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Real-time Messaging as a Key Factor to Increase Revenue from Live Betting

Author: Ivanna Shostak
30 September 2019, 19:15
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Xtremepush claims real-time, personalized and automated messaging is crucial to increase income from live betting.  This statement was made at the conference Betting on Sports.

Real-time Messaging as a Key Factor to Increase Revenue from Live Betting

The company’s chief executive officer Tommy Kearns shared his knowledge of the important role of the

real-time capabilities in the live-time industry. According to him, two factors are vital for live betting. First of all, it is a repository where it will be possible to store all the information. Secondly, it is the possibility to deliver real-time odds to the right players in an instantaneous manner. It is crucial for modern platforms that want to attract many customers to act as the data warehouse, as well as the actual engagement hub across different sportsbook’s channels. These channels typically are mobile apps, websites, messages and emails.

It goes without saying, in these aspects, the industry is still developing and the above-mentioned features will become even more important in future. The most exciting market in this regard seems to be the US market. It can be explained by the structure of their major sports and a great deal of in-game statistics.

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There are a few essential features of the platforms that need to launch real-time engagement campaigns.

Instantaneous transmission of information

Instantaneous transmission of information

Such campaigns are possible only if the transmission of information does not take a lot of time. The most successful companies use well-developed platforms to deliver the most exact odds to their players.

Real-time event triggers

Automated campaigns are based on real-time triggers. They allow to access customers when a special event happens. For instance, watching a football match, a person can send messages during half-time, after one of teams missed a goal or someone has been brandished with a red card.

Dynamic content

To attract new players, campaigns should be able to provide dynamic content. This means giving the information that is relevant and personalized to the payer, with real-time odds and sports event statistics.

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Developing clients’ profiles

Developing clients’ profiles

Nowadays companies striving to achieve success pay much attention to cooperation with betting offices. Such cooperation helps to develop detailed client’s profiles taking into account a few aspects. They are a player’s typical bet-type, how much money he or she spends and how often makes bets. Even player’s favorite engagement channel is taken into account. Beyond any doubts, such way of developing clients’ profiles helps to draw on more customers.

Campaign automation

There is no use in hiring many people whose duty will be to manually send in-play messages. It is much better to have a well-developed campaign builder that will allow even not big teams to launch campaigns quickly.

As mentioned earlier, the sports betting industry is growing in the USA. The eleventh state in country has also allowed sports wagering for adults.

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