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Roulette Has Been a Casino Mainstay

Author: Gambling Man
14 September 2020, 17:23
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Roulette is an undeniably popular game. It would be difficult to find a casino that does not host at least one of these iconic spinning wheels. However, as well as being one of the most popular casino games, roulette is also one of the oldest. In fact, there is a theory that roulette has been played since the 1700s.

Roulette Has Been a Casino Mainstay

Intriguingly, the game has managed to survive and thrive in a digital age without having to change that much. But now that online casino games are becoming more innovative and varied in what they offer, and with games like poker picking up in popular circles, roulette may have to also evolve if it is to continue as a major draw for online casinos.

Despite its simplicity, there are diverse options

The modern online casino is all about variety, with an abundance of choice being one of the key ways to attract players. The top online casinos usually have lengthy lists of slot games that feature a vast number of different genres. But players also want diversity when it comes to table games. Simply offering traditional versions of roulette nowadays just won’t cut it.

Despite the fact that roulette is quite a simple offering without much scope for adaptations, developers have managed to get innovative so that online casinos can serve up a variety of options to players. Live casino games offerings in 2020 include Slingshot, Arabic Roulette, Speed Roulette, and Lightning Roulette. On top of all these, there are also live links to real games operated by croupiers.

The general concept of all of these roulette games remains quite similar, with players having to bet on numbers or colors before a ball is placed on the wheel. But there are slight rule changes with betting and the time it takes to complete each round. At the moment, the variety on offer is keeping players happy. The question is, will this be enough to interest online casino players in the future?

Could there be more themed games in the future?


It is clear that roulette needs to evolve if it is to keep up with the influx of tech-savvy, variety-seeking players of the 2020s. In order to do this, developers may decide to take inspiration from slots and introduce themed roulette games. Slot games use fairly similar mechanics, and the gameplay doesn’t differ much from game to game. However, they are able to offer unique experiences by having different design themes. These range from Vikings to fairies, and the animations and symbols in the game reflect these diverse themes.

Themed slots are instantly recognizable and often based on well-known television shows or movies. For instance, for someone who loves the movie Beetlejuice, the slot of the same name would instantly stand out. Roulette could easily have themes like this in a similar way, and this could be a good way to attract a broader demographic. Indeed, the game may even overtake slots again as the most popular casino offering.

Developers are working on numerous ways to keep roulette relevant in the 2020s. This will include the incorporation of new technology like virtual reality, but there could also be other ways. Themed roulette games would take inspiration from slots and could be a great way to introduce more players to the wheel.

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