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Responsible Gaming Principles: Rules and Practices

Author: Gambling Man
25 November 2019, 10:27
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The customers’ interests, their safety and the desire to provide a unique experience are paramount in the development of modern gambling. The Login Casino’s team has prepared material on the principles of responsible gaming and their application in practice.

Responsible Gaming Principles: Rules and Practices

Responsible gambling principles is one of the most discussed topics in the industry. To understand how theory and practice correlate, our team has addressed the representatives, who managed to clarify the essence of the process from the inside.

Responsible gambling: its definition and essence

The principles of responsible gambling are a relatively new trend in the industry, which, in a rather short period of time, has turned from the desired behavior for the regulator into internal market demand. There is no single code of conduct for gambling operators in the world, each country and even each individual company independently adjusts the basic system to the cultural and other features of its clients. Based on this, the priority of certain measures is formed. However, one way or another, compliance with the principles of responsible gaming is an important part of the work of the modern market.

The principles of responsible gambling can be defined as a set of mandatory rules for gambling business operators, in which the main emphasis is on minimizing risks for the customers. As a rule, the mechanisms of responsible gaming are aimed at ensuring the protection of minors from participating in gambling, as well as an attempt to protect gambling addicts from excessive temptation. However, in reality, the principles are applicable to absolutely all actions of gambling companies - from marketing to the formation of the right attitude to gambling.

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According to the 1Ante’s representatives, there are several basic tools that operators use to implement the concept of responsible gambling. The first of these is the process of the customer’s identification. It is extremely important to minimize the risk of minors participating in gambling. The client’s identification allows the gambling operator to "personally" get acquainted with his customer and make sure that he or she is an adult. Depending on the jurisdiction in which the company operates, the age limit may vary, but as a rule, players who are over 18 are allowed to gamble. In some cases, only those who are over 21 can get access to gambling operations.


The next tool is directly related to the formation of gambling addiction among players - self-exclusion programs. As the experts from 1Ante claim, self-exclusion programs are an opportunity for players to isolate themselves from participating in gambling activities for a certain period of time. The tool is advantageous since the legislation provides the opportunity to contact the operator not only directly to the player, but also to members of his family. This approach is more effective, based on the fact that players are not always ready to admit that they are addicted to gambling.

The experts also draw attention to the fact that the restriction is possible not only at the personal request but also at the request of the administration of the gambling establishment. Casino employees are specially trained to identify destructive behavioral factors among gamblers. Having access to the clients’ accounts and using modern technologies to monitor their actions, the administration may conclude that it is necessary to isolate the player from visiting the gambling establishment for a while.

According to the representatives, specialists working in their company pay attention to a whole range of behavioral factors, the key ones are the duration of users’ sessions and the amount of money spent on gambling.

Limiting expenses on gambling is one of the trends this year. For the implementation of the system, operator-regulator interaction is not enough; it also requires loyalty from banking institutions. The UK took the most thorough approach towards this process.


Interaction with customers is carried out using several communication channels. First of all, comprehensive information on the principles of responsible gambling should be placed on the online pages of the gambling business’ representatives. Direct communication with the client can be carried out either via chat and e-mails, or through around-the-clock support service.

Another important element influenced by the principles of responsible gambling is marketing. Aggressive advertising of gambling products is the prerogative of the shadow business segment’s representatives. From the point of view of the concept of responsible games, the advertising of operators should not form a false idea that the risks are minimal and victory is almost guaranteed.

An interesting fact: In the UK, it is a common practice to hold Responsible Gambling Week. The event brings together thousands of the industry’s representatives and is aimed at educating the population on how to minimize the risks associated with gambling.

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Responsible Gambling Principles Using 1Ante as an Example

Our team decided to make sure that all of the above-mentioned information about safety is not just words, but also specific measures that are put into practice. Therefore, we visited the website of 1Ante.

On one of the active pages of the online platform, there is an information note on responsible gambling.

After reading the instructions, we came to a number of conclusions:

• Addressing its clients, 1Ante tries to create a harmonious attitude towards gambling as entertainment, and not as a way to earn money. In addition to this, the company draws attention to the fact that losing is a natural part of any game and warns users from taking actions with amounts of money that they cannot afford to lose.

Responsible Gambling Principles Using 1Ante as an Example

• The site also contains information about the tools that 1Ante uses, namely: suspension and self-restriction, customer’s identification. Self-restriction can be made for a day, a week, a month, six months or a longer period of time.

The experts from 1Ante explain that the self-exclusion mechanism on their website involves several simple steps. Firstly, the user needs to send a request to the round-the-clock support service. In addition, the player must indicate the reason for which he wants to limit access to the site, this is necessary for the company’s employees to organize information and optimize further work. Then the client needs to end all gaming sessions and log out of his or her account. As soon as all of the above is completed, the self-exclusion system will be automatically activated.

The experts also add that if the self-restriction system is activated, then the user will no longer receive letters and advertising products from the company.

• External assistance. In addition to directly restricting their own site, the 1Ante’s representatives offer users, if necessary, software that can block access to gambling-related sites.

• Compliance with the age limit as a legislative requirement demands a procedure for identifying players to determine whether they have reached the age of majority. 1Ante notes that gambling is fun for adults.

• Parental control. The same section of the company's website for minors’ parents contains information about the software that can track their children’s actions on the Web.

To add, at, it is also possible to read much more interesting information on the company’s bonuses and promotions. For example, if their clients make a deposit and receive a net loss playing Live Casino games, they can get ten per cent back up to one hundred euros or one hundred dollars. As for this offer, only games with real money are counted. Players get their cash refunds the next day and are notified on this subject via email.

Responsible Gambling Principles Using 1Ante as an Example

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Some people at a certain stage of reading the text should have had a logical question of why the operator should refuse the player who provides him with income since it is still a business that should bring money. Thus, we should note that compliance with the principles of responsible gambling does not always come from the desire of companies to serve the highest humanistic ideals. However, the specifics of the gambling industry attracts close public attention to this field. At the same time, the smallest information line with a hint that the operator is moving away from the principles of responsible gaming in developed European countries is accompanied by a drop in the value of the shares of the gambling company. Note that the desire to maintain a reputation does not exclude the desire to observe the very ideals of humanity.

As mentioned earlier, 58% of Ukrainians are not in favour of gambling legalization. These figures have been obtained due to a recent survey conducted in the country.

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