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Review of the Best Strategies of 2019

Author: Rode Arteaga
10 January 2020, 11:29
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As the first genre of computer games, strategy has always been very popular among gamers. To satisfy their interest and keep up with the times, Login Casino has compiled a list of the best strategies of this year for different platforms.

Review of the Best Strategies of 2019

The Best Strategies for PC in 2019

Computer game development does not stand still. Every year there is a huge number of novelties of various genres, but only a few of them win the hearts of a whole era of gamers. We offer you to review the strategies that, according to our estimates, have all chances to become iconic in this genre.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

The next (13th!) Part of Total War's turn-based strategy has already been considered the best in the series and promised to be the most popular of them. The novelty will take us to Ancient China, in the era of the Three Kingdoms after the collapse of the Han dynasty, when three great military leaders fought for the imperial throne and the establishment of their power in the region.

The new feature is the romanticized game mode. By selecting it instead of the historical one, players will get a much more colorful and dynamic gameplay, where the generals have superpowers and can single-handedly defeat many opponents. In addition, the developer has provided each character with a unique personality, which allows any soldier to show some backbone, harbor a grudge and even raise a rebellion against his own squad.

The espionage also plays an important role in the game: the player will be able to send spies to the enemy’s army, thus scouting all the necessary information and poisoning enemy supplies. However, you should bear in mind that there may be traitors in your ranks as well!

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Anno 1800

The XIX century Industrial Revolution is a great era to improve your management skills, and Anno 1800 can give you this opportunity. After the release, which took place on April 16 of this year, the novelty has been constantly included in the list of the best PC strategies of 2019.

This spectacular real-time strategy allows you to realize your potential as a mayor and develop trade and economic ties in the region. A player has a small island, where he should raise the living standards and build a competitive business in order to enter international markets.

The richness of the gameplay is displayed in a huge number of factors that need to be taken into account (dissatisfaction of the population, introduction of new technologies, following a certain business model, etc.). In addition, the novelty has a fascinating plot, a variety of game modes and amazing graphics.

Steel Division 2

Summer of 1944, Belarus. World War II is in full swing, but its outcome can still be radically changed. The sequel to the military strategy of 2017 is a typical real-time wargame with rich tactical diversity and a big amount of realistic battles.

In general, Steel Division 2 is a modified and improved version of the original game: with huge maps, an exciting storyline, and multiple combat variations. The main difference from the first part is that the player is given much more freedom – now he can choose on which side to fight without the necessity to follow historical events. In addition, the developers changed the game engine, which has improved the graphics and battle mechanics. Multiplayer mode allows gamers to hone their commander skills in online battles against rivals.

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For this game, we can conclude that World War II continues to inspire developers for the creation of new masterpieces, and Steel Division 2 is one of them. Therefore, the novelty deserves to be included in the list of the best strategies of 2019.

They Are Billions

In the distant future, humanity is on the verge of survival due to a terrible virus that turned most of the population into zombies. Postapocalyptic strategy They Are Billions gives you an opportunity to expand the New Empire’s territory and eliminate the danger threatening the planet.

A player needs to manage resources and fight with the armies of living dead, while not forgetting to defend and strengthen his base. This is not going to be easy, because the number of zombies significantly exceeds the number of your soldiers. Not to mention the fact that even a single zombie can quickly infect all nearby people.

Despite the fact that this is a real-time game, you can at any time click on a pause in order to think over what you’re going to do next. However, in order to avoid the spread of the virus, it is necessary to act very quickly.

An interesting concept allowed They Are Billions to enter the list of the best strategies of 2019 and quickly increase online sales on Steam and Humble Bundle. This truly "contagious" game has gained popularity among many users.

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Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point is the only game from the list of the best PC strategies of 2019, which has not been released yet. However, the release of the novelty is going to be soon – it is scheduled for September 1.

As for the plot of the game, it is built on an interesting idea. Due to glacier melting, the alien Pandora virus that provokes terrible mutations in all living things covered the planet. Phoenix Point allows players to save humanity from extinction, but the presence of several human factions with opposing philosophies and different levels of technology complicates this task.

As a classic X-COM strategy, the game has a lot of features peculiar to this genre. In addition to fighting off alien attacks, players have to build diplomatic and trade relations with other factions in order to get the required resources. Advanced weapons and cool graphics are typical for such games, but the so-called willpower (the psycho-emotional state of soldiers) adds a special charm to this turn-based strategy.

The Best Strategies on Android and iOS in 2019

The technology development has led to the spread of mobile phones all over the world, and now almost every adult person uses a smartphone in everyday life. Video game developers could not ignore this, and now mobile games of various genres are available to gamers all over the world. This also applies to strategies. Here are the games of this genre that are considered the best in 2019.

The Escapists 2

A fascinating RPG strategy about prison break is renewed! Despite the pixelized graphics and a top-down perspective, this game is very exciting. Fascinating plot and the abundance of interesting dialogues make The Escapists 2 one of the best mobile strategy games ever.

In the mobile novelty, you can experience prison life, get acquainted with the right people and gain an appropriate reputation. On the way to freedom, players need to complete a number of missions and find the tools that can be used for the escape.

Compared with the first part, the developer improved the graphics, added a multiplayer mode, and upgraded the artificial intelligence of the characters. In addition, players have an opportunity to create an absolutely unique character from more than three hundred variations of appearance.

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Bad North

Indie game by the Swedish developer Plausible Concept is considered one of the best strategies of this year for a reason. Bad North made a lot of noise in 2018 when the versions for PC, PS4 and Xbox One had been released. Therefore, given the success of the new product, it was decided to release the game on Android and iOS. It is expected to appear in the PlayMarket and AppStore by the end of 2019.

The goal of the game is to defend small islands from enemy Viking raids. A player will have several groups of fighters to repel the opponent's attacks. Each island is conventionally divided into zones, where houses of the locals are located. After each victory, you will receive rewards (gold coins) that can be spent on improving the skills of your troops.

The islands have different terrain, and this must be considered when choosing tactics and strategies for a specific battle. With each island saved, the levels will become harder, so without pumping your own troops it is not possible to go through the whole campaign. The game has three levels of complexity, so you can choose the most convenient for you.

Bad North excites with minimalist graphics, sound effects, and understandable gameplay. Among the disadvantages are the almost complete lack of plot and the excessive game complexity. Although this may be an advantage for some gamers.

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Civilization Online: Origin

The legendary Civilization is now available on smartphones. At least in China, where the novelty was released in August 2018. This is one of the best strategies of 2019 for Android and iOS because the captivating plot and great potential for the chosen faction development allow you to fully immerse in the world of Civilization Online: Origin.

The online strategy gives players the opportunity to manage the Greek, Egyptian, Persian or Chinese civilization that should be developed over different historical eras. Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses, so your task is to take into account all the peculiarities of civilization and use the available resources to boost the economy.

During the gameplay, you have to fight against warring nations, protect and expand your territories, improve the technologies and reckon with your citizens. The classic 4X strategy also has a multiplayer (GvG mode) that makes it possible to play online with other gamers.

Given the goodies of this novelty, the Civilization Online: Origin’s release outside of the “Middle Kingdom” would seem logical. Fans of the franchise, who do not live in China, just need a little patience.

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