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Review of Videoslots Affiliate Program

Author: Gambling Man
3 July 2020, 14:22
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Have you ever heard the term «house edging»? It is a part of the famous slogan «The house always wins», which means that a casino is always profitable whatever players win or lose.

Review of Videoslots Affiliate Program

With such circumstances, the possibility to share the casino's profits looks extremely pleasant, and we will introduce the method of how to do it.

Review of Videoslots Affiliate Program

Videoslots is one of the largest online casinos from Malta with a huge potential of making money. Videoslots affiliate program is your chance to convert web-traffic to real money, and it will be a huge mistake not to use it.

The current article will estimate Videoslots affiliates on key issues, so take a seat, we're starting

How to start working with a program 

Review of Videoslots Affiliate Program

To become a new affiliate, you have to be at least 18 years old and have a traffic channel as well.

With these issues equipped, feel free to visit the Videoslots affiliate website and click the Register button to sign up as a new partner.

There are several fields you have to fulfill. It's important to provide all details with only true information. Instead, it may lead to a block of your account, and this is the worst outcome.

What conditions are offered by Videoslots Affiliate?

Review of Videoslots Affiliate Program

Due to the program, 3 main plans are offered to the partners: Cost-per-Action, Revenue Sharing, and the Hybrid one. Choosing the best depends on the type of audience you have or the way you're going to attract it.

CPA plan – which is the best for arbitrage of traffic – is presented with the rewards from €5 to €25, the amount depends on the number of players referred.

Revenue Sharing model – which is the most appropriate for SEO promotion — complies with the progressive rates from 25% to 45% from players' net profit in the casino.

The hybrid plan – which represents a combination of the previous two – introduces a rewarding from 5% of net profits plus €10 per player to 25% of net profits plus €30 per player as a maximum rewarding for Videoslots affiliate.

A brief summary of Videoslots Casino

Review of Videoslots Affiliate Program

Established in 2011, it has expanded over the online market a lot, covering countries and regions on a worldwide level. The founder of the company is Alexander Stevendahl, who currently takes responsibilities of CEO (Chief Executive Officer).

Since the foundation, the company has been rewarded with plenty of casino-rewards by major industry regulators. Among the last ones are the following: “Innovator of the Year” and “Leading Casino Operator of the Year” by MGA and SBC Awards, respectively.

The enterprise is popular among players and has been licensed by governmental regulators in Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and, of course, in Malta.

Videoslots affiliate programs offer the highest rates and commissions in comparison with others in the industry. Therefore, it should be definitely taken into count.

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