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Rules for Visiting Gambling Establishments

Author: Yana Kryvosheina
26 December 2019, 18:24
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Not only gambling operators are obliged to comply with multiple requirements concerning their operation. Casino visitors must also adhere to the gambling establishment’s rules. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to visit the casino.

Rules for Visiting Gambling Establishments

Gambling establishments have always been characterized not only by the special atmosphere created by the muted light, noise of slot machines and cheers of the crowd at the roulette table but also by a peculiar culture and etiquette. A prime example of that is specific gestures between poker players or a player and a dealer. But as for a special dress code, there is no such thing in most gambling establishments.

The rules for visiting a casino are considered using the example of “Casino Sochi” located in the Krasnaya Polyana gambling zone. According to the information published on the gambling establishment’s official website, the rules are developed in accordance with civil laws and federal law regulating gambling activities. The purpose of such regulations is to establish a procedure for visiting a gambling establishment and ensure an adequate level of security for visitors, as well as protect casinos from unauthorized and unlawful actions.

As a rule, gambling establishments are associated with luxury, so there is often a false impression that the majority of refusals to visit them are based on the lack of conformity of luxury status. First, there are gambling establishments of different classes, and most of them do not suggest formal wear as a prerequisite. Such clothes were a must in the past, but currently gambling operators take care of their customers’ comfort and therefore do not require a certain dress code. However, casino visitors must look tidy. A person in dirty or torn clothes or shoes won’t be allowed to come in.

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In the modern world, age restriction is one of the most important rules gambling establishments must adhere to. All minors are forbidden to visit a casino. The age limit may vary depending on the country. In most of them, a minor is a person under the age of 18, but there are many exceptions. Thus, the age requirement for visiting Belarusian gambling establishments was recently increased to 21 years.

Rules for Visiting Gambling Establishments

Another mandatory rule is a strict ban on visiting gambling establishments in a state of alcohol intoxication or under the influence of drugs. In addition, the visitor may be denied from visiting a casino if the administration considers his/her behavior as inadequate.

One of the reasons for blocking a visitor’s casino account may be the presence of visual signs of infectious diseases.

Visiting gambling establishments being accompanied by animals is also prohibited, with the exception of guide dogs leading their owners with disabilities.

Another reason for the refusal to visit a casino may be the administration’s suspicions regarding the person’s mental health if his/her behavior differs significantly from the generally accepted one.

In addition, a visit can be denied to people whose accounts were previously blocked.

The reason for blacklisting a visitor can be: violation of the gambling establishment’s rules, damage to the casino-owned property, unauthorized stay on the premises, obstruction of the performance of casino stuff duties, smoking in gaming halls.

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Interesting Fact

In gambling establishments, it is prohibited to bring not only firearms but also their fakes or lighters that resemble their shape.

In addition, it is prohibited to bring any types of weapons to the territory of gambling establishments, regardless of the presence or absence of proper permits, as well as narcotic or toxic substances. A specific rule is a ban on equipment, the purpose of which can not be accurately determined during the inspection. This refers to laptops, electronic media, photo and video equipment.

A player cannot carry with him any goods related to gambling, such as cards, dice, or other specific items.

A player's account may be blocked due to non-compliance with the rules regarding bringing alcohol or food to the gambling hall.

Responsibility for Not Following Casino Rules

Responsibility for Not Following Casino Rules

The gambling establishments’ administration undertakes to immediately contact the law enforcement agencies in case of any significant offenses.

If the administration reveals the fact of committing an unlawful act (which contains signs of an administrative or criminal offense) by the visitor, the staff will immediately inform the relevant authorities for subsequent proceedings towards this perpetrator and bringing him to justice.

If the visitor or his actions caused damage to the gambling establishment’s property, then a casino has the right to demand full compensation for damages.

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Blocked Account and Sports Betting

Betting is another type of gambling that is legal in the territory of the Russian Federation. Both land-based bookmaker offices (with amendments that restrict their operation in certain regions of the country) and online bookies are allowed.

The user’s betting account can be blocked for several reasons. The most common one is a fraud, which can be tracked based on several factors, such as the time spent on the site, the number and size of bets, and the betting frequency. In addition, the account can be blocked at the user’s personal request by means of the self-exclusion program.

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