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RTP: What Is It and How to Use It?

1 August 2019, 07:50
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RTP is the percentage a slot returns to the player. This value shows the probability of winning at a slot machine and the amount of players’ money spent on slots to be returned as a prize.

RTP: What Is It and How to Use It?

What Does the Slot Return Percentage Mean?

RTP literally means “return to player”. It indicates the probability of winning, therefore, the higher the percentage is, the better player’s chances of winning are. The RTP indicator determines how much money a player may return from all his bets on a particular slot in the long term.

Let’s take, for example, 100% RTP. This means that a casino and a player have equal chances of winning, and, most likely, none of them receives financial profits in the long run. If RTP is above 100%, then the casino will lose money over time. Therefore, gaming machines with RTP more than 100% – a rare phenomenon. If RPT is lower than 100%, a player still can win.

As a rule, RTP of the online slots is above 90%. Reliable software providers usually place information on the RTP of a particular slot or game at their websites. As for land-based casinos, lower RTP is more common.

Remember that anything can happen in a short time during the game, so bear it in mind while playing. RTP doesn’t guarantee anything.

How to Calculate RTP?

The RTP indicator is calculated by means of a simple formula, according to which the winning amount must be divided by the size of bets, multiplied by 100%. Knowing its value, you can determine the percentage of the house edge. For example, if a particular slot has 95% RTP, then the gambling establishment will receive only 5% of the money spent by the player in the long run.

Interesting Fact

RTP is a statistical and theoretical figure, so it should not be taken literally.

It should be remembered that the return-to-player rate is set by the gaming machine developer – this applies to both slots for land-based casinos and online gambling establishments. Neither land-based properties, nor online casinos can affect the slot RTP, so you can be sure that their winnings or losses are fair – they depend on the slot software and the random number generator. Therefore, it is better to choose a licensed casino with original slots.

Is There a Relation Between Win Rate and RTP?

Is There a Relation Between Win Rate and RTP?

RTP can be disorienting as well. It does not indicate the frequency of winnings. For example, online slots with 97% RTP produce winning combinations with varying frequencies. Moreover, there is an indirect relation between the return-to-player percentage and the frequency and size of winnings.

Gaming machines with a lower RTP pay out smaller amounts, but more often, while slots with a higher RTP pay larger amounts, but less frequently. This pattern is called variance. Slots with a high RTP always have a high variance, those with a small return – a low one. But you have to understand that RTP figure is not conclusive so it should not be taken literally.

How Does Knowing the RTP Rate Affect the Outcome?

One of the crucial elements of becoming a successful player is to be aware of the game’s features and functions, as well as other important information concerning slots. Knowing the peculiarities of a particular slot machine and its RTP will help you build a strategy for the game. However, it still will not be a decisive factor. You’ve got to remember that this is just a game, not a way to make money.

If a player is going to make, let’s say, 20,000 spins with a one coin bet, he can theoretically return 19,600 coins while playing the slot with 98% RTP. You can determine how long it will take a player to get a particular sum of money back by knowing the amount of time he is willing to spend on it.

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