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Shenmue III: Details on the Novelty

Author: Rode Arteaga
18 November 2019, 10:18
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Fans of the first two parts have been waiting for the release of Shenmue III for a long time. Login Casino has prepared a material about the game that includes the plot description, the latest news from the developers, as well as the long-awaited release date.

Shenmue III: Details on the Novelty

Game designer Yu Suzuki, without exaggeration, is a key figure for the Shenmue III project. However, the game is being developed by several studios at once: YS Net, Neilo (both are Japanese companies), Lakshya Digital (India) and Shibuya Productions (Monaco).

Shenmue III is planned to be published by Deep Silver. Like most modern games, the novelty will be available for the Windows operating system and PlayStation 4.

Shenmue III – Release Date

One of the most relevant topics in the context of the game is not its plot or even the features of the gameplay, but the release date. The fact is that initially the game release was set for the end of 2017. However, the developers decided to postpone the date to the second half of 2018. In the spring of the same year, it became known that the release would be shifted to 2019.

Deep Silver, the publisher, explains that the company needs additional time to complete the project, improve its properties and quality. According to the latest information, the Shenmue III release is scheduled for November 19, 2019.


Initially, Sega had been planning to develop and publish the game, but due to the pure sales of the first two parts failing to meet the expectations, as well as a high cost of production, the company refused this idea.

In 2005, thanks to the online platform Kikizo, it became known that the new project would unite the first and second game together. In addition, the new storylines are to be added to the novelty.

Chief designer Yu Suzuki has publicly declared his personal interest in continuing the project, but Sega flatly refused it. According to the company representatives, the game’s popularity was really high, but they did not plan to revive the project.

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Much later, in 2011, one of the popular publications spread the rumor that Shenmue III would be developed by Sony. Soon, the company's branch – Sega of America announced the resumption of the project.

When communicating with Shenmue fans, Yu Suzuki said, that he had been planning to purchase the copyrights for the game from Sega.

The first official announcement of Shenmue III was made in 2015 during the E3 conference. In the same year, Sony confirmed its involvement in the project. The funds for the game development had been collected through a crowdfunding campaign.

In 2017, it became known that the game would not be presented at E3 that year. However, a month later, the developers announced their participation in the Gamescom 2017 exhibition where the game logo was also presented.


One of the main strengths of the game, as well as the secret of its popularity, is its simplicity. Another feature of Shenmue III is extraordinary gameplay, which is the game’s absolute strong point. However, the plot is also worth remembering – the story helps to understand all the peculiarities of the game.

The game takes players to the world, whose main character is an eighteen-year-old guy named Ryo Hazuki. He seems to be an average Japanese boy, who has been studying and comprehending martial arts to be able to protect himself. Everything changes overnight when his father gets killed in front of him. Some strangers – Lan Dee with his gang, break into their house in order to steal the stone mirror from Ryo’s father. After a rough dialogue, the fight starts, which results in the main character becoming an orphan.

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Interesting Fact

The game is often called monumental because of the need to pay attention to details. The novelty has a variety of plot fragments, which oddly enough make it very integral. In addition, players have the ability to use almost any game object in a fight.

It is well known that cruelty provokes cruelty. Therefore, young Ryo, having lost his closest and most beloved person, takes the path of revenge. His only goal is to get back at the scarred man who killed his father. By doing so, he gets into a lot of trouble, traveling from Yokosuka to Hong Kong. However, this is only the beginning of Ryo’s long journey.

Shenmue III genre is described by experts as the mix of action and interactive adventure game with role-playing elements.

Latest News

After so many shifts of the Shenmue III release date, the fans breathed a sigh of relief only when they saw the demo of the game at E3 2019. Users often published their thoughts concerning that the third part would be similar to the first two, but their fears did not come true.

The game has many interesting innovations, the most striking of which are the following: animation during battles, a large number of mini-games, competition for collectible figurines and much more. And most importantly – the developers promised to continue developing the game after long-awaited release.

This refers to the seasonal subscription, which will be available in the premium version for PS4 in the PlayStation Store. According to the developer, owners of the aforementioned version will get full access to the post-release DLC, as well as the Burning Sandstorm skill and the legendary jacket of the protagonist.

According to the latest information, the seasonal subscription will be available exclusively in online stores.

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