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Results of WrestleMania – the Most Exciting Events and Interesting Facts About Them

Author: Catherine Lysenko
7 April 2020, 11:49
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Wrestling is one of the most unusual types of sports and it usually causes mixed feelings. It is even a matter of argument whether this show with combating elements can be called “sports” or not. However, WrestleMania, a popular wrestling event, has proved that it is at least worth spectating. Exciting fighting moments, well-trained athletes, and competitive spirit make this event special.

Results of WrestleMania – the Most Exciting Events and Interesting Facts About Them

Of course, professional wrestling is quite a specific kind of sports. Not all people understand it and consider it to be more like a show or an athletic performance. So, what is wrestling? It looks like a fight in a ring where two or more participants should knock a rival (or rivals) out. These sports have some common traits with boxing. If you want to know more about what is going on in the boxing world, find interesting facts in sports news here.

Fighters also apply various techniques in bouts. It isn’t a secret (and wrestling events’ organizers don’t deny it) that staginess is the essence of these sports. In other words, there are many prearranged moments in every show.

At the same time, wrestling matches attract more and more people nowadays. The reason for this is obvious: it provides the public with the opportunity to spectate jaw-dropping combats that are incomparable with any other similar types of sports.

WrestleMania – WWE event that commands global attention

WrestleMania is undoubtedly the most widely-known and interesting event in the wrestling world. Its first matches took place in 1985. Years passed away but everything remained the same. Results of WrestleMania are still a topic of interest for many fans throughout the world.

It is a professional competitive event that is usually held somewhere between March and April. It became famous thanks to WWE’s promotion strategies. For the last several decades, the event went global and introduced many wrestling stars to the world. The show also attracted much attention of the media representatives who also contributed to its success. Moreover, many famous people were part of it over the years. Among them are the following celebrities:

  • Donald Trump;
  • Mike Tyson;
  • Muhammad Ali;
  • Pamela Anderson;
  • Floyd Mayweather;
  • Ozzy Osbourne;
  • and many more.

It should be mentioned that WrestleMania has been always supporting the idea of its entertaining purpose and its organizers have been doing everything possible to make their shows exciting, enthralling and unexpected. Besides, here you can read about the most-watched sports in the world.

results of the wrestlemania

It goes without saying that this sports genre got through many changes and had its evolution process. Let’s find out more about its history and the most significant moments which have made this event so special.

The history of the event and WrestleMania rumors

As it was mentioned, WrestleMania’s first show took part more than thirty years ago. It was held in New York and almost 20 000 people came to see the fights. This show laid the foundation for its future development as more than one million people were also watching it on the television and it became one of the most viewed sports shows in the United States.

However, before the show could appear in front of the public, its organizers covered a long way. First of all, they had to get a special franchise allowing them to hold such events. They started to work on it in 1983 and needed two years to complete the mission. The second step was to promote WrestleMania and make it popular among those people who were interested in sports, namely, in wrestling. It wasn’t an easy task for the organizers. They solicited the support of MTV which helped them to advertise the event by broadcasting several matches.

The first WWE wrestling show was acknowledged by critics and became financially rewarding. Its main competitors, such as the National Wrestling Alliance and American Wrestling Association were left behind and it gave a boost to WrestleMania to develop further and open up new opportunities for promotion.

It is needless to say that the show has been gaining popularity over the years. It even went beyond the US boundaries. Canada was the first country where WrestleMania also took place outside the United States: the show was held in Toronto in the 1990s. The spectators could see exciting combat between the Warrior – James Brian "Jim" Hellwig – and Hulk Hogan. Speaking about the 2000s and WrestleMania, the WWF Tag Team Championship and the first Triangle Ladder match in the history were held.

Like any other sports events, WrestleMania has been always surrounded by many rumors and gossips connected with matches and their outcomes. Thus, one of them was that, during WrestleMania 35, Rey Mysterio was intended to fight against Manuel Alfonso Andrade Oropeza. However, he met with Samoa Joe in the ring instead.

wrestlemania cards

Ronda Rousey, WrestleMania’s 35 participant, was surrounded by a big number of rumors as well. All of them were mostly connected with her quitting a professional wrestling career and going to give birth to a baby with her husband.

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WWE in WrestleMania: the world’s most popular wrestling promoter

WWE, an entertainment company focused on wrestling activities, did a lot to make their event, WrestleMania, world-class. It is important to mention that the show has undoubtedly become their most successful project in terms of the financial expenditure cover and brand recognition.

The company managers chose the right marketing strategy to make the event well-known. They have made it interesting not only for people who are fond of wrestling in particular but also for those who are interested in other kinds of sports. For example, the company involved sportsmen from related types to participate in the show and it allowed them to get more viewers. To cut a long story short, they invited famous boxers, such as Muhammad Ali, and people watched a match thanks to his presence in it.

Essential facts about WrestleMania: cards, rules, stages, and tickets

You won’t see long and dull bouts at WrestleMania. Rivals don’t make pauses and prepare for strokes. Wrestling performance suggests that all bouts should be interesting for spectators, first of all. There are many jokes in the industry that say that a viewer is always right because he or she is the king. It means that shows are totally oriented towards their audience. It isn’t difficult to buy a ticket to WrestleMania. They are available on many websites selling tickets to sports events.

Usually, shows are held on a special ring which is very similar to a boxing one. One event includes several matches that make a card. The main event is considered as the most important show within the match.

WrestleMania matches: results of the latest events

wrestlemania 36 coronavirus

WrestleMania 35 was one of the most breathtaking WWE events ever. This event was special as it became the first one including the women’s championship match. WrestleMania 35 had sixteen cards in which athletes showed their best skills to prove that they were worthy of the victory.

An exciting bout between Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey, Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins didn’t leave fans indifferent. Such wrestling stars as Kurt Angle and Baron Corbin were also present at the event.

The biggest surprise and an unexpected outcome at the match were connected with John Cena. WrestleMania’s 35 stage inspired the fighter and he decided to show his creative spirit. John represented his performance in the ring as a rap battle and it looked quite funny.

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WrestleMania 36: Coronavirus led to the event held without fans

The Coronavirus pandemic has greatly influenced many sports events around the globe. Of course, a lot of rumors were surrounding this year’s event edition as well. Many people were sure that this situation could influence WrestleMania, the canceled event could have become a great disappointment for its fans. However, the show was held as it had been planned. The organizers decided not to change the schedule and followed the example of some other sports events – they held it without spectators.

Thus, WrestleMania 36 became a new experience in the WWE events history as it was held in an unusual format. On the other hand, it didn’t make the event worse. The main fight took place on Sunday where two famous athletes, Brock Lesnar and Drew McIntyre, competed. The former became the winner of the match and also the first champion from Great Britain in history. WrestleMania 2020 was full of tense situations and the bout between Charlotte and Rhea Ripley was proof of this. Both girls showed an excellent performance but Rhea’s injured knee prevented her from winning.

wrestlemania 2020

Answers to all the popular questions about the event

When did WrestleMania take place?

The last event, WrestleMania 36, started on Sunday, April 5.

What time does WrestleMania start?

WrestleMania 36 started at 2:00 am.

How long does WrestleMania last?

The event usually lasts all night long and not less than five hours.

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