill, playing slots you can win  by chance. Many people do not know about it, but there are certain strategies that can give you more chances to hit the jackpot in slot machines.

Secrets of Slot Machines

Are there any winning slot machines? No, even the most experienced gamer will hardly be able to name specific slot machines that regularly bring large cash prizes. Trying to figure out the secrets of emulators and reveal their vulnerabilities is absolutely pointless, since administration of any casino, whether it is a land-based or interactive club, carefully monitors the payment system, and the player will be immediately blocked for attempted fraud.

However, each gambler has his own secrets. While some try to determine which slots are the most advantageous by trial and error, others proceed from the theory of probability and develop their own tactics. What is more effective?

How to Beat Slot Machines? Tips for Gamblers

Tip 1: Manage Your Money

Gamblers who know how to manage their money while playing slots often become casino winners. If you bet all the $100 you had in your pocket and go away with nothing, the evening will be ruined. But what if you exit the casino with the same $100? You just enjoyed the evening entertainment for free at the expense of the casino. And it already makes you a winner.

Tip 1: Manage Your Money

In fact, the money management process is simple when you play slots. You set the minimum amount of money you want to save. Let's say you put $100 in a slot machine. Your minimum threshold in the selected slot machine is $50. If it takes $50 immediately, there is a huge risk that you will lose them right away.

However, there is a big difference between betting $50 or, for example, $0.25 on a spin . If you want the reels to spin for a long time, you need to bet in proportion to the amount of money you have. So, if you only have $10, then betting all of it on one turn is a very rash decision.

Many players think, that the chances to win a big score increase when spinning the reels more often, but the truth is they don’t. A slot machine captures a random number from a huge table of randomly generated numbers, and the number needed for “positive” at your bet can be 1000 spins. If you have money that is sufficient only to make 100 spins, you will not be able to win.

Since any slot machine uses a random number generator to determine winnings to be paid, some players prefer to restart the machine – and again they are mistaken. After you reboot, the system will return to the beginning of its long list of possible random numbers. We are talking about a huge number of them, probably hundreds of thousands or millions. You also can’t predict the time at which the slot will be the most winning. Even if someone claims that “this machine makes money on Thursday after 9 pm,” this judgment has no proof or evidence.

How to Beat Slot Machines? Tips for Gamblers

Therefore, when you are gambling on random odds, the only strategic pattern that you can control is to stop betting on a sequence of random events that do not work in your favor. You either play with low stakes, or stop playing on this slot machine.

Tip 2: Manage Your Time

Many believe that success depends on the amount of time the player spends, lowering the slot machine lever. But it does not. It is crucial to make time work for you. In casinos time is money.

The random number generator constantly produces new values ​​for your machine. If you understand that luck is not on your side right now, take a break. This makes it possible to “cool down” from the feeling of excitement that has engulfed you. Let the random number generator rotate several cycles "unsuccessful for you". Make it a rule to pause after 30 minutes of play. Make a phone call, send a text message and look around. All this will allow the random number generator to "scroll" a few cycles and help you to control what you are doing.

Tip 3: Manage Your Location

Try to play where you feel most comfortable. Excessive nervousness may sabotage you where you need to remain calm and patient. Fortune avoids too nervous players.

Tip 4: Give Preference to Slots with a High Percentage of Returns

Despite the fact that no one knows which slots are winning, experienced gamblers advise to choose slot machines that offer a high percentage of returns. As a rule, this information is freely available and can be found in the description section of a particular slot. These machines pay smaller jackpots, but offer more winning combinations.

Slots Strategy

Slots Strategy

What does the win depend on? Every user worries about this issue. Let's look at the strategies that can be used in this gambling industry, and consider their advantages and disadvantages.

Martingale System

This strategy is widely known among gamblers. Its principle is as follows: if the current stake is lost, then the next one should be increased. In other words, if all losses and winnings are equally correlated, each loss increases the chances of winning in the next spin. Simply put, a win after doubling a bet can compensate for an early loss. However, in this case, you need to make a very large number of bets per game session.

Parlay System

It is also known as Anti-Martingale System. The strategy is to halve the bet after each loss and increase after each win. This system is not devoid of logic, given that more than 50% of spins on any slot machine are losing. However, there is also a drawback – you may get lucky when the bet is very small, and you may lose after making a big one.

Pyramid System

The point here is to increase the bets gradually, reaching the maximum, and then gradually lower them to the minimum. For example: You can put up to 5 coins per line. Then your betting system should look something like this: one - two - three - four - five - four - three - two - one.

High-Low System

It is a bit like the previous strategy, but here the player is invited to alternate between high and low bets in turns. Such system is usually applied to slot machines that do not offer a progressive jackpot.

The System of "One Bet per Day"

The System of "One Bet per Day"

Its name speaks for itself. It involves making one bet every day on a slot machine that offers a progressive jackpot. This allows you to significantly save money spent on the game and not to go into the red, even if you don’t succeed.


Despite the fact that experienced players developed the above strategies for making bets in slot machines long time ago, no one can answer clearly which of them is 100% winning.

You should consider the slot machine, first of all, as a form of entertainment. Before you enter the casino, decide how much you are willing to pay for your evening leisure, and take exactly this amount of money with you.


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