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Risks Faced by Online Casino Customers

Author: Rode Arteaga
9 October 2019, 18:02
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Each year, foreign online casino revenues amount to about $70 million. This impressive sum of money is the main reason fraudsters are interested in this industry. As a result, casino sites are hacked, their clients are robbed. Sometimes even casinos turn out to be scammers.

Risks Faced by Online Casino Customers

Let us consider how to protect yourself from fraudsters and how to recognize them.

Main Issues

In many countries, land-based casinos are allowed only in specially designated gambling zones. However, there are people who are unable to get there, and in their country this type of business is prohibited (this applies to the Russian players). Therefore, they are trying to find an alternative on the Internet. The ubiquitous online casino advertising tells us that they are the best gambling establishments where fabulous money prizes can be won within a few minutes. What we actually get is identity theft and loss of funds.

In Russia, Roskomnadzor is actively involved in blocking such resources, some of which are even legal abroad. Transactions to such establishments are blocked by leading Russian banks. However, that still does not stop online casino clients who risk their own money playing on illegal sites. In this article you will find out why such services are not worth your time, better to visit a legal gambling establishment in one of the Russian gambling zones, and what you should pay attention to if you decided to gamble on a foreign site.

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Technical Problems as a Signal of Fraud

Let’s consider the main technical shortcomings of foreign resources, which may indicate Internet scams.

Technical Problems as a Signal of Fraud

The first thing the client pays attention to is the site interface. The biggest difficulty is the lack of necessary language version of the site. Many foreign online casinos are focused on a narrow audience and do not support a large number of languages. In such circumstances, it is impossible to understand the rules established by online casinos: the client can misunderstand the meaning of some items and lose his money.

Fuzzy Game Rules

All terms should be as transparent as possible and clearly written in the appropriate section in accessible language. If the casino client understands everything he reads in the site terms of use, it is unlikely that any problems will arise during the game and after it.

Incorrect Information on the Playing Conditions

It is important to provide the client with reliable information concerning the game rules. Online casinos are often trying to attract customers to their site by offering large free bonuses or free spins. However, in order to get them, the client needs to make a certain deposit. Thus, a person is drawn into the game.

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Payment Problems

There is a number of pitfalls here. To find out about them, the client needs to learn more about the payment rules. First, you need to make sure that the withdrawal methods available in the casino are suitable for you. Most sites work with popular payment systems so that the client does not have problems with making a deposit or payments. These include VISA, Yandex.Money, MasterCard, WebMoney and others. However, this still does not guarantee anything, since online casinos are prohibited in Russia.

Payment Problems

The next difficulty often experienced by casino customers when trying to withdraw money is inability to perform this operation for any reason. For example, it turns out that you must be registered on the site for a certain period of time or you must first make a large deposit before withdrawing your winning. Each casino sets this amount independently. Another nuance that should be considered is the wagering requirements. In order to receive and withdraw the proposed bonus, the sum of all bets must exceed the deposit several times over (depends on the establishment).

The terms of payouts are another problem for those who are going to withdraw the money won. The casino reserves the right to stretch the time limit for withdrawing money to the client’s bank account up to several months. This should be clarified in advance, before making a deposit and starting the game.

Many players face the problem of high withdrawal fee. This should also be specified in the rules.

Glitches During the Game

Not many resources are able to ensure smooth operation of their online slots. Therefore, any error during the game process can lead to the loss of money by casino clients.

Protection Against Hacking

As a rule, websites have enhanced security system for preventing intruders from hacking the casino. However, hacking a player’s account is much easier. In order to protect your money, it is not recommended to keep it on the gaming account – it is better to withdraw it as quickly as possible. Experts also advise not to use other computers and phones to enter your online casino account.

Protection Against Hacking

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Scammers in Online Casinos. Bonus Hunting

Bonus hunters are people who are looking for bonuses offered by online operators. As a rule, these players do not have any major income and monitor online resources in search of operators that provide incentives for users. Most often, bonus hunters are interested in no deposit bonuses that can be received without making any investments. They create hundreds of accounts with various data in order to collect all offered bonuses. Those who are seriously engaged in this activity have many fake documents. To avoid blocking, bonus hunters use programs that allow them to change the IP address.

In turn, online casinos and bookmakers are actively fighting this type of fraud. One of the most effective ways is maintaining a blacklist of users. Any of the casino customer’s actions that are suspicious to the operator cause the account blocking.

Online Casino Technical Support

In the event of any issues arising during the game (when trying to withdraw funds or make a deposit), a user should contact the support service. It is important that online casinos could provide their players with timely assistance and  answer their questions in a short time. In addition, it is desirable that customers receive the feedback in their own language.

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The Problems Online Casino Players Send to the Technical Support

What problems do players most often encounter? Let us consider the main difficulties casino customers address to the technical support.

The Problems Online Casino Players Send to the Technical Support

No Deposit Received

As a rule, this problem is often caused by interruptions in bank operation. In this case, the support service operator should check it.

Money Vanished from the Account

One of the risks of using illegal online casinos is losing money from your account. In this situation, the operator must examine the history of the account. It often happens that the client himself performes the operation and then forgets about it. However, if the money really disappeared, it is probably lost. Is it worth risking?

The Money Was Withdrawn but Not Deposited into the Casino Client’s Bank Account

This situation, just like with making a deposit, is most likely related to the payment system. The operator in this case can specify the time for money to be deposited in the account. However, it may happen that the interaction between the bank and the resource is blocked at the state level. Consequently, there is additional risk of losing money.

Casino Fraud

It often happens that player faces fraud that comes from the online casino itself. In this situation, it is better first to understand the problem and then take all the necessary actions to identify the fraudsters.

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