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Rick Salomon: Net Worth 2020. Relationship with Spouse & Paris Hilton

Author: Ivanna Shostak
17 January 2020, 12:05
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The following article from the Login Casino team will provide you with additional information about the popular American poker player Richard Allan Salomon.

Rick Salomon: The Poker Player who Became Famous thanks to Numerous Love Relationships With Female Celebrities

Who is Rick Salomon? The poker player’s biography

Salomon was born on February 24, 1969, in New Jersey. His father Robert was former executive Vice President of one of the largest film and television production companies Warner Bros. That is all information that we managed to find out about the player’s early life.

At present, Rick Salomon is a poker player, famous all over the world, and a film producer. The love of poker has been deeply embedded in Rick. Salomon was so interested in playing poker that he became famous as a big home gambler within the area of Los Angeles. In addition, he started a virtual gambling site. Today, on the Internet, it is possible to find various gambling establishments but, unfortunately, not all of them are reliable. If fairness of a casino is extremely important for you – then choose Playing online poker at this casino is pleasant, interesting and profitable, so if you enjoy poker, then rather join the huge community of players. A big breakthrough happened when he won two million and eight thousand dollars in WSOP Big One for One Drop. After the above-mentioned victory, Salomon grabbed the headlines in a large degree not due to his stratospheric success in poker but mostly for his memorable relationships with high-profile celebrities including Paris Hilton (Rick Salomon’s sex tape with her participation allowed the player to get the national attention).

In the mid-2000s, Rick also started to participate in diverse poker tournaments and managed to show good results there. In 2006, the gambler participated in the WSOP Main Event and took fifth place.

What is Rick Salomon net worth?

Rick Salomon net worth

According to estimations, the film producer, the Internet gambling website owner and popular poker player Salomon has a net worth of approximately sixteen million dollars. Indeed, nowadays, playing poker is a good way to make much money. At, you can make your dreams come true and win a large sum of money. No matter when you want to play poker, you will definitely find the current game for sure at this virtual casino.

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Rick Salomon’s results in poker

According to some sources, Rick Salomon has almost ten million dollars in career earnings in diverse live tournaments. That certainly adds him to the top 100 on the all-time money list. Since his profile shows just thirteen individual cashes, it is possible to conclude that Rick mostly takes part in high buy-in events. Overall, some of the player’s most significant achievements are:



Buy-in (in dollars)


Winnings (in dollars)


Event 3 - No-Limit Hold'em
2006 Mandalay Bay Poker Championship (WPT)





No-Limit Hold'em - Event 9
2006 Bellagio Cup II Tournament





Event 8 - No-Limit Hold'em
2007 38th Annual World Series of Poker





No-Limit Hold'em Event 13
2007 Bellagio Cup III Tournament (WPT)





No-Limit Hold'em - Event 15
2008 Festa Al Lago Classic (WPT)





WPT Championship

2010 Bellagio Cup VI





$1 Million No-Limit Hold'em Big One for One Drop

2014 World Series of Poker





€1 Million No-Limit Hold'em Big One for One Drop Invitational

2016 One Drop Extravaganza





$1 Million No-Limit Hold'em Big One for One Drop
2018 World Series of Poker





Aria 100K-01 - $103,000 NLH
2018 ARIA Fall Madness




The gambler regularly participates in the super high stakes private cash games in the city of Las Vegas. Of course, not all of his results from these games are known to the general public – however, during his extensively discussed divorce with ex Rick Salomon’s spouse Pamela Anderson some curious figures were revealed. For example, the famous actress’ lawyers announced in the court that Salomon won forty million dollars against the American businessman Andy Beal in one of the cash game that was held at the Bellagio in 2014.

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Rick Salomon & Paris Hilton, and other celebrities

One of the reasons why Rick Salomon managed to become successful is the fact that he had relations with a number of female celebrities.

The first poker player’s wife was the American actress, singer, voice artist and comedian Elizabeth Daily (also known as Eg Daily). They married in 1995 and in five years, they divorced. Eg Daily and Rick Salomon have two children – Hunter and Tyson.

In 2000, Rick Salomon dated Paris Hilton. The affair was short but stormy. As a result, after breaking up, Salomon released the disc "One Night in Paris" with Paris and Rick Salomon naked, which was the couple’s home video. The film appeared shortly before the release of the reality show “The Simple Life”, in which Paris Hilton debuted on TV, and became a sensation. Following a statement by Paris that she was not conscious of anything that was happening and recorded on the film, Rick Salomon sued her for defamation. Hilton filed a counterclaim over the video's release. However, in July 2005, the case was dismissed. According to statements, Hilton received $400,000, as well as a percentage of record sales. However, later, in one of the interviews, Paris stated that she did not receive any money. The above-mentioned tape with Hilton and Rick Salomon nude is still in the public domain.

In 2002, the poker player married to the well-known actress, television director and producer Shannen Doherty. However, in 2003, they divorced.

Rick Salomon & Paris Hilton and other

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The next player’s wife became the popular actress Pamela Anderson. They met while playing poker. Anderson lost $250,000 to Salomon. After that, they started dating and two months later, they applied to get married at a registry office. The couple first married in 2007, having lived together for only two months. In 2014, their second marriage took place. This time, it lasted a little longer – seven months before Anderson threatened her husband with another divorce. Afterwards, the couple broke up.

According to court documents, the popular actress claimed that Salomon once had tried to strangle her with a pillow during sex, accused her of eating fish (she was apparently a vegan), and also threatened to made her nude photos public. Besides, in the court, Pamela claimed that in 2014, Salomon concealed poker winnings of forty million dollars from the tax office.

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Rick Salomon’s lawsuit against the Saudi sheikh about poker

A French court has ruled in a case between Rick Solomon and a member of one of Saudi Arabia's wealthiest families. Rick demanded from the sheikh two million and eight hundred thousand dollars, which, according to the player, the sheikh lost to him in a private poker game.

The High Court, however, took the side of the Saudi sheikh, following the law, which states that game debts are only chargeable in case of games involving weapons, horseback riding, chariot racing, tennis and other physical activity games. Salomon's lawyers insisted that their client's game lasted forty-eight hours, which required great stamina, and therefore related to physical activity. However, they did not manage to convince the court.

During the investigation, it became known that the sheikh spent $34 million over twenty-nine months at Aria Casino in Las Vegas. Despite his defeat in the trial court, Rick Salomon now hopes to use that fact on appeal. Therefore, the chance to return the honestly won money to the American still remains.

rick salomon poker

The latest news regarding the poker player

At the beginning of this year, news of the film producer and the poker player Rick Salomon’s death spread very quickly, this, of course, caused much concern among his fans across the world. However, later, it became known it was just another part in a string of numerous fake celebrity death reports. Thankfully, the well-known gambler and producer is alive and well.

As mentioned earlier, a recent survey states that most Ukrainians do not support the idea of the legalization of gambling in the country.

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